Pragmatic Play Casinos

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Pragmatic Play Casinos

Those of you who’ve been enjoying online slot games for the last couple of years might’ve been surprised to see the name of Pragmatic Play appearing at a number of online casinos. A new developer on the scene? Well, that would be a reasonable theory, but how come that it already has tens of games in its arsenal? And why do so many of them look strangely familiar?

The answer to that is simple – Pragmatic Play aren’t completely new. Their name might be, but the company has come to existence by taking Topgame and building on what those guys managed to produce. That said, it wouldn’t be completely fair to call that operation a simple rebrand, as Pragmatic Play aim not only to build on Topgame’s legacy, but also to greatly expand on what that project was all about.

About Pragmatic Play

While Pragmatic Play have been around pretty much only since 2016, the company they’re building on has a much longer tradition, so there’s no doubting the reputation and trustworthiness of these guys (or at least of those that remained) – they do know what it takes to stay competitive.

In any case, the headquarters of Pragmatic Play can be found in Malta.

Pragmatic Play’s Products

The stated goal of Pragmatic Play is to focus not only on the production of slot games, but also on things like complex back-end solutions. We don’t know how many casinos are using those products right now, but the list of partnerships was quite large at the time of writing, so it seems that they have what it takes to be competitive in that field as well.

What are those back-end solutions that we’re talking about? Well, that’s the software that allows online casinos to manage the games they’re offering, to learn how their customers behave and what games they like the most, to prepare and market bonus offers, etc. You don’t really get to see these things if you’re a player, but online casinos wouldn’t be as good without them.

Special Features

To be completely honest, it’s hard to say what exactly will make the studio’s products stand out going into the future, as they haven’t done all that much independently so far. What we can say, however, is that we expect all their products to have very solid production values, so there shouldn’t be any shaky audiovisuals full of rough edges and inconsistencies to be seen anywhere.

Topgame were quite well-known for the bonus games and bonus rounds their games featured, so chances are that Pragmatic Play will continue in the same vein. After all, that’s what their early independent steps seem to indicate.

Top Online Slot Games

If all the above sounds intriguing enough, it’s the right time for you to give some of the slots a go – and we’ve decided to shortlist the most interesting games to make life a bit easier for you.

The biggest classic that can be found in the repertoire of Pragmatic Play goes by the name of Dwarven Gold – but you should just ignore the original and play the Dwarven Gold Deluxe slot instead, as it’s much better than its predecessor. On the fundamental level, Dwarven Gold Deluxe is an old-school game with modern graphics, which should be enough for you to know what to expect – and you shouldn’t miss this slot if you’re a conservative player.

If completely modern games are more of your thing, we’re going to send you in the direction of Mighty Kong, which is a very compact slot that features an exciting bonus game that allows you to choose how many free spins you want to get. It’s not without a catch, of course, so there’s a bit of strategy and decision-making involved as well.

Finally, we’ll also mention Romeo and Juliet – and we guess that the title is a dead giveaway as far as the theme of the slot is concerned. It’s a highly unorthodox theme, of course, but Pragmatic Play do have the creativity that’s required to back it up, so you’re going to enjoy some very thematic features if you decide to give this slot a go.

Supported Platforms

Although traditional PCs remain to be the most important platform for slot games developers, the market situation is currently shifting towards all the various mobile devices, which means that everyone has to adapt accordingly – and that’s exactly what Pragmatic Play seem to be doing.

While a good chunk of the repertoire they inherited from Topgame is based on the outdated Flash technology, it’s going to be all about HTML5 going forward and that’s good news for everyone, as it means that new releases should be available for all the different mobile devices as soon as they’re released for PCs. The bottom line is that Pragmatic Play seem to be getting it right as far as technologies are concerned – and that’s good for both them and the players.

Known Problems/Issues

Since Pragmatic Play are still very young, it’s currently impossible for us to pinpoint any known problems or issues – and, since Topgame had a somewaht mixed history, chances are that this new incarnation will helpt to distance this company from their past.

Can we see any issues appearing in the future, however? Well, it largely depends on the leadership of Pragmatic Play and on which route it’s going to take in regards to the expansion of the company. There haven’t been any deals that we could criticize so far, but we’ve seen a number of firms trying to expand by shipping their games to just about everyone, which is an approach that can easily backfire once some of the online casinos start to go rogue. Will Pragmatic Play risk that? As of now, there’s nothing indicating that they will, but such decisions aren’t taken early on, so there are no guarantees here.

Summing Up

To be completely honest, Pragmatic Play are yet to show how good they can be, as the vast majority of what they have on offer now has been inherited from Topgame, but we do have high hopes for them nonetheless, as we believe that they have more than enough resources to build on going forward. Their early steps were promising to say the very least, so let’s hope that it won’t be a case of wasted potential.

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