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Incinerator Slot Review

From time to time, it’s possible to stumble upon a slot game that’s trying to do something truly innovative. It may be a strange theme, a crazy graphical style or an intriguing gameplay idea, but the bottom line is that these games always feel like a breath of fresh air to us, as we’ve already seen the basic slot gaming formula on so many occasions that we really are quite tired of it.

That naturally doesn’t mean that some traditional slots aren’t worth checking out, but let’s put them aside for a while and focus on the Incinerator video slot, which is a Yggdrasil Gaming slot. This one really is somewhat different – and that counts for a lot in our book.

Theme and Graphics

Now – the one thing that keeps Incinerator from becoming a classic is its theme, which features a bunch of industrial products. It’s certainly better than your basic fare of fruit symbols, but it’s nothing that would catch the eye of a lot of players.

That said, we’ve got absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to the technical quality of the audiovisuals. The graphics are very modern and there are plenty of animations thrown into the mix as well, while the background that’s alive at all times also adds to the slot’s atmosphere.

On top of that, Incinerator also features a great soundtrack, so there’s a lot to be liked on that front as well. In fact, chances are that you won’t ever want to turn the volume down!


Alright, let’s now turn our attention to Incinerator’s gameplay, as that is undoubtedly its main selling point.

First of all, we’re going to mention the game’s regular Wild symbol, which is as regular as it gets – all it does is that it substitutes for all the other symbols when making winning combinations on an active payline.

Incinerator Slot

That’s not where the real fun is, however. The real fun is hidden in the fact that Incinerator isn’t using your typical spinning reels. Instead, symbols drop down from the top in a random fashion. And, whenever you get a winning combination, the winning symbols will disappear from the playing field, leaving space for new symbols to drop down and take their place. These new symbols can naturally form new winning combinations, so that opens up a window for you to get some truly stunning chains.

Is that all? No, it most definitely isn’t. Once you get three wins in a row, a group of symbols will turn into Wilds according to the pattern that appears on the left side of the playing field – and these Wilds will typically lead to yet another nice payout. There aren’t even any limits on how many times you can re-trigger this little feature, so even a single spin can lead to jackpot-like winnings if you’re lucky enough!

To round things off, we should probably mention that Incinerator also has an autoplay feature, although it unfortunately doesn’t come with any advanced settings that players could tinker with.


Although the slot’s gameplay is rather innovative, there are no surprises to be found on the technical front, with Incinerator taking place on a completely traditional field with five reels and three rows. Meanwhile, the number of paylines is fixed and stands at 20, with all paylines paying from left to right.

The game’s designers managed to include plenty of betting options that players can choose from, which means that Incinerator can be enjoyed by fans with all kinds of bankrolls. The range goes from €0.20 to €200, which is more than adequate.

Finally, we also feel obliged to mention the game’s theoretical return to player (RTP). That value stands at 96.10%, which is fully in line with our expectations.


Although it’s hard to believe that Incinerator will ever catch the attention of the masses due to its slightly subdued theme, we have to say that we really like its gameplay, as it makes the slot well and truly stand out from the long line of bland slots that are getting released every single month.

With that, we urge you to give it at least a few spins if you’re looking for a game that does something differently. The audiovisuals are very modern and the gameplay is as intriguing as it gets, so we guarantee that you’ll be rewarded for your curiosity!

Where to Play

Now that you know everything about the slot, it’s time for us to point you in the direction of a good casino that has it in its games selection. To be absolutely honest, there are a couple of very good choices of Yggdrasil casinos available, but the one that we’ve decided to highlight here is the Vera&John online casino.

The one thing that makes Vera&John well and truly stand out is how modern they are – and it all starts with the website interface they’re going with. Whereas most other online casinos have clunky interfaces that aren’t particularly user-friendly, it’s incredibly easy to get to your favourite games at Vera&John. In fact, there’s even a handy search function to help you out!

On top of that, this particular online casino also has one of the most unique loyalty schemes on the market, allowing players to collect loyalty points not only for the bets they place, but also for simpler actions like logging in or rating games.

And the games selection? Well, we’ve got nothing to criticize on that front either, as Vera&John have slots from more than just a single games developer – and they also have plenty of live casino tables in store for players that like roulette, blackjack or baccarat.

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