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Dwarven Gold Deluxe Slot Review

Chances are that the name of Dwarven Gold will sound familiar to you and that you’re actually going to remember that fairly old slot – so why are we getting back to it in a review? Well, the truth is that we actually aren’t. Instead, we’re going to look at its re-release that’s called Dwarven Gold Deluxe – not only because it’s one of few slot re-releases, but also because it’s actually a very good game.

Theme and Graphics

If there’s one slight disappointment that we feel obliged to mention, it’s the fact that the game’s visuals are only a remastered version of what was in the old game. It’s a quality remaster, but we feel that Pragmatic Play did miss the chance of adding new symbols, so the game does feel slightly bare in comparison with the current top of the crop, but we do appreciate how many new animations were added. Truth to be told, it wasn’t all that hard to improve the visuals, but the graphics department did a lot of hard work and the game is now comparable to the vast majority of new slots – and that alone is something that we’re obliged to give the developers solid marks for.

The music and sound effects received even more attention and they are adding quite a bit to the slot’s atmosphere, so this is one of the departments in which we’re going to give the game a big thumbs up.


Those of you who were hoping for something truly innovative on the gameplay front will be disappointed to learn that the gameplay features are all resolutely old-school, but the good thing is that there aren’t any complex rules to learn and remember.

First of all, there’s the Wild Symbol that comes in the form of a pot of gold and that substitutes for all the regular symbols, making wins very likely whenever it appears.

Dwarven Gold Deluxe Slot

Secondly, there are the Scatter Symbols that appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4. These are important, since you’re going to trigger the bonus feature once you get three of them in a single spin – and your reward will come in the form of seven free spins.

During them, three scatter symbols will pay your total bet x20, but there’s also something truly intriguing thrown into the mix, as special reels will be in play for the duration of the free spins. Before each free spin (including the first one), you’re going to get two wilds added to reels 2, 3 and 4 – and those will remain on the reels until the free spins end.

If you’re one of those players that hate having to click the Spin button over and over again, we can tell you that the Autoplay feature is present and that you can choose from a good number of levels, which makes it useful even for those who don’t want to play for a lot of money – and we’re sure that many of you will appreciate the option to just sit back and enjoy ten or twenty spins go by.


Dwarven Gold Deluxe is using the same setup as the original game, so what we’re getting is the traditional 5-reels-and-three-rows deal, with the number of paylines standing at twenty-five.

The game’s paylines might be fixed, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any variety in the staking system, as there are so many bet levels that finding one that suits you shouldn’t be an issue. The lowest amount that you can play for is €0.25, while high rollers will appreciate the fact that it’s possible to stake as much as €125 on a single spin.

Unlike many other games developers, Pragmatic Play don’t seem to be keen on releasing the RTP (return to player) numbers, so we don’t have a clue as far as this detail is concerned.


It’s not very often that you see a slot game getting re-released through a Deluxe edition and we’re sure that many will say that doing that is a waste of time, but we have to applaud Pragmatic Play for what they did with the original Dwarven Gold game. If you liked the original, you’re going to love the new version, as it improves on it in every single direction – and we’d also recommend you to give the slot a few spins if you missed it when it first appeared. You probably won’t like Dwarven Gold Deluxe if you hated the original, but we reckon that this advice isn’t going to help anyone, as players that belong that category won’t ever read this review.

Where to Play Dwarven Gold Deluxe Slot

Dwarven Gold Deluxe comes from the Pragmatic Play studios that are building on the legacy of Topgame, which translates into the game being available at a decent number of online casinos.

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There are also various promotions and bonus offers to take advantage of, so the only downside that we could possibly mention is the fact that they aren’t keen on offering any of the classic table and card games. If that doesn’t bother you, there’s nothing that should stop you from making an account at these guys – they undoubtedly belong to the best in the industry.

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