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Fruitoids Slot Review

There are so many online slot developers on the scene right now that it’s really hard for players to keep track of all the games that come out. And, unfortunately, it seems to us that this means that smaller companies like Yggdrasil Gaming aren’t getting the attention they most definitely deserve.

For that reason, we’ve decided to take a look at Fruitoids, a slot game that was released by that very company in the year of 2014. Chances are that you’ve never heard about it, but don’t let that stop you from reading this review and then giving it a go – we would even dare to call it a hidden gem!

Theme and Graphics

Now – given that the game is called Fruitoids, you might be expecting to see some fruit symbols on its reels. Well, the truth of the matter is that you’re indeed going to see plenty of fruit symbols, but there’s a small catch in that you won’t be able to recognize any of them.

Fruitoids Slot

Why? Well, because the designers let their fantasies run free – and the result of that is a beautiful assortment of mysterious plants. The graphics are simply stunning from the technical point of view and there are some superb animations thrown into the mix as well, so we’ve got a lot of praise for Fruitoids on that front.

And, well, we also have a lot of praise for Fruitoids on the audio front, as the music and sounds belong to the very best out there. They’re slick, they’re atmospheric, and they aren’t too repetitive – what more could one possibly want?


When it comes to gameplay features, most modern video slots emphasize quantity over quality, which means that you often see the same features replicated over and over again. For example, it’s almost impossible to find a slot without a Wild symbol and a Free Spins Feature.

Fruitoids is bucking that trend, however, preferring quality over quantity, which means that there really is just one central gameplay feature that we can talk about here. It’s really interesting, however, so you shouldn’t be discouraged by the fact that there isn’t a ton of small things to care about.

So what’s the gameplay all about? Well, whenever you hit three or more of the same symbol on an active payline, the game will give you a free re-spin. And, if you manage to add another symbol of the same category onto the playing field, you’ll get yet another re-spin! This will continue until you either fail at that task or fill the entire board, so there’s quite a bit of potential here.

That’s not everything there is, however, as you can also get win multipliers by filling consecutive columns with the same symbol. Two complete columns will double your winnings, while five will translate into a x5 multiplier – and that really is a bonus nobody could possibly decline!

Finally, we’ll add that Fruitoids also has an autoplay feature, so players that don’t want to click the Spin button over and over again can use that to make the experience even more enjoyable. Notably, it has a few advanced settings that one can tinker with, but these are accessible only from the General Settings menu.


The slot’s playing field consists of three rows and five reels, so things are completely straightforward on that particular front. The number of bet lines has been set to twenty-five and, although the game does have a bet line slider, it’s impossible to change that particular setting.

You can, however, change the coin value, which means that there are a few betting levels to choose from. The lowest amount that you can play for is just €0.08, while the ceiling stands at €50.

To round things off, we’ll also tell you that the game’s theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.70%, which is a value that’s a notch above the modern standards.


When everything is put together, Fruitoids emerges as a very polished slot that combines fabulous audiovisuals with an enjoyable gameplay system – and that means that you simply need to give it a go as soon as possible!

In all honesty, we would even say that Fruitoids can easily match some of the high-profile releases from companies like NetEnt and Microgaming, so it’s a shame that it’s never received a lot of coverage. It might not be building on a big franchise and it might not have any specific story either, but it’s a package that can last you for long days and nights!

Where to Play

The Fruitoids video slot was produced by the Yggdrasil Gaming studios, which means that players that want to give it a shot have a large number of online casinos to choose from. In fact, we would need an entire article if we were to list and examine them all!

We don’t want to drown you in all that, however, so we’re going to limit ourselves to just one place here – and the one that we’ve decided to highlight is the Vera&John online casino, which is actually a great fit for all fans of Yggdrasil Gaming’s slots.

Not only does it have nearly all of them on offer, but it’s also as modern as they are, with its website interface being the number one highlight. Whereas many other online casinos have old-school interfaces that aren’t all that user-friendly, Vera&John’s website is as excellent as it could possibly be.

If you’re looking for a truly modern online casino that’s also constantly improving, Vera&John are what you should check out right away!

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