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The Catfather Slot Review

Dogs might be beating cats in the general popularity contests, but they most definitely aren’t beating them when it comes to slot gaming. For one reason or another, cats are the more popular animals among slot developers, with cat-centric slots easily outnumbering dog-centric ones.

The Catfather slot game, which was released by Pragmatic Play in the first half of 2016, undoubtedly belongs to the most interesting releases from that market segment, so let’s take a look at it and discover what it’s all about!

Theme and Graphics

It’s certainly no coincidence that the slot’s name sounds a bit like Godfather, as that cult movie did indeed serve as a bit of inspiration for the designers. It’s all strictly about cats here, however, so you’re going to find a very eccentric cast of characters on the reels.

The visuals certainly have a lot of style and we quite like the fact that every single symbol comes with its very own animation, as those really make it all come alive.

We are, however, quite disappointed by how repetitive the music is. We understand that we aren’t going to get any operas, but we know how good things can be on the audio front. You can trust us on this point – you will want to turn the volume down after a couple of spins.


We’ve already covered the audiovisuals, so let’s take a look at the slot’s gameplay features, starting with the mandatory Wild symbol.

In The Catfather, it comes in the form of black cats and it can substitute for any regular symbol when forming winning combinations. Not only that, but it can also randomly appear as a stacked symbol that covers an entire reel – and your winning chances will naturally drastically improve whenever that happens.

The Catfather Slot
Apart from that, there’s also the Scatter symbol that depicts a tied mouse (yes, you’ve read that right!) and that can activate the slot’s Free Spins Feature. Just hit three or more of these symbols during any spin and you’ll be rewarded with ten, fifteen, or twenty-five free spins, depending on how many mice you manage to collect.

There aren’t any bonus games to be found anywhere, but you can get additional free spins by getting more sets of scatters during and all free spins wins are automatically multiplied by 4, so you can get a truly juicy payout through the Scatters!

Finally, we’d like to mention that The Catfather also has an autoplay feature available for all players that like to sit back and relax without having to tinker around with anything. It might be fairly basic, but it does get the job done – and that’s all we can ask for.


The Catfather takes place on nine paylines scattered across five reels and three rows, with the nice bonus being that all symbols pay from both left to right and right to left.

You can’t increase or decrease the number of active paylines, but you can choose from a decent number of betting levels – and the range they cover should please pretty much everyone. Those who want to play for peanuts can stake just €0.09 on any given spin, but it’s possible to take that all the way up to €45, so even high rollers should be able to enjoy The Catfather to the full.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you anything specific about the game’s theoretical RTP (return to player), as there are no official numbers to go by.


So, what’s our final verdict? Well, we’ve got to say that we are actually fairly disappointed by The Cat father. It’s not an awful game by any stretch of imagination, but it’s so thoroughly basic and bland that it feels like a wasted opportunity. The theme is really good and really intriguing, so why did Pragmatic Play have to combine it with poor audio and unimaginative gameplay features?

We’ve got no idea – all we can say is that we were expecting much more from this video slot. We guess that it’s fine from the general point of view in that it doesn’t really fail in any particular department, but there are so many better slots out there that it’s impossible for us to give it a thumbs up.

If cats are your thing, you should probably give The Catfather at least a few spins, but there’s no need to bother if the theme doesn’t sound at least a bit interesting!

Where to Play

Now – if you’ve decided to give The Catfather a go, you’ll have to look for a Pragmatic Play casino that has it in its repertoire. That’s not an incredibly easy task, but it’s not that hard either – and we do have a recommendation for you in the form of Spartan Slots Casino.

What makes Spartan Slots so special is that they’ve decided to go with a very unorthodox selection of games developers. You’ll really want to give it a thorough exploration, as there are plenty of hidden gems waiting to be found in the casino’s depths. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air, so we urge you to check it all out if you’re already bored by seeing the same NetEnt and Microgaming slots over and over again.

The unique games repertoire is naturally coupled with a nice range of bonuses and promotions that continue well beyond the obligatory welcome package, so you will be rewarded for your loyalty, while we also appreciate that nearly all the better slots have a mobile version that you can enjoy on the go.

There might be some rough edges here and there, but Spartan Slots are definitely worth checking out if you don’t mind venturing off the beaten track!

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