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Paranormal Activity Slot Review

Online slot games come in different shapes and sizes, but we guess that it’s nonetheless fair to say that the vast majority of them are filled with cheerful themes that should allow players to just sit back and relax. Paranormal Activity, which was released by iSoftBet in 2016, bucks that trend, however, bringing us a horror theme instead. Does this experiment work or do we recommend skipping this slot? Well, you’re going to discover the answer to that in this review, so keep on reading!

Theme and Graphics

Now – Paranormal Activity doesn’t come with a general horror theme. Instead, it’s building on the movies that bear the same name. Chances are that you’ve seen at least one of them, but things won’t be hard to understand even if you haven’t, as it’s all about grainy camera footage and the odd spooky ghost or two. The grainy camera footage is actually one of the small details that enhance the slot’s atmosphere – from time to time, everything goes grainy and spooks everyone who isn’t prepared.

The game’s symbols look pretty good and there’s nothing wrong with them from the technical point of view either, so the only small minus that we need to mention comes in the form of the traditional – and also very boring – suite of card symbols. We don’t like them anywhere, but they are even more disruptive when it comes to horror games.

Thankfully, no such mistakes were made in the audio department, so we’re happy to give Paranormal Activity top marks for how it sounds.


Alright, let’s now turn our attention to the slot’s gameplay features, starting with the obligatory Wild symbol. In this game, it comes in the form of a ghost, but that’s actually the only thing that’s unique about it – all it does is that it substitutes for all regular symbols when making winning paylines.

Secondly, there’s the Scatter symbol, which has the form of a bloodied hand and which pays out in all positions – all you need to do in order to secure a nice paycheck is get three of them on the playing field.

Paranormal Activity Slot

Thirdly, there’s the Bonus symbol – and this one is where all the fun is. Once you get three Bonus symbols during a single spin, you’ll be taken to the Bonus Wheel, which will then reward you with one of four possible bonuses, the most interesting of which are Free Spins.

Interestingly, there’s actually some variety when it comes to them. The Paranormal Free Spins will go on until you get at least five payouts (with increasing multipliers being thrown into the mix as time progresses), the Possessed Free Spins contain extra stacked Wilds that give you an even better chance of winning, and the Demon Free Spins introduce a special Demon symbol that can turn other symbols into Wilds.

Finally, there’s also the randomly-activated Paranormal Event feature. That one can be triggered at the start of any regular spin – and you’ll be rewarded with up to five extra Wilds when it gets underway. Some will call it a gimmick and it really isn’t anything more than that, but it does add a bit to the atmosphere and it can also give you a very nice payout from time to time, so what’s there to complain about?


Although Paranormal Activity uses a very orthodox playing field that has three rows and five reels, it does skip traditional paylines in favour of the 243 Ways to Win feature, which remains quite popular despite already losing its novelty value.

There are seven betting levels to choose from in total, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding one that suits you well. You can play for just €0.30, but it’s possible to stake as much as €30 on a single spin, so there really is enough diversity.

Meanwhile, the theoretical RTP (return to player) of the slot stands at 96.75%, which is an inch above what we would expect from a game like this.


With all the bases now covered, we can arrive at the final verdict – and what we’d like to say is that Paranormal Activity is arguably the very best horror slot game on the market right now. It should be added that it doesn’t have that many games to compete with, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that it’s a thoroughly enjoyable slot that does get pretty much everything right. If horror themes are to your liking, it’s basically a must-play – and we reckon that you’ll have some fun even if they aren’t.

Where to Play

The Paranormal Activity video slot was produced by iSoftBet – a very solid casino games company, but one that does seem to be having some issues with getting its games to the biggest online casinos on the market. Thankfully, we can go with the old reliable SlotsMillion online casino.

There’s a decent chance that you’re yet to hear about it, but you’ll be missing out on a lot if you decide to keep ignoring it, as it does have one of the biggest games selections on the market. Whereas other online casinos go for just one or two games developers, SlotsMillion have nearly all the bases covered, which means that they have a massive backlog that’s also getting regular updates – and it’s this very thing that is the casino’s main selling point.

It’s not the casino’s only selling point, however – there are also interesting bonuses and promotions, an excellent VR environment for all players that have virtual reality headsets, and a near-perfect customer service.

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