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Lucky Dragons Slot Review

We’re struggling to decipher the reasons behind this particular trend, but the fact is that the year of 2016 saw plenty of games developers picking up Chinese themes and making slot games around them. The Lucky Dragons slot, which was produced by Pragmatic Play, undoubtedly belongs to the more interesting section of the bunch, so we’ve decided to give it a closer look.

Theme and Graphics

The Lucky Dragons slot doesn’t come with an incredibly concrete take on Chinese mythology – instead, it’s just a very general mix of traditional Chinese animal symbols. You can therefore expect to see dragons, tigers and even frogs on the game’s reels. Overall, the visuals are more than satisfactory and we also like all the little animations the symbols come with.

Thankfully, there’s also a lot to be liked in terms of audio, although we suppose that the soundtrack is pretty hit-or-miss on its own. We weren’t rushing to turn the sounds off, however, and that’s obviously a good sign.


As you can see, we’ve had nothing but words of praise for the audiovisuals. Is the gameplay as good, however? Well, we would say that it is, although whether you’re going to like it or not largely depends on your experience with other Pragmatic Play slots, as it’s not too different from some of them. Let’s examine all the features, however, starting with the mandatory Wild Symbol.

That one comes in the form of a golden medal, but its function is exactly what you’d expect it to be – it just substitutes for all the other regular symbols.

Lucky Dragons Slot

Apart from that, there’s also the Scatter Symbol – and that’s where things are going to get really interesting. Although it can appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4, its appearance can trigger the exciting Free Spins feature.

Put simply, you’ll be rewarded with a grand total of six free spins whenever you get three Scatter Symbols during a single spin – and the great news is that those free spins come with certain modifiers that make wins more likely.

Firstly, additional Wild Symbols will be added to reels 2, 3 and 4 during all the free spins, which naturally translates into a great chance of winning big. Secondly, you can add more free spins to the tally by getting more Scatter Symbols, each of which will give you one additional free spin to look forward to.


The Lucky Dragons video slot is using a slightly unorthodox setup of five reels and four rows, which is a welcome change from all those 5×3 slots we’re getting on a constant basis. This setup comes with fifty fixed paylines, but the fact that you can’t change their number doesn’t really translate to there being only a few betting levels to play with.

Quite the contrary – while high rollers can stake up to €250 on a single spin, it’s possible to play the game for as little as €0.50, with many different levels to be found between the two extremes.

As far as the RTP (return to player) is concerned, Pragmatic Play state that it’s set at 95.19%, which is slightly below the industry standard.


All in all, Lucky Dragons seem to be a very nice addition to the Pragmatic Play games repertoire, featuring great graphics and solid gameplay features that should keep players occupied for at least a couple of hours. Those who like the game’s theme will surely come back on a few occasions, as there simply aren’t any flaws to be found here. The slot might not have any ambitions to make it to the top places in the various popularity charts, but that’s completely fine with us – only a few slots can be that ambitious, after all.

If there’s one thing that we could possibly criticize this slot for, it’s the fact that the Free Spins feature isn’t exactly imaginative and that it feels a lot like the Free Spins feature that’s on offer at Dwarven Gold Deluxe, a game that came out a few months before Lucky Dragons. You obviously aren’t going to notice this unless you’ve given that slot a go and it’s nothing tragic in any case, but we’d hate to see Pragmatic Play falling into a habit of doing this on a regular basis.

Where to Play Lucky Dragons Slot

The Lucky Dragons video slot comes from Pragmatic Play and those guys are still fairly unknown as far as the world of mainstream casino gaming is concerned, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any great casinos that have their games in their arsenals.

Chances are that you don’t have any of them in your own casino repertoire just yet, however, so we’re going to point you towards SlotsMillion, who are among our favorites when it comes to slot gaming.

Why’s that? Well, first of all, these guys have deals with a huge number of games developers, which means that they’re essentially a dream come true for slots fans that don’t want to fish around every single time a new slot comes out, as it’s almost guaranteed that it’s going to be available at SlotsMillion.

This online casino also has a massive backlog of games to go through, so you’ll never face any shortages on the gaming front. All of this is naturally coupled with a decent range of bonuses and promotions, while fans of new technologies will also appreciate the fact that SlotsMillion are experimenting with things like virtual reality. In fact, they’ve already managed to create a VR environment in which players can enjoy their favourite slot games, which shows that this isn’t only about them trying to ride a trend without really doing anything.

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