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Babushkas Slot Review

Many games developers tend to make a big fuss over new slot releases even when the actual products aren’t so great, while others don’t really celebrate even when their new release has a lot of quality. Thunderkick slots belong firmly to the latter category – and the Babushkas slot, which was released in 2016, is an excellent case in point.

Truth to be told, we didn’t know a single thing about the game until it was released. We were impressed as soon as we took it out for a test ride, however, and that feeling didn’t go away even after we spent a few hours with the slot.

Theme and Graphics

If you’ve ever heard about the traditional Russian dolls that go by the name of babushkas or matryoshkas, you won’t be surprised by what this game is all about. Yes, that’s right – there’s nothing else to be found on the game’s symbols.

Babushkas Slot

That might sound a bit boring to some, but let us assure you that you won’t be disappointed by the audiovisuals, as they are as gorgeous as they could possibly be. The designers paid a lot of attention even to the smallest of details, which is well-evidenced by the impressive number of animations that are thrown into the mix.

The audio side of things is very fitting as well, so there really is nothing that one could possibly criticize when it comes to how the slot looks and sounds. We’re sure that it all took quite some time – but the end result is simply a sight to behold.


Let’s now focus on the gameplay Babushkas come with – and there’s quite a bit to talk about, starting with the slot’s Wild symbol.

Although it can appear only on the middle reel, it comes in two distinct forms – normal and mystery. The normal Wild works exactly as you’d expect it to, but the mystery Wild opens to reveals one of three distinct features. We don’t want to spoil them for you here, so let’s just say that they all come with considerable benefits.

Secondly, there’s the Winning Symbol Upgrade feature, which is arguably the game’s unique selling point. Whenever you get a winning line, all winning symbols of the same value upgrade – in a true matryoshka fashion – to the next higher value, giving you an opportunity to form new winning paylines.

Finally, there’s the Wipe feature, which gets triggered whenever all 15 symbols bear the same value after a successful chain of upgrades. It’s going to get you yet another round of upgrades, immediately triggering an additional payout – and there’s even a special high-value symbol waiting for the luckiest of players!


The Babushkas video slot takes place on a classic playing field of five reels and three rows, but the number of paylines – seventeen – is slightly unconventional.

There are no sliders that you could use in order to change the number of paylines, but don’t worry – there are plenty of betting levels to choose from. The minimum bet stands at just €0.10, but you can play for as much as €100, so there really is something for everyone.

If the RTP (return to player) is what you’re interested in, we can tell you that Thunderkick have set it to 95.8%, which is an inch below what we would call the industry standard.


Babushkas might not have an epic theme that would draw you in with its storyline, but that doesn’t really matter – what counts is that the slot couples excellent audiovisuals with innovative gameplay features that don’t get boring very quickly. We suppose that the theme is going to put some people off, but that’s perhaps the only small minus that we could possibly mention in connection with Babushkas – and it’s doubtful whether it really is a minus.

All in all, we think that Babushkas are one of the best releases that we saw in 2016, so we can’t but recommend the game to everyone who wants to play something fresh. With no rough edges and excellent production values, it’s actually perhaps even a must-play for everyone who cares about slot gaming as such – and it goes without saying that it’s also a testament to Thunderkick’s skills.

Where to Play Babushkas Slot

Chances are that you’re now itching to give Babushkas a couple of spins, so what we’re going to do is give you a casino recommendation. And, truth to be told, it isn’t even that hard to find the ideal online casino to go with this particular slot.

After all, Thunderkick, the studio that developed Babushkas, are all about creativity – and you would be hard-pressed to find an online casino that’s more creative than Mr Green Casino. These guys have been around for quite a while now and they are widely considered to be among the most original casinos on the scene, so you can’t afford to miss them if you’re a player that’s already bored of all the run-of-the-mill casinos that look and work the same.

Let’s get to some concrete stuff, however, starting with the big games catalogue that contains games not only from Thunderkick, but also from the likes of NetEnt, NextGen Gaming and Play’n Go. This is all coupled with a very good range of bonuses and promotions, while there’s also something special in store for fans of mobile gaming, as the mobile apps Mr Green are offering are arguably the very best out there.

There’s also a reasonable sports betting service included for those players that simply can’t live without the odd sports punt, so it’s incredibly hard to find any minuses to mention in connection with Mr Green.

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