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Nirvana Slot Review

We’re currently living in an age in which there seems to be an endless stream of new slot games rolling through the scene. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those games use recycled themes that we’ve already seen somewhere else, so it’s really hard to find something new and exciting.

Thankfully, it’s not completely impossible – and we’re happy to say that we’re full of praise for the Nirvana slot that was released by Yggdrasil Gaming.

Theme and Graphics

We’ve already hinted at Nirvana having a very interesting theme, but what’s it actually all about? Well, it’s about traveling to mythical lands inhabited by all sorts of strange creatures – and you’re naturally going to meet them on the slot’s reels. They are all really beautiful and we appreciate that the designers invested a lot of hard work into the game’s visuals, as it means that you’ll have plenty of eye candy to look at.

Nirvana Slot

What’s more, the music is also similarly top-notch, which means that Nirvana provides an excellent experience from the audiovisual point of view.


How about Nirvana’s gameplay, however? Is it as good as its graphics or is it just your typical fare of features that everyone has already seen on a couple of occasions? Well, it’s actually the former!

Let’s start with the somewhat boring Wild symbol, however. Its design is fairly nice, as it depicts some sort of a green crystal, but it doesn’t come with any special features – all it does is that it substitutes for all the other regular symbols in order to make new winning combos.

It’s the Free Spin symbol where things get much more exciting, as you’ll be rewarded with the Free Spins Feature once you manage to get three or more of them – and you’re actually going to get a small consolation prize of a single free spin if you only manage to get two.

The Free Spin Feature will give you not only ten free spins to look forward to, but also a choice between three different bonuses – Wild Seeds, Mega Reel, and Nudge Reels. And what are they about? Well, the Wild Seeds bonus adds up to four random Wilds onto the board during every single spin, the Mega Reel bonus synchronizes the three middle reels, and the Nudge Reels bonus nudges reels in such a way that you’re always going to get the best possible outcome.

On top of all this, you can also re-activate the Free Spins Feature by getting three or more Free Spin symbols during any free spin. That would be quite nice on its own, but it comes with a very special kicker – namely, you can select another bonus that will then be added to the original one. And, if you manage to re-active the Free Spins Feature twice, you’ll be able to enjoy ten free spins with all three bonuses active at once!


There are no surprises to be found in the technical department, as Nirvana takes place on a completely orthodox setup that has five reels and three rows – and the designers have decided to include twenty different paylines.

As one would expect, that number is completely fixed, so there’s only one slider that players can use in order to set their desired betting stakes. That shouldn’t bother anyone one bit, however, as the amount of choices is well above the par – and it goes from €0.20 to €100.

And what about Nirvana’s theoretical return to player (RTP)? We can tell you that it’s been set to 96.20% – and that’s a very solid number no matter how you look at it.


Nirvana might not be the very best slot game on the market, but it most certainly belongs to the higher echelons of what’s there – and we can recommend it not only to newcomers, but also to hardened casino veterans that have already played hundreds of slot games. Combining an interesting theme with stunning audiovisuals and intriguing gameplay features, it offers an exclusive slot gaming experience that is also accessible for players with all kinds of bankrolls.

Just give Nirvana a go when you get a chance to do so – we can guarantee that it is worth your time and attention!

Where to Play

There’s a good chance that you’re now itching to give Nirvana a spin or two, so what we’re going to do is give you a Yggdrasil casino recommendation. And what name does it go by? Well, you can find it under the name of Unibet.

Some of you might have already heard about these guys, as they’ve been around for quite a while, but it’s their fairly recent design overhaul that has well and truly put them on the map for us. Before that change, they were only solid. After it, they are one of the few truly premium packages on the market.

We could spend long paragraphs discussing their sports betting, bingo and poker services, but let’s stick to the casino section here. First of all, it offers an exclusive slots arsenal that has hundreds of unique games from many of the very best developers, which ensures that you’re always going to have enough top-notch slots to choose from. Secondly, there are countless promotions on offer at all times, so those of you who like diving into that stuff should remain satisfied throughout. And, to round things off, we should add that all this can be enjoyed on the go thanks to Unibet’s dedicated mobile apps that are available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Check Unibet out – it will be worth it!

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