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Robo Smash Slot Review

Online slot games developers have always had a lot of scope for innovation in terms of themes, so it’s actually a bit surprising that the slot game scene is still dominated by things like fantasy-themed slots and games with fruit symbols.

Thankfully, there are a few companies that are trying to be slightly more creative, so let’s take a closer look at one of their slots in this article. And what exactly will we talk about? Well, we’ll talk about the Robo Smash video slot from iSoftBet.

Theme and Graphics

Robo Smash will take you to the exciting world of robotic battles, with the interesting twist being that these battles are actually organized by the robots themselves. There are therefore no humans to be found anywhere – it’s all about robots here, while there are also four card symbols thrown into the mix. We don’t exactly love that inclusion, but it’s certainly not disastrous. Meanwhile, we like all the small animations that keep the game slick and lively at all times.

Robo Smash Slot

The music and sound design is top-notch and we actually quite like that it’s also rather minimalistic, as that detail ensures that things don’t get repetitive very quickly. In any case, the bottom line is that iSoftBet did a great job on the audiovisual front – and that’s something we have to applaud them for.


Robo Smash is all about robot fighting – and the slot’s gameplay features complement that theme rather nicely.

Firstly, there’s the Purple Robot Wild symbol that can appear only on the very first reel and that can replace any other symbol in order to form a winning bet line. What’s more, it also automatically extends to cover the entire reel whenever it appears in its centre.

Secondly, there’s the Green Robot Wild symbol that can appear only on the very last reel and that can also replace any other symbol in order to form a winning bet line. And, as you would expect, it also automatically extends to cover the entire reel whenever it appears in the middle.

And when does the real fun begin? Well, the real fun begins once you get both of the aforementioned reels extended, as that’s when the Robo Smash Feature will get underway! Not only are you going to get five free spins, but you’re also going to get some additional bonuses for each of them.

During spins one and five, the stacked Wild robots will remain on reels one and five, with the middle three reels getting a re-spin.

During spins two and four, the stacked Wild robots will move to reels two and four, with the other three reels getting a re-spin and all wins being resolved with a x2 multiplier.

During spin three, the stacked Wild robots will meet on the middle reel, with all the other reels getting a re-spin and all wins being resolved with a x3 multiplier.


The technical setup is fairly simplistic, as the slot is using fifteen paylines spread across five reels and three rows, while players can use only a single slider in order to adjust their betting stakes.

The lowest bet that you can place is €0.15, while players that want to play big can bet up to €15, which makes the game accessible for all kinds of players. High rollers will be disappointed by the low ceiling, but it’s hard to see that as a big problem.

Finally, we can also tell you that the theoretical RTP (return to player) value has been set to 96.55%, which is actually an inch above our expectations.


All in all, Robo Smash is a really nice little compact slot game that every single slots fan should give a go as soon as possible. It isn’t incredibly ambitious, but it has a lot of charm and it’s also extremely enjoyable, so we’ve got nothing but praise for it – and we also hope that iSoftBet will be able to build on it going forward. This really is how a top-notch slot game should look like, so don’t forget to check it out once you get a chance!

Where to Play

Robo Smash was created by iSoftBet, a fairly intriguing games developer that’s been around since 2010. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been able to get its slots to a large number of online casinos just yet, so players have to fish around a bit in order to be able to give Robo Smash a go.

We wouldn’t want you to spend any time doing that, of course, so we’re going to give you a very simple recommendation in the form of the SlotsMillion online casino. Be warned, however – once you join SlotsMillion, you’ll probably never want to leave!

And why is that? Well, because this excellent niche casino features a stunning backlog of slots that already had more than 1400 unique games at the time of writing. Does that sound like a lot? Well, that’s because it is – in fact, it’s nearly impossible to find another online casino with as many slots from as many developers!

But are there any downsides to the deal? Truth to be told, there is one that needs to be mentioned. Namely, the fact that SlotsMillion are intent on ignoring all the classic games like blackjack or roulette. You aren’t going to find any of those here and your search for live casino tables won’t yield any results either, but are you really going to mind that with so many slot games to try?

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