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Mystic Wreck Slot Review

The online slot gaming market is currently in its golden era, with an enormous number of games developers competing for players’ attention. In fact, the stream of new games seems to be endless, so it’s easy to miss a couple of releases here and a couple of releases there.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to take a closer look at Mystic Wreck, a game that was released by Casino Technology. Chances are that you’ve never heard about it, but don’t let that stop you from reading this review!

Theme and Graphics

As its name suggests, Mystic Wreck is all about diving for treasures – and you can be sure that there are also some serious dangers lurking in the depths. What you’re therefore going to see on the reels is a nice combination of golden artefacts, diving equipment, pearls and sharks. The designers couldn’t do without a bunch of card symbols, but they do have at least a bit of style, so we’re going to give them a pass for that.

Mystic Wreck Slot

That said, we can’t give them a pass for how disjointed the entire game is from the graphical point of view. For one reason or another, the symbols simply don’t go that well together once the action gets going and the playing field did look like a mess to us on quite a few occasions. It’s hard to say what exactly the problem is, but it all simply doesn’t feel quite right. Check it out for yourself, however – perhaps it’s us who’s the odd one out here.

The audio, on the other hand, is completely fine, although it’s not incredibly exciting. It fits the atmosphere and it’s serviceable, but that’s about it really.


Alright, let’s now move onto the slot’s gameplay – and we’re going to start by examining the Wild symbol. In Mystic Wreck, it comes in the form of a diver and what it does is that it substitutes for all the regular symbols.

Secondly, there’s the Free Games symbol that looks like an anchor and that can get you to the Free Spins feature. Just get three or more of these symbols and you’ll be in for a grand total of fifteen free spins.

What’s more, these free spins come with some special kickers that can lead to excellent payouts. First, you can trigger additional free spins by getting additional sets of Free Games symbols. Second, there’s a win multiplier in effect at all times – it starts at just x2, but you can increase it all the way up to x10 by finding Pearl symbols.

Finally, there’s also a Double Up feature that players can use in order to double or even quadruple their winnings. All you need to do is guess the colour or the suit of a face-down card – guessing wrong will take your winnings away, however.


The action unfolds on twenty-five paylines that are spread across a setup that has five reels and three rows, but the nice detail is that players are free to choose how many active paylines they want to play with – from one to twenty-five, it’s all up to you!

This naturally also means that there’s a huge amount of betting levels to choose from, although it seems to us that most casinos don’t allow players to play for massive stakes. All of them will allow you to give the slot a go for just €0.01, however!

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with any specific info about Mystic Wreck’s RTP (return to player), as that value seems to vary from casino to casino. We can, however, mention that Casino Technology are categorizing their slots according to how they pay out. Mystic Wreck belongs to the “Hard” category – and that means that it can deliver some truly stunning payouts every now and then. At the same time, it also means that you cannot expect long winning streaks.


Truth to be told, it’s impossible to say that Mystic Wreck is an above-the-par slot game if you want to view it in the bigger scheme of things. It does nearly everything competently, but the gameplay features are completely average and we don’t exactly like its graphics either, so we can recommend it only to players that find the underwater theme interesting.

Where to Play

Since the company that produced Mystic Wreck still has the off-line market as its main priority, it’s not particularly easy to find an online casino that has the slot in its repertoire, especially if one wants to stay fully within the realm of completely trustworthy casinos.

There’s no need to be overly worried, however, as we’ve decided to do the work for you – and we have indeed been able to find one truly splendid place that you’d do well to check out. With that, let’s take a look at the SlotsMillion online casino.

Although it’s been around only since 2014, it’s already established itself as one of the best niche casinos out there, with its catalogue of games being almost unparalleled. You’ve probably already seen some casinos with hundreds of slots, but SlotsMillion have deals with tens of the best games developers, which translates into a massive backlog of slots that’s also growing at a very nice pace.

There is one small drawback to all this in that the casino is apparently intent on staying away from classic games like baccarat, roulette and blackjack, but we believe that you’re going to forget about that as soon as you dive into all the wonderful slots it has. It’s a simple equation, really – if you are a slots fan, you need to have SlotsMillion in your casino arsenal!

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