Seasons Slot

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Seasons Slot Review

With the world news typically featuring a healthy dose of negative views, it’s fully understandable why many slot players prefer laid-back and cheerful slots when they finally get some time to sit down and play – and there are naturally many games developers that are happy to cater to their wishes.

Seasons Slot

Yggdrasil Gaming, on of the more innovative companies on the market, have plenty of such bright slots in their games catalogue, but we’ve decided to focus on the one that’s called Seasons in this particular review. We can tell you that it’s a very nice game right off the bat, but don’t let that stop you from giving the following lines a read!

Theme and Graphics

There aren’t any big surprises waiting for you on the theme front here, as Seasons is about…well, seasons. What that means is that you’re going to find a beautiful assortment of fauna and flora on the slot’s symbols, with the graphics featuring a very nice style that’s both very enchanting and very modern. What’s more, the game is full of animations and even the background often shows things like falling leaves, so Seasons is indeed very easy on the eyes.

And the game is actually very easy on the ears as well, although we suppose that some players will consider the soundtrack to be slightly too cheesy after a while. It adds a bit to the atmosphere, but it does get slightly repetitive and that’s when it stops being relaxing.

To round things off, we should also note that the game’s graphics come in four slightly different flavors depending on what in-game season it currently is. That’s a very nice touch that also makes a lot of sense in the context of the slot’s theme – and we can’t but give the designers a big thumbs up for this detail.


As we’ve already mentioned in the section above, the game adheres to a certain in-game cycle that periodically changes the active season. And it’s not just the graphics that change, as this cycle also affects the slot’s gameplay. Put simply, each season comes with its very own Wild symbol.

In spring, the Wild looks like a sleeping owl and it automatically gives a free re-spin whenever it appears. It then starts moving across the board in a random fashion, giving players more re-spins until it finally leaves the playing field and disappears.

In summer, the Wild looks like a deer and it automatically expands in a cross pattern whenever it appears, essentially giving you more Wilds to work with in the process.

In autumn, the Wild looks like a fox and it can add random win multipliers to the spin during which it occurs. Depending on how many Wilds you get, the multiplier can range from x2 to x10 – and it’s simply impossible to not like that bonus!

In winter, the Wild looks like a hare and it always duplicates itself to another position, so you’re never going to get just one of these symbols. And that’s not all – the position on which the duplicate appears is always the one that leads to the best possible outcome!

On top of all that, Seasons also has a Scatter symbol that looks like fallen leaves and that can trigger the Free Spins feature. Just get three or more of these symbols and you’ll be treated to seven, fifteen, or thirty free spins – and the nice bonus is that you’re going to see even more Wilds during all of them.


On the technical front, Seasons adheres to the traditional formula of three rows and five reels, while the number of paylines is fixed and stands at 20.

Players can’t change that number in any way, but they can choose from a decent amount of betting options that start at €0.20 and go all the way up to €100.

And, if you’re wondering about the game’s theoretical return to player (RTP), we can tell you that it stands at 96.10% – and that value is fully in line with our expectations.


All in all, Seasons is one of the most relaxing slot games on the market at the moment, so we can fully recommend it to all slots fans that are looking for something on the brighter side of things. There’s no shooting in Seasons and you aren’t going to find any explosions here either – it’s all about sitting back and enjoying a very basic theme in a game that simply oozes atmosphere.

And the best thing? Unlike the vast majority of similar games, Seasons doesn’t get stale very quickly thanks to its intriguing gameplay mechanics that actually change from time to time. We have to admit that we weren’t expecting much when we first heard about Seasons, but we were in for a spectacular surprise – and that doesn’t happen very often!

Where to Play

Since Seasons comes from Yggdrasil Gaming, it’s not that hard to find a casino that has it in its games selection – and the one that we’d like to recommend here is the Unibet online casino.

Truth to be told, we could spend long hours talking about that place in detail, but we’re going to save everyone’s time and limit ourselves to saying that it’s got what’s arguably the most complete package of services on the market at the moment.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of a player you are, as Unibet have something for everyone. From hundreds of slot games and tens of live casino tables to generous promotions and excellent sports betting offers, there’s simply always something to explore and enjoy!

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