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Pragmatic Play Slots

The name of Pragmatic Play might not ring any bells straight away, so we guess that you’ll be a bit surprised when we tell you that those guys already have hundreds of games in their repertoire. Have they managed to develop so many games over a few months? No, that’s not what’s behind the mystery.

The truth is that the big games selection comes from the company they took over – and that company was going by the name of Topgame. It wasn’t just a simple rebrand, however, as the new project appears to be more ambitious than Topgame ever were. While the new guys haven’t done all that much just yet, the few things they’ve done have made us quite optimistic for the future, so chances are that something really good is in the making.

About Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play haven’t been in operation for very long, with 2016 being the year in which they well and truly started to establish themselves on the scene without having to mention Topgame at all.

The company is currently headquartered in Malta.

What Makes Pragmatic Play Slots Special

Pragmatic Play are still a very young brand, so they don’t really have a specific profile just yet – and the difficult thing in predicting which way they’re going to go is that they are yet to do a lot independently of their Topgame heritage.

That said, we can most definitely say something about the old games repertoire they’ve inherited, as that’s going to continue to be their main selling point for a while – and the one thing that we would like to highlight here are all the creative bonus rounds and bonus games. While we do know plenty of games developers that are doing the vast majority of things better than Pragmatic Play/Topgame, there’s a lot to be liked on the creativity side of things.

Highlight Slots

The games catalogue that Pragmatic Play are currently operating with features almost two hundred games, but we’ll be honest with you and say that not all of them are worth checking out. We’ve therefore decided to save you some time, energy and frustration by making a shortlist of the games that you should give a go before you decide to dive into the depths of Pragmatic Play’s history.

First of all, there’s the Romeo and Juliet slot game that’s an interesting adaptation of the well-known tragic story. An unorthodox theme for a slot, perhaps, but we like how well the gameplay features fit into it, so that’s the one reason for which you should give Romeo and Juliet at least a few spins.

The second game that we’d want to highlight goes by the name of Mighty Kong – and that slot was actually the main flagship of the Pragmatic Play studios at the time of writing. Such positions come for good reasons, so expect to be impressed by both the audiovisuals and the gameplay features. The most interesting bit is that you can actually choose the number of free spins you’re going to get during the bonus game – and the catch this all comes with makes for some very interesting decisions.

To round things off, we’ll also mention Dwarven Gold Deluxe, which is a superb remake of what was a very popular slot game back in the day. The Deluxe edition is basically an old-school game put into excellent audiovisuals, which means that it’s a good all-round package that’s worth a shot even if you have never heard about the original Dwarven Gold game.

Also Worth Checking Out

The three games we’ve mentioned above are among the most modern offerings from the games catalogue Pragmatic Play are building on, but even some of the older slots might be worth checking out – and that’s where the following list comes in.

If you’re interested in a bit of gaming history, you’d do well to head towards the Quest for the Minotaur slot, as that was one of Topgame’s flagships a few years back. The gameplay hasn’t aged all that well, but the graphics are very stylish, so chances are that this game will grab your attention for quite a while.

Those of you who don’t want to go very far into the brand’s history should give Ducks ‘n’ Eggs a go, as that’s arguably the most light-hearted game that you’re ever going to find in Pragmatic Play’s arsenal. You’ll be very disappointed if you’re all about epic slots, but you’re going to love this gem if you like to play some funny slots here and there – and such games are ideal for the odd coffee break or two.

Finally, we’re somewhat obliged to mention the Carnival of Venice slot, as we’ve spent far too much time with that one – and chances are that you’re going to enjoy the intrigue that comes with its symbols as well. It’s the theme that’s the unique selling point here, so it’s very much a love-or-hate affair, but we guarantee that you won’t regret the few minutes that you’ll have to spend in order to find which side of that debate you would defend.

Where to Play Pragmatic Play Slots

From what we’ve been able to gather, Pragmatic Play did end some online casino deals after taking over what’s been left from the original Topgame, but the good news is that they’re already back in force, having resumed their campaign to expand their services. The early months of 2016 saw them signing deals with the likes of Interwetten and Vera&John, so it seems that they’re on a very good track in that regard, although they will need to do much more in order to challenge the very best in the business.

Interwetten and Vera&John are undoubtedly good choices for everyone who wants to give slots like Mighty Kong or Romeo and Juliet a go, but the one casino that we’d want to recommend here goes by the name of SlotsMillion. Seriously – you owe it to yourself to give these guys a go if you are a fan of slots gaming as such, as their games catalogue is basically unmatched across the board. The only big minus is that they probably aren’t ever going to offer any classic table and card games like blackjack and roulette.

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