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Saucify Casinos

The online casino market has never been as big as it is now – and it has also never been as diversified. We’ve got developers that focus solely on making the very best games, we’ve got developers that have back end solutions as their main forte and we also have a number of companies that strive to do both.

Saucify are one of those that focus on turnkey and back end solutions more than they focus on games, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing anything on that front and that they aren’t worth checking out.

About Saucify

Saucify are a company that’s been here since the year of 2006, although the rebrand to Saucify came only in 2014 – previously, the company was known as BetOnSoft. The stated goal of Saucify is to provide the optimal turnkey solutions for the third millennium, giving their licensees access not only to their software, but also to their know-how and understanding of the market.

The company is privately owned, with its backing and funds coming not only from a successful UK-based Private Equity Group, but also from four different angel investors. This means that Saucify have considerable freedom when it comes to their business decisions, as they don’t have to care about how the markets and traders see them.

Saucify’s Products

Saucify are one of those developers that focus on turnkey solutions that online casinos can use to really hit the ground running without having to invest significant resources into developing all the software that’s required for the online casino to function. Put simply, Saucify will take care of all those needs, from money transfers and the casino lobby to the actual games.

To ensure that their services stay fresh and interesting, Saucify therefore have to continue developing new games – at the time of writing, they’ve already had more than 110 unique ones in their arsenal, with the number including not only your traditional range of classic table and card games, but also tens of exciting online slots.

In recent years, Saucify have also started to develop their own networks of progressive jackpots, which means that big wins will always be at your fingertips when playing at the online casinos these guys power.

Special Features

Although Saucify aren’t the biggest innovators when it comes to online slots, nearly all of their games include a few interesting gameplay features. Wild and Scatter symbols are a must nowadays, but you’ll be happy to know that there are typically also free spins, re-spins and win multipliers that you can take advantage of. The good news is that bonus games are also starting to appear more often, with some of the newer releases including not just one, but two of such specialties.

Some of Saucify’s online slots also feature progressive jackpots, which are usually in the region of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Top Online Slot Games

Nearly all of Saucify’s online slots are worth checking out, but we’ve decided to select the top three highlights for those of you who don’t have enough time to go through every single one of them.

To kick things off, you should definitely head to the Robin Hood Outlaw online slot, which well and truly showcases what Saucify are capable of nowadays, as it’s packed with features that will give you something to look forward to even after hundreds of spins. Two exciting bonus games are waiting for you here – and the audiovisuals are also nothing to scoff at.

If big wins are more of your thing, you should definitely give the Molten Moolah slot a go, as that’s currently Saucify’s flagship in that area. If you’re lucky enough, this little online slot can turn your life around – but the solid amount of gameplay features will keep you entertained for long hours even if the jackpot stays out of your reach.

Finally, we’re also going to recommend one of the true Saucify staples, the Rise of Spartans video slot. Not only does this gem feature a tremendous atmosphere that’s always going to keep you on the edge of your seat, but it also includes an intriguing bonus game that you’ll love to play over and over again.

Supported Platforms

Since Saucify are aspiring to become the number one provider for the third millennium, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that their games are available not only for desktops, but also for all kinds of mobile devices, including iOS tablets and Android smartphones.

Those who want to enjoy Saucify’s games on the go don’t even have to download any special apps – a web browser is all that’s required for the fun to happen. And the good news? Well, we’ve found the mobile experience to be thoroughly enjoyable, as there simply aren’t any hassles to go through if you’re there only for a few spins – you’ll be ready to go right after you log into your account and choose your favourite game from the easy-to-use mobile casino lobby.

Known Problems/Issues

It’s fairly hard to criticize Saucify in the same way as we would criticize a standard games developer, because what they focus on is slightly different – their games are just a small part of the turnkey solutions that are undoubtedly their main forte.

What does this mean for the players? Well, it means that those who like the games of these guys will always have a very limited selection of online casinos to play at – and there are no guarantees when it comes to their overall quality. Most of them will provide a great gaming experience, but there will always be a rotten apple here and there.

Apart from that, we’d also like to see Saucify being at least a bit more innovative in the games department, as what they were offering at the time of writing wasn’t anything incredibly spectacular. We can see why they don’t want to invest significant resources into this, but fabulous games could certainly do a lot for many of their licensees.

Summing Up

Truth to be told, Saucify are a bit of an enigma. On one hand, they look like a very complex company with a solid backing from the investors. On the other hand, their games do leave something to be desired and their presence is yet to be felt strongly as well. Perhaps they are still considering where to expand next, we don’t really know.

In any case, whether you’re going to like these guys or not will be down to your personal preferences. Just give their games a spin and see for yourselves!

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