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Romeo and Juliet Slot Review

The tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet is undoubtedly one of the most gripping stories of all times, but we have to say that it really is a somewhat strange choice as far as slot game themes are concerned. That said, it might be a welcome change from all those superheroes for many, so we’ve decided to take a closer look at the release from Pragmatic Play.

Theme and Graphics

We guess that there isn’t much to be said about the game’s theme, as the title really is a dead giveaway. And, if you remember what the story about Romeo and Juliet is all about, you’ll feel right at home as far as the slot’s symbols are concerned, with the two main characters coming in the form of two distinct Wild Symbols that actually work in slightly different ways. Unfortunately, Pragmatic Play weren’t incredibly creative, so we’re getting the traditional suite of A-K-Q-J-10 symbols on top of the stylized ones.

In any case, the visuals are decent enough, as is the audio side of things. To be fair, the music and the sounds might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are most definitely not intrusive and they don’t take anything away from the experience. You may, of course, turn them off, but we’ve found them to be quite likable.


With the audiovisuals out of the way, let’s take a look at the slot’s gameplay – and it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it’s all about the two main characters, Romeo and Juliet.

After all, it’s them who appear on the game’s Wild Symbols, which don’t work exactly as one would expect them to here (although they do work as substitutes for all the regular symbols in winning paylines).
Romeo and Juliet Slot
The Romeo Wild Symbol can appear solely on the first reel and it will automatically trigger a couple of free spins when it does. Each of the free spins will move it one space to the right until it disappears or meets with the Juliet Wild Symbol. That symbol can appear only on the fifth reel and will also automatically trigger a couple of free spins when it does, essentially mirroring the Romeo’s symbol functionality.

What’s going to happen when the two Wilds meet, however? Well, you’ll be in for a great time when that happens, as you’ll be instantly rewarded with a grand total of 25 free spins. What’s more, the two Wilds will merge and expand to fill the entire reel – and they’re going to remain like that for all those free spins. It’s impossible to get additional free spins during the original ones, but that isn’t a big deal considering how profitable the initial batch should be.

The interesting bit here is that the gameplay features make a lot of sense from the thematic point of view, which is something that you don’t see very often on the slot gaming scene. It is something that we’re glad to give Pragmatic Play a big thumbs up for, however.


Pragmatic Play don’t seem to be too keen on innovating as far as the reel setups are concerned, which is why we’re getting the traditional 5-reels-and-three-rows fare here. There’s naturally nothing wrong with that, as that’s the most popular setup of all times (and by a massive margin at that), but it does mean that players that are hunting all things strange will have to look elsewhere for a new addition to their trophy cabinets.

There are twenty-five paylines to bet on in total, but that doesn’t have any effect on how many staking options there are, as players can use two sliders to adjust their bets to the desired level. While high rollers will appreciate the fact that they can bet as much as €125 on a single spin, those who don’t want to play for considerable money can simply tone it all down to just €0.25.

Unfortunately, we can’t really deliver the goods as far as the RTP (return to player) numbers are concerned, as the designers haven’t made them publicly available as far as we know.


So – is Romeo and Juliet worth a play? Well, we’d actually say that it is – unless you’ve got something against the theme, of course. In fact, we are pleasantly surprised by how fresh the slot’s gameplay features feel despite them not being incredibly innovative. Is it the unorthodox – yet also very classic – theme or something else? We don’t really know, but the bottom line is that we’d recommend this nifty little slot to everyone who’s looking to give a new game a try.

Where to Play Romeo and Juliet Slot

The Romeo and Juliet video slot is being distributed by Pragmatic Play and those guys have deals with a decent number of online casinos, so there’s every chance that you can already find it at some of your favourite ones.

That said, we’d highly recommend the fantastic SlotsMillion casino. Not only do those guys have all the important slots from Pragmatic Play, but they also have hundreds of exciting slot games from other developers, with the total number being slightly above 1200 (!) at the time of writing. That really is a lot – and it ensures that you’ll never run out of new games to play when staying at SlotsMillion.

As one would expect, there are also some bonuses and promotions thrown into the mix, while those of you who like to dabble in new technologies are bound to appreciate the fact that these guys are trying to integrate VR into the online slot gaming experience as such (and they do seem to be on a good track).

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