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Spectra Slot Review

Although many games developers are trying to develop at least some sense of style and then include it in their slots, there aren’t many that could match the efforts of Thunderkick, who are arguably the very best when it comes to making unique audiovisuals. For that reason, we’re constantly on the lookout for new releases from these guys – and we were naturally very happy when we first heard about the Spectra slots game.

Theme and Graphics

Spectra is one of the few games that don’t really have a specific theme – what it does have, however, are unique neon graphics that depict the most classic of symbols and some regular geometrical shapes on top of that. It’s a strange combination and one that needs to be witnessed, but it’s also an absolute marvel from the technical point of view, as everything is fully animated. Put simply, every single spin is an intriguing experience!

This wouldn’t, of course, be possible without a fitting soundtrack – and this is another front on which Thunderkick have delivered. To be fair, it does get slightly repetitive after a while, but Spectra isn’t a game that you would play for hours in a single sitting, so it doesn’t matter as much as it does when it comes to many other slots.


With the audiovisuals out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the slot’s gameplay features. There aren’t many of them, but they are all very fitting and make the spins slightly more hectic, which is exactly what we wanted to see.

First of all, there’s the mandatory Wild symbol that comes in the form of a neon W and that works as a substitute for all the other regular winning symbols, but the nice bit is that it always appears in stacks of four, which naturally increases the chances of you getting more than just one of these symbols in a single spin.

Spectra Slot

This stacking also plays a role in the slot’s other gameplay features, the first of which goes by the name of Wild Respin. Whenever a new wild stack appears on the board, you’re going to get a single re-spin – yes, just like that.

This Wild Respin then goes hand-in-hand with the Wild Nudge feature, which is triggered with each new respin and which nudges the wild stacks that are on the board towards the center of the reels. This naturally results in more Wilds appearing on the board and (potentially) new winning paylines, so these nudges will always be a welcome sight.


Spectra takes place on a slightly unconventional playing field that has five reels and four rows, while the number of paylines is fixed and stands at 30.

Now – some of you might be worried about the paylines being fixed, as that small detail sometimes means that there aren’t many betting levels to choose from. Thankfully, Thunderkick have included a solid number of those, so virtually all players should find one or two acceptable ones. In practical terms, the minimum bet stands at just €0.10, but you can ramp that up to €100 if you’re so inclined.

Meanwhile, the RTP (return to player) of the slot stands at 96.4%, which is fully in line with the industry standards.


If we’re to be absolutely honest with you, we have to say that we’ve got a bit of a sweet spot for Thunderkick and their games, as they are undoubtedly the most stylish experiences that you can find on the slot gaming scene nowadays. And, with that, we can’t but recommend Spectra to all players that want to try something that features both unique audiovisuals and fresh gameplay.

Those of you who are all about complicated slots with stories and complex game systems will be sorely disappointed, as Spectra is more about giving you a lot of fun during the odd coffee break, but we think that you should give it a go nonetheless – you might get drawn in by its atmosphere and even return to it a couple of times. As far as we’re concerned, it’s most definitely one of the finer releases that we saw in 2016.

There are many casinos using Thunderkick software that have reasonably low deposit limits starting at £5.00 pounds or euros for you to choose from.

Where to Play

Chances are that you are now itching to give Spectra a go, so we’re going to give you a casino recommendation to go with the game – and it goes by the name of Unibet.

Unibet have been on the scene for quite a while now, so you might already have some experiences with them, but there’s a good reason for why we’re bringing them up again and it’s that they’ve gone through a massive redesign operation a short while a go. Before that, they were only slightly above par in our opinion, but that’s all changed and they now belong to what we would call the premium line of online casinos.

The redesign has also made their games repertoire bigger and the casino now has deals with all sorts of games developers, so there are hundreds of unique slots to be enjoyed by everyone who decides to make an account at Unibet. And no, the gaming experience isn’t only about slots – there are also numerous live casino tables that allow you to play the most popular table and card games in a realistic setting.

On top of that, there’s also a nice range of bonuses and promotions that includes stuff like tournaments and raffles, while those who like gaming on the go are bound to appreciate the downloadable apps that are available for both iOS and Android.

To round things off, we simply can’t fail to mention that Unibet are also offering an excellent sports betting service, which makes them ideal for players that like to combine casino games with a few bets.

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