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MasterCard belongs to the big trio of credit card companies that also includes Visa and American Express. Unlike American Express, it isn’t a direct issuer of its cards, which means that you can get MasterCard credit and debit cards from a wide range of banks and other issuers.

Given that, it might seem that your MasterCard experience might vary depending on who you’ll get your card from. While that is true to some extent, the basics are pretty much the same.

The biggest drawback with MasterCard, both credit and debit cards, is the inability to withdraw your winnings back to your card.

This has been developing for a while, being implemented slowly by online casinos and other gambling sites, rather than being imposed overnight, but at this stage you may as well assume that whatever gambling site you are signing up to will not allow you to make a withdrawal to your Mastercard branded card.

You should be able to deposit using this card though. And if you choose to go this way, you will have some options for withdrawing your winnings, most usually by either bank transfer or check (cheque).

About MasterCard

MasterCard was founded way back in 1966, although it’s been using its current name only since 1979. Its main business is to act as a payment processor between the banks of merchants and the banks of customers, with its profits coming from fees that are imposed on the transactions it processes.

Over the years, MasterCard has had its fair share of troubles and controversies, having been investigated for anti-trust issues in both the United States and Europe, but it’s also become quite famous for its “Priceless” advertising tagline.

Nowadays, MasterCard is headquartered in Purchase, New York, and employs more than 10,000 people. It’s also publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange as a part of the famous S&P 500 Index.

How It Works

MasterCard credit and debit cards offer all the benefits that we’ve started to associate with such cards. Most importantly, all of MasterCard’s products are incredibly easy to use. After all, you don’t even need to make any special accounts in order to be able to pay with your MasterCard cards at all the different merchants.

All you need to do is enter your credentials, your credit card number and the security code. After you authorize your payment, it will be processed instantaneously, meaning that you won’t have to wait for long days, which is what you’re usually going to get with regular bank transfers.

Paying at offline merchants is also very simple – in fact, you should even be able to get a contactless card that will allow you to pay smaller amounts even without you having to enter your PIN. This may sound banal enough, but you wouldn’t believe how much time it can save you.

Additional Features

Since MasterCard isn’t a direct issuer of its cards, there are no guarantees when it comes to which additional features you’ll be able to use. Put simply, you can get different deals at different issuers, so you’ll always need to check out the specifics before diving in. Many banks offer loyalty programmes for those who use the cards on a regular basis and you may even be able to get a cashback deal, while others offer interesting insurance packages for holders of the cards they’ve issued.

It should be noted that MasterCard has signed deals with numerous online wallets and payment providers, so you can find its products even well outside the banking sector. For example, you can get prepaid MasterCard debit cards from Skrill and Neteller, the two most popular online wallets. While these cards are physical and can therefore be used both online and offline, some banks can also give you a virtual MasterCard card that doesn’t have a physical form. Neteller also offers virtual mastercards. Such cards can only be used online, but there are some advantages as well – for example, it’s impossible to steal such cards and you can also set separate payment limits for them, completely removing the chance of losing money.

Privacy and Security

Although MasterCard doesn’t provide any additional layers of privacy per se, that alone doesn’t mean anything. Once again, it’s all down to the issuer you’re going to go with. Bank-issued MasterCard cards will naturally be firmly tied to your bank account, so your transactions will show up on your bank statements and may come into play during certain credit checks. Meanwhile, cards issued by online wallets like Skrill will always stay well away from your bank accounts.

As far as security is concerned, MasterCard is constantly updating its security protocols and it’s also offering a two-step payment authorization system, called SecureCode (similar to the Verified By Visa system) which means that it’s up to par with the rest of the competition in this particular department.

Known Issues/Problems

Although using MasterCard cards is usually a hassle-free experience, some of you might definitely not enjoy how little privacy bank-issued cards offer. Secondly, some online casinos and sportsbooks impose fees on those who use credit cards as their deposit method, although – thankfully – their numbers have been steadily decreasing in recent years. Finally, as we said above most online casinos and bookmakers will not allow direct withdrawals to MasterCard cards, which means that you’ll have to give them your bank account credentials in order to get your withdrawal processed electronically, or else choose the check in the post route.

It should definitely be noted that you can get rid of some of these issues by using an online wallet as the middleman. You can simply top up your online wallet account from your credit or debit card and only then use that money for other payments. That will not only grant you additional layers of privacy and security, but you’ll also have no problems getting your money back from online casinos and bookmakers. You might have to stomach certain fees, however.


All in all, MasterCard credit and debit cards are incredibly flexible products that come in various shapes and forms and which you can get from a wide array of outlets, many of which offer special deals in connection with such cards. In any case, they are accepted by virtually all online casinos and sportsbooks, which makes them the ideal companion for everyone who likes to play online.

For USA players, Mastercard is still an option, though you may find that you have to make a number of attempts before your deposit goes through. Many casinos advise that you make a deposit of an uneven amount – $99.50 instead of a round $100 – in order to avoid problems.

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