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There are many different online wallets out there nowadays, but only a handful of them have been around for as long as Neteller. Although it’s never been marketed as a product for fans of online gaming, it’s proven to be a very efficient tool for moving money around the different online casinos and one that many players swear by. Could it also be ideal for you? Read on to find out.

About Neteller

The company behind Neteller, Optimal Payments PLC, was founded back in 1999 in Canada, but it moved to the Isle of Man in 2004. Although it has significantly expanded since then, its business vision is still the same. The stated goal is to provide businesses and individuals with an online alternative to traditional payment methods.

Since Neteller isn’t a bank, it isn’t allowed to lend the funds of its customers to anyone and it is also legally required to hold them in separate accounts, which means that it should have enough to pay everyone out at the same time. In that sense, one could argue that your funds are safer at Neteller than they are at your bank.

Although Neteller is available in basically every single country, there are certain limitations on whether you can use your funds for online gaming or not depending on your country of residence. The rule of thumb is this – if you’ve never had any issues depositing from your bank account, you’ll never have any issues depositing from Neteller.

More specifically, players from the USA and Canada should assume that they can NOT use their Neteller account to deposit to an online casino.

Neteller is accepted by most online casinos, ranking only behind credit cards in terms of availability.

How It Works

If you know how PayPal works, you know how Neteller does, with significant differences being few and far between. Once you open an account, you’ll need to top it up, either through your bank account or through more than 40 other different options. And that really is it – you can then use Neteller to deposit money to your favourite online casino site, pay for goods at e-shops, and much more.

One important thing that we should mention is that there are different fees imposed on different deposit and withdrawal methods, so make sure to check that out before making the transfer. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid most of them if you are shrewd enough. The one tip that we’d like to give is that it’s virtually always better to top up your account while already paying or depositing at an online casino. That way, you shouldn’t be charged a dime.

Additional Features

Although many players prefer to use Neteller exclusively for online gaming, there’s nothing wrong with using it as a full-fledged online wallet – after all, that’s what it really is. Nowadays, you can easily pay for various goods and services online – and numerous outlets are already allowing payments through Neteller, with new ones joining their ranks virtually every single day.

That’s not all, however – you can also get a Net+ Prepaid card to use in ATMs and regular shops, the ability to send and receive money from other Neteller users, and a virtual Net+ MasterCard to pay with at e-shops that don’t accept Neteller directly.

Those who stay at Neteller for long enough and make enough transactions can also look forward to getting into the VIP club, which has several tiers and which can grant you several very interesting perks. Not only can you get loyalty points which can then be exchanged for various rewards, but the higher tiers will also allow you to – among other interesting things – open new accounts with different currencies.

Finally, there’s also some added value in the fact that Neteller offers many exclusive promotional deals for various online casinos, some of which are significantly better than those that you can find independently of Neteller.

Privacy and Security

Although Neteller certainly isn’t as anonymous as as making a casino deposit using Paysafecard, it’s still a great thing for those who don’t want to leave any unnecessary traces on their bank statements. After all, you’ll only have payments classified as Neteller showing up – and that’s only when you actually upload money to Neteller from your bank account or when you withdraw it back. All the other regular operations will be done far away from your bank and – if you so wish – you don’t really even have to have a bank account associated with your Neteller. How would you get to your money in that case? Well, you would simply use the Net+ Prepaid card and withdraw your cash from an ATM.

As far as security is concerned, Neteller might not be as safe as your bank, but there are sufficient layers of security that will allow you to sleep soundly. That also means that you’ll have to jump through a few hoops yourself – for example, you will be required to verify your identity. Apart from using a solid password, you can also enhance the safety of your account by using a two-step authentication process for payments, which is done through a dedicated app on your smartphone. That way, a hacker would need to get hold of both your password and your phone in order to steal your funds.

Known Issues/Problems

Neteller has always been getting a lot of flak for its customer support and we unfortunately have to agree with many of the negative comments that you can find on the various forums – you just cannot compare the experience with what you’re likely to get at your regular bank. In fact, it seems to us that even many online casinos offer better customer support services than Neteller. Unfortunately, the story becomes different only if you manage to get into the higher VIP tiers.

It’s also important to note that some online casinos aren’t too keen on providing bonuses and other perks to players using online wallets, although it seems to us that their numbers are decreasing (and this is obviously never an issue when it comes to the aforementioned Neteller’s exclusive promotions). This happens mostly with UK casinos that are also Bookmakers, who will often refuse a bonus to a player depositing using Neteller (and Skrill). In any case, this is something you should always have in mind when making a deposit that’s supposed to qualify for a bonus. It’s just a minor hassle, but a hassle nonetheless.

The aforementioned fees can also be an issue for some and we feel obliged to add that you can be charged for inactivity, although that comes into effect only after more than a year of you not using your account.


All in all, Neteller is a very practical choice for gamers that want to have a universal payment solution that won’t become irrelevant or outdated very quickly. Not only is it easy to set up, but it’s also incredibly easy-to-use for both deposits and withdrawals. What’s more, withdrawing your money from an online casino to Neteller tends to be much faster than withdrawing it back to a bank account.

If you want a permanent solution to all your banking needs, we can definitely recommend Neteller as one of the best online wallets out there nowadays. It’s accepted at virtually all major online casinos and offers an incredible amount of added value, especially if you can also utilize it for a few other payments here and there.

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