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Casino Technology Casinos

It’s not very often that we decide to examine a games developer that has land-based products as its main priority, but Casino Technology do stand out with their long history and catalogue that contains tens of online slot games.

About Casino Technology

Casino Technology have been on the scene for more than a decade now, so they’ve got plenty of experience behind themselves – and much of it comes from the tough land-based casino industry.

The company has its products licensed for more than fifty gaming jurisdictions all over the world, with its stated goal being to produce gaming equipment that packs both top-notch quality and excellent reliability.

And the surprise? Casino Technology hail from Bulgaria – and their first installations were made in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Baltic states.

Casino Technology’s Products

In reality, Casino Technology are dabbling in so many things that it’s virtually impossible to cover them all.

Online slots, however, seem to be occupying some of the lower spots of the company’s list of priorities, with products that cater to the land-based segment of the gaming industry being much more important.

For example, there’s the so-called Big 5 Suite that Casino Technology have recently released and that incorporates stuff like casino management systems, money management systems, remote game servers and jackpot management into a single tight package.

It’s the land-based games that form the core of Casino Technology, however, and they’ve got all kinds of them, ranging from basic roulette games to game suites that feature slightly different gameplay experiences united by an overarching theme. There are also the so-called Multigames that bring up to forty games in a single package and multiplayer games that can replace real dealers during slow hours.

All these games need to be housed somewhere, of course, and this is where the company’s cabinet range comes into play, with each product offering a different combination of capabilities, ergonomics and controls – and we can say that it really is fascinating stuff if you are into these things.

Special Features

We did have a lot to write about in the previous section, but that detail has a direct consequence in that we don’t have much to say in this one, as online slot gaming doesn’t seem to be among the company’s priorities right now.

Don’t get us wrong – there are gameplay features like free spins, Wild symbols and even stacked symbols to be found in the Casino Technology slots, but there are no exciting innovations to check out and no novel concepts to explore.

With that, the only intriguing thing that we can mention here is the fact that the company rates its slots in terms of difficulty, i.e. how often payouts come and how big they are. There are five difficulties in total – Easy, Soft, Smooth, Smart and Hard – with higher difficulties featuring bigger (but rarer) payouts.

Top Online Slot Games

Now that we’ve said a lot about the company in general, let’s take a closer look at some of its products – and we’ve decided to highlight three slots in this section.

First of all, there’s the Mystic Wreck slot, which is classified as a “Hard” game. And that’s actually a good fit for the slot’s theme, as it’s never been easy to grab treasures hidden in shipwrecks. The haunting atmosphere will keep you on the edge at all times, as will the promise of a big payout – it’s a combination that you simply can’t afford to miss.

If frequent payouts are what you’re after, you should head towards the Lucky 3 Penguins slot, which is actually the most features-packed slot that you can currently find in the company’s repertoire. Its atmosphere is in a stark contrasts with what’s on offer in Mystic Wreck, which makes this slot ideal for the odd coffee break.

Finally, we’d also like to mention Mountain Song Quechua, a game that features a truly unorthodox theme that will take you on a journey through the Andes. If you’ve ever thought that llamas can’t make it to a slot game, you’re in for a rude awakening!

Supported Platforms

As one would expect from a company this big, Casino Technology can create games for all kinds of platforms, ranging from desktops and mobile devices to customizable game cabinets. The developers work with a huge range of technologies that the vast majority of players have never heard about, so we’ll shorten things a bit by saying that the online slots repertoire includes both Flash and HTML5 games.

Known Problems/Issues

We can’t claim to have any knowledge about how the land-based part of Game Technology’s business works, so we can’t come up with any problems and issues that are worth mentioning in connection with that, but we can mention the biggest problem that we have with the company’s online slots – and it’s how formulaic they are.

Seriously – all the games look, feel and play almost the same. There are differences in themes and graphics, of course, but that really appears to be it in terms of differences. It seems to us that it’s more about Game Technology coming up with re-skins of their older slots than about them developing genuinely new games that bring something fresh to the table.

This approach has its advantages, of course, and it certainly allows the company to produce a large number of slot games that can be marketed as unique without a lot of hard work, but we do feel that the negatives far outweigh the pluses.

Summing Up

To be absolutely honest, it’s not too hard to feel a bit disappointed by what Casino Technology offer on the online gaming front. For a company that’s this big, the repertoire does feel underwhelming to a large degree. There’s no shortage of slots to play, but it’s quantity over quality here and that’s not what we like to see given that the sheer number of games developers out there ensures that there will always be games to play and explore.

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