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Mountain Song Quechua Slot Review

One doesn’t often hear about slots from companies like Casino Technology, but we believe that it’s a good idea to check at least some of them every now and then. Don’t get us wrong here – we do love all the big releases from, say, Microgaming or NetEnt, but ignoring them for a while allows one to see how diverse the market really is.

Given that, we’ve decided to review Mountain Song Quechua, a nice little slot that you’ve probably never even heard about. There’s no shame in admitting that, but don’t forget to give it a go after you read this review!

Theme and Graphics

Now – while many other slot games feature bland themes, Mountain Song Quechua will take you to South American mountains. That means that you’re going to find some truly unique symbols in this game, with the graphics featuring not only stunning mountain views, but also a nice assortment of native inhabitants and local animals.

We really have to applaud the designers for coming up with something this imaginative and there’s nothing wrong with the technical side of things either, so the only small minus that we could possibly mention here is the inclusion of four card symbols that do break the atmosphere a bit.

Thankfully, the music and sounds are fairly interesting, so those will put you back in, allowing you to forget about those bland King and Queen symbols that somehow made it to the final version of the game.


It might have been very easy for us to praise Mountain Song Quechua for its theme, but we shouldn’t forget to talk about its gameplay, as that’s arguably even more important than the audiovisual front.

So, what exactly is waiting for you in this one? Unfortunately, the answer to that is not very much, as there are only three fairly simple gameplay features that we can talk about here.

Mountain Song Quechua Slot

Firstly, there’s the Wild symbol that works not only as a substitute for all the other regular symbols, but that can also bring you some very nice payouts on its own.

Secondly, there’s the Scatter symbol that depicts a fabulous mountain view and that can give you access to the game’s Free Spins feature. All you need to get is three of these symbols – and you’ll then be rewarded with a nice little batch of fifteen free spins. That’s not all, however, as Scatter symbols can also appear during any given free spin – and getting a set of them during one will give you a grand total of one hundred additional free spins!

Finally, there’s the Double Up feature that allows players to double or even quadruple their winnings by guessing the colour or the suit of a face-down card. There’s some risk involved in that, however, as guessing wrong will cost you your winnings.


Mountain Song Quechua takes place on a playing field that has five reels and three rows, but the nice little detail is that it doesn’t come with a fixed amount of paylines, so players are free to choose how many they want to play with.

The range goes from one to twenty, so there are plenty of options to choose from – and it’s actually possible to play for as little as €0.01!

We can’t give you any specific info about the game’s theoretical RTP (return to player), as it varies from casino to casino. That said, we can tell you that Casino Technology categorize their slots depending on how streaky they are – and the reviewed slot belongs to the so-called Smart category. These slots don’t pay out all that often, but they can bring you some really nice wins here and there, so you should certainly give Mountain Song Quechua a go if a big payout is what you’re after!


So, what’s our final verdict on the slot? Well, it certainly delivers on the theme front, but we do find its gameplay features to be slightly too lacklustre for our liking. It’s nice that you can win more than a hundred free spins in one go, but that’s about it really as far as interesting things are concerned.

With that in mind, we would recommend Mountain Song Quechua to players that want to experience something slightly different for a while, but we wouldn’t recommend it to players that are looking for a polished product with no rough edges.

Where to Play

Mountain Song Quechua was produced by Casino Technology, a company that’s focusing almost exclusively on the off-line sector. Therefore, its slots aren’t available at a large number of online casinos and pretty much all the premium ones seem to be intent on ignoring them.

That may change in the future, of course, but, for now, there really is only one casino that we can recommend to players that want to give the reviewed slot a go – and it’s the SlotsMillion online casino.

But let us tell you this – once you discover what these guys offer, you’re probably going to fall in love with them. The one main thing that makes them well and truly stand out from the long line of run-of-the-mill casinos is the humongous selection of slots that includes games from more than just a handful of developers.

On top of that, the casino is running interesting promotions at all times, so those of you who like getting free spins have a lot to look forward to, while there’s also an exclusive VR environment waiting for players that have already bought a virtual reality headset. Put simply, SlotsMillion really are the ultimate package for every single slots fan!

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