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Casino Technology Slots

Companies that have a long tradition of creating games for land-based casinos typically remain outside our scope, but Casino Technology certainly belong to the most interesting exceptions – after all, they also have tens of online slots that they can deliver to all online casinos that want them.

About Casino Technology

Casino Technology have more than a decade’s worth of history – and what was once a small gaming company is now a giant manufacturer of international importance. In fact, it has more than a thousand employees, a number that’s rarely seen in the gaming industry.

There is an obvious explanation behind it, however, in that the company actually manufactures the game cabinets and slots for land-based casinos, so it needs a lot of people for the production and distribution.

And the most interesting bit? Casino Technology hail from Bulgaria.

What Makes Casino Technology Slots Special

Although Casino Technology have a great reputation as far as land-based operations are concerned, they haven’t been too innovative on the online slot gaming scene. This naturally has a lot to do with how much time they spend on developing game cabinets, but it’d nonetheless be nice to see them get more creative in the future.

It needs to be said, however, that many of their slots have a very good set of features that includes things like free games, expanding Wilds and even stacked symbols.

On top of that, we’d also like to mention that Casino Technology rank their games according to payout frequency, so you can easily choose what suits you the most. There are five different levels (Easy, Soft, Smooth, Smart, Hard) and the harder ones naturally come with the best payouts – they are very rare, however.

Highlight Slots

Over the years, Casino Technology have developed tens of slots, so there really is a lot competing for your attention. For that reason, we’ve decided to select a few highlights that you should give a go before you start digging deep into the company’s catalogue.

To kick things off, there’s the Lucky 3 Penguins slot that’s arguably the most features-packed game that can be found among Casino Technology’s recent releases. It’s got a fairly nice atmosphere as well and it belongs to the “Soft” category of games that come with frequent payouts, so you’ll be in for some jolly good time in this one.

Next, there’s Mystic Wreck, which is on the opposite spectrum of the rankings Casino Technology use. It’s classified as “Hard”, which means that payouts are fairly rare – at the same time, they tend to be much bigger than at, say, the aforementioned Lucky 3 Penguins. And we’ve got to mention that it’s “Hard” for a reason – looking for underwater treasures has never been easy.

Finally, we’ll also mention Mystic Moon, which belongs to the same category of games as Mystic Wreck. It’s got a different – but definitely not worse – atmosphere that stems from its intriguing theme, so you simply shouldn’t miss it.

Also Worth Checking Out

The shortlist that we’ve given you above should give you a very good idea about the games Casino Technology produce, but there are so many slots in their catalogue that we simply have to follow it up with some additional highlights.

The first slot that we’d like to mention here is called Mountain Song Quechua – and it’s a game that’s bound to catch your attention with its unique theme and atmosphere. You don’t see llamas appearing in slot games very often, but they are indeed to be found in this one.

Secondly, there’s The Great Cabaret, which features good payouts that aren’t incredibly rare, which makes it stand out from the rest of the company’s games catalogue. The atmosphere is as smooth as the jazz that plays in the background, so you owe it yourself to give this slot a go if you’re a fan of Casino Technology.

To round things off, we’ll point you in the direction of Misty Forest, which is hitting the sweet spot in terms of difficulty and which features an interesting take on classic fantasy themes. What’s more, it also excels in the audio department.

Where to Play

It’s not incredibly hard to find a land-based casino that has a few games from Casino Technology, but things are quite tricky when it comes to the online gaming scene, especially if you want to stay fully in the realm of casinos that have excellent reputation.

There is, however, one operator that we can wholeheartedly recommend to everyone who wants to check out the games we’ve mentioned in this article – and it’s called SlotsMillion.

The name is actually no mistake, as the guys that are running the show are all about slot games – and what this translates into is that you can’t even find your typical suite of classic table and card games here. What you can find, however, is a humongous games selection that has slots from more than two dozen games developers, so there will always be something new for you to discover.

It’s not only the games that make SlotsMillion so good, however, as there are also numerous promotions and bonuses that you can take advantage of – and many of them reward players with free spins, which is only logical considering how slots-centered the casino is.

Finally, SlotsMillion are one of the few online casinos that have already adopted virtual reality, so you simply must check them out if you have a VR set at your disposal. There’s already a dedicated VR environment in which you can enjoy your favourite slot games – and it really does make for a unique slot gaming experience!

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