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Topgame Casinos

While most online games developers are investing large sums of money into marketing activities, Topgame aren’t afraid of keeping a relatively low profile. And it’s quite understandable considering that they aren’t really looking to sell individual games, with complex back end solutions being their primary business.

They’re quite popular in that area, however, which means that you can currently see their slot games at plenty of online casinos – and that’s why we’ve decided to dedicate an entire article to these guys.

About Topgame

Topgame have been around since 2008, which means that they’ve already had plenty of time to establish themselves on the market. And so they have – nowadays, they’re considered to be one of the most solid developers around, with plenty of deals with some of the most reputable online casinos around.

Topgame reside not only in the United Kingdom, but also in Malta, Panama and Hong Kong.

Topgame’s Products

Topgame are about much more than just online slot games. In fact, it sometimes seems that online slots actually aren’t among their priorities. In any case, Topgame are primarily about providing complex back end solutions that allow online casinos to run their operations in the most efficient manner. That’s what Topgame’s Operator Management System is for.

Online casinos can also receive a complete portfolio of games through Topgame’s Open Game Cloud – and that’s where the actual games come into the picture. Apart from the basic range of classic table and card games, Topgame are also developing their own online slots, bingo, lotto games and sportsbook products.

Finally, we should also mention that Topgame are starting to become increasingly active in the live casino department, although we’re yet to see them build their very own studio.

Special Features

Unfortunately, all is not bright when it comes to the special features that Topgame tend to include in their online slot games – put simply, most of their recent releases looked fairly uninspired to us, especially once we started to compare them with what some of the other studios are putting out.

Of course, we should say that Topgame’s slots aren’t completely feature-less, but those who are looking for exciting mini-games and stunning audiovisuals will most likely be disappointed.

Top Online Slot Games

Topgame have already developed more than a hundred exciting online slots, so you’ll never run out of games to play while staying at one of the casinos they power, but which of the slots should you give a go first?

Well, you could definitely start with the fabulous Ducks ‘n’ Eggs online slot that is an excellent example of how a nice little funny slot game should look. A light-hearted theme, a couple of extra gameplay features – what more would one need for a few solid hours of great entertainment?

If horror themes are more of your thing, then you should certainly give Graveyard Shift a go. It’s one of the newer releases, so it includes all the best features that Topgame have come up with in recent years – and the audiovisuals are bound to send shivers down your spine!

Finally, those who enjoy stylish graphics will definitely enjoy the Quest for the Minotaur online slot, which is a decent take on traditional Greek themes and myths. The classic theme is accompanied by the classic formula of five reels and twenty paylines, while there’s also the traditional combination of Wild and Scatter symbols for you to enjoy – and the latter can reward you with plenty of free spins.

Supported Platforms

As most of the other games developers, Topgame are always staying on top of things in the technology department, which means that you should never have to jump through any hoops just to get to their games. Desktop gaming might still be the number one, but these guys are investing a lot into the mobile sector as well.

Their mobile casino lobby, for example, is available for all iOS and Android devices. Players can simply access it through their web browsers, but native apps are also available for those who think that they’re the better alternative. We’ve given the mobile casino lobby a go and we can say that it’s an excellent package that’s incredibly simple and easy-to-use. With the mobile app installed, your favourite online slots will always stay at your fingertips – getting to them is typically a matter of seconds.

And don’t worry – nothing should change on this front going into the future, as Topgame are already preferring the modern HTML5 over the slightly outdated Flash technology. This means that cross-platform releases should remain to be a breeze for them.

Known Problems/Issues

Although Topgame are trying to cater only to the best online casinos out there, the nature of their business is sometimes forcing them to work with online casinos that aren’t fully established just yet. And, as we all know, there’s always a chance of one of the newer casinos deciding to cease functioning at short notice.

Of course, this is virtually never Topgame’s fault, but things like that can put them into the spotlight for the wrong reason. In any case, our recommendation is to always check the reputations of the individual Topgame-powered casinos beforehand. The Topgame logo guarantees that you’re going to get a nice selection of games and that the software will also be top-notch, but it doesn’t say anything about the overall quality of the given casino.

Summing Up

To sum things up – Topgame might not be among the most exciting games developers out there, but their products have nonetheless stood the test of time and we’re sure that they are here to stay for many years to come.

After all, we’ve got nothing but positive words for their back end solutions, which show that they can deliver in the areas that they care about the most. If they can adopt a better attitude towards their online slots, we could certainly see some great games coming from their team. Is that change going to happen, however? We don’t know – but we certainly hope that it will!

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