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Zoom Slot Review

Are you one of those players that feel a bit of nostalgia whenever they see a slot game with fruit symbols? And are you also a bit disappointed by the fact that very few games developers are picking up the most traditional concepts? In that case, you simply have to pay attention to the Zoom video slot from Thunderkick, as it’s a great tribute to all the classic slots – and the best news is that it’s not only building on them, but that it’s also bringing something new to the table.

Theme and Graphics

Thunderkick slots might be known for being able to come up with interesting and unorthodox themes, but that’s not what you’re going to find at Zoom – instead, this little video slot is all about recalling the classics, so expect to see stars and fruit symbols dominating the reels. There are also some animations thrown into the mix, which shows that Thunderkick did hire the right people for the job.

The apparent simplicity is coupled with fabulous technical qualities and an excellent soundtrack that adds a lot to the slot’s atmosphere, so it’s virtually impossible to find any flaws on the audiovisual front. Some will surely say that it’s all rather unimaginative, but does every single slot really need to have a specific theme? We don’t think so – and Zoom actually comes as a welcome change in pace as far as we’re concerned.


As you can see, Thunderkick weren’t aiming for any sort of complexity with Zoom. It’s an interesting attitude, of course, and it clearly worked out well in the audiovisual department, but what about the slot’s gameplay? Is its simplicity a positive thing or did the developers go too far, making a game that’s simply too boring for anyone to like it? Well, we’re going to disappoint all the doubters, as the gameplay is very enjoyable.

The first feature that has to be mentioned is the obligatory Wild Symbol that can substitute for all the regular symbols in winning lines, but it’s not that hard to figure out that this isn’t the main selling point of the slot.

Zoom Slot

That comes in the form of the playing field, which has six reels and four lines. It’s also divided into six different 2×2 sections that play a major role during the Zoom Feature that can get activated thanks to the Scatter Symbol that comes in the form of a big Z.

When found alone, the Scatter Symbol triggers a re-spin and expands into a Massive Symbol that covers one entire 2×2 sector, giving you an excellent chance of winning big.

However, the real fun begins only if you find four Scatter symbols in four sectors that form a square. Once that happens, a Super Massive Symbol will emerge, covering all four sectors in which the Scatter Symbols appeared. You’re then going to get a free re-spin with the Supper Massive Symbol locked firmly in its place – and it shouldn’t be hard for you to guess how big the eventual payout can be.


As we’ve already mentioned, Zoom is played over sixty-four fixed paylines that are spread over six reels and four lines, which is indeed a very unorthodox setup. The fact that the paylines are fixed doesn’t mean that there isn’t a good range of betting levels to choose from, however, as players can play for as little as €0.10 or as much as €100. Meanwhile, the theoretical RTP (return to player) stands at 96.2%.

The only small minus that we’ve managed to come up with takes the form of the info panel that is there to give you the overview of all the features and paytable stuff. It’s easily accessible, but it is quite messy and you actually have to scroll down in order to learn everything, which isn’t as comfortable as having everything on a single screen. To be fair, this is a very minor thing that isn’t going to trouble the vast majority of players, but fixing it would take just a few moments, so it’s a bit strange that it’s there.


Although Zoom isn’t a particularly outstanding game from the audiovisual point of view, it more than makes up for that in the gameplay department, so we’d urge you to give it a go if you are one of those players that value interesting gameplay over imaginative audiovisuals. While we aren’t convinced that Zoom will become a chart-topper, we’re sure that it’s going to be a welcome addition to the arsenals of numerous players. There might not be any epic stories to be enjoyed here, but is that really what most slot fans are looking for?

Where to Play Zoom Slot game

The Zoom video slot was produced by Thunderkick, who are one of the most promising games developers on the market nowadays – and it seems that even some of the premium online casinos are able to recognize their potential.

If you’re looking for a recommendation, we’re going to send you in the direction of Unibet. Those guys weren’t too exciting a couple of years ago, but they’re now well on their way to becoming a truly premium casino, so now is the right time to jump onto the bandwagon and take advantage of what they’re offering.

And there really is a lot to enjoy – apart from the excellent selection of slot games, Unibet also have superb mobile apps, fabulous live casino tables and a stunning sports betting service that’s almost unrivaled across the board. If you’re one of those players that like both casino gaming and sports betting, you simply shouldn’t miss Unibet – and you should give them a go even if the casino section is the only thing you’re interested in.

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