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Monkey King Slot Review

Let’s start this review by saying that we simply love reviewing games from all the smaller studios, which is a group to which Yggdrasil Gaming belong. There’s the odd disappointment here and there, but that’s more than outdone by all the nice surprises – and we have to say that Monkey King is one of the biggest surprises that we’ve ever reviewed, as it stands out in virtually every single department that we care about.

Theme and Graphics

Although the oriental theme Monkey King comes with isn’t particularly new or unorthodox, we do like the fact that the designers have decided to focus on just a single part of Chinese mythology and that they’ve also managed to come up with fitting style for the slot’s graphics and symbols. There are four slightly boring symbols thrown into the mix, but it’s all very slick and very colorful, which makes for a very nice atmosphere.

Monkey King Slot

Thankfully, there are no minuses to talk about on the audio side of things either, as you’re guaranteed to enjoy the beautiful soundtrack that you simply aren’t going to turn off at any point. It’s fitting, it’s dynamic and it’s also quite dramatic – and what else could one possibly wish for?


Do the gameplay features live up to the expectations as well, however? Well, they do – and there’s actually a good variety of them!

First of all, there’s the randomly-activated Monkey King Feature that can appear and change one symbol into another to make a winning payline. It’s obviously nothing to rely on, but it’s always a welcome sight.

Secondly, there are two types of Wild Symbols, both of which come with a special modifier. While the Sticky Wilds will always remain in place until you stop winning on them, the Count Down Wilds will always stay on the reels for three more rounds. Just make sure that you won’t adjust your bet size when that happens, as doing so will make the Wilds disappear!

Finally, there’s the Treasure Chest that can appear on the fifth reel and that can give you a nice payout or trigger the Free Spins Mode, which can also be activated by three or more Free Spins Symbols.

What about the Free Spins Mode itself, however? Well, you can actually choose from three different options, each of which comes with something different. The Starting Wild option will give you ten free spins and a permanent Sticky Wild in the middle position, the Stacked Wild option will give you eight free spins and a chance to land a Triple Stacked Wild on the middle reel, and the Incremental Wilds option will give you six free spins and a guaranteed amount of Sticky Wilds. Will you play it safe with guaranteed wilds or will you risk not getting anything in exchange for additional free spins? Well, that’s a choice only you can make – but it’s always nice to be able to enjoy different rewards.


While the general setup features the standard fare of five reels and three rows, there are no fixed paylines to find anywhere, as Monkey King is using the Win All Ways feature instead of giving you a small set of paylines. You’ll win by getting identical symbols on three or more consecutive reels and there are multipliers for landing multiple winning symbols on a single reel, so the whole deal is more entertaining than it might seem at first glance.

The lowest amount that you can stake on a single spin is €0.25, but high rollers can enjoy the game for as much as €125 per spin, so there are no limits or hindrances to talk about on this front.

As far as the RTP (return to player) is concerned, it seems that it’s been set to slightly above 96%, which is basically the industry standard.


To sum things up – Monkey King is a visually appealing slot game with intriguing gameplay features that we can wholeheartedly recommend to everyone who’s looking for something new and modern. We wouldn’t naturally dare to call it the best slot ever, but it is a game that will remain among our favorites for many months to come – and that’s probably the best thing that we could possibly say about a slot. You owe it to yourself to give Monkey King at least a few spins, but don’t be surprised if those few spins actually turn into a couple of hours.

Where to Play

Monkey King comes from the Yggdrasil Gaming studios that are actually one of the newer kids on the block – and this little detail translates into the game not being included in a huge number of games arsenals just yet. It’s a shame, as Yggdrasil seem to be capable of great things, but every cloud has a silver lining and the situation is no different here – put simply, pretty much every single casino that’s currently offering the studio’s games is a great one.

That said, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that’s better than Unibet. Chances are that you’ve already had a chance to check them out and that you weren’t too impressed, but the recent redesign has well and truly put them on the map and we can now honestly say that they’re one of the best in the business. Not only is there a big games selection to choose from, but there are also numerous bonuses and promotions to take advantage of regardless of how big your bankroll is. What’s more, there are also excellent mobile apps waiting for everyone who likes playing on the go, so Unibet are an incredibly compact package that we urge you to try.

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