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Thunderkick Slots

Chances are that you’re one of those players that are already bored of all those classic slot games from developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. It’s not that those games are bad, far from that, but don’t players also deserve a breath of fresh air from time to time and perhaps even a new fancy developer that isn’t afraid of taking risks and bringing some new innovations onto the scene?

If that’s what you’re thinking, we’ll be glad to introduce you to the slot games from Thunderkick, who are probably the biggest prospects in our book at this moment!

About Thunderkick

Thunderkick are one of the newest games developers around, having been founded in the year of 2014. That said, they’re not incredibly inexperienced, which is something that you’re going to realize within the first few seconds of playing their slot games.

Interestingly, Thunderkick have been keeping a fairly low profile since their first appearance on the market and even their website isn’t particularly informative, but we can tell you that their headquarters are located in Stockholm and that they currently hold a Maltese gaming licence.

It’s also quite nice to see Thunderkick having a stated philosophy in that they want to release quality games without committing themselves to regular releases, which is in stark contrast to how many other developers behave.

What Makes Thunderkick Slots Special

The aforementioned philosophy of quality over quantity is actually the number one thing that makes Thunderkick slots so special – while many games developers are quite happy with just re-skinning one of their older slots and calling it a new one, Thunderkick consider such behaviour to be almost criminal, with every single one of their releases being completely unique in one way or another.

We’re sure that you don’t want us to spoil everything for you, but let’s just say a few words about the two trademark things that Thunderkick don’t want to let go, with the reel-less feel their slot games have being the first of them. It’s not particularly easy to explain the feel in words, but the gist of it is that the reels that Thunderkick are using in their games don’t have strict borders and don’t look exactly like the reels of real slot machines, so the gameplay is smoother and without any constraints. Once you start thinking about it, it really is nothing complicated, but it does wonders to the overall feeling of the games.

The second trademark thing that we want to mention is the sheer number of original ideas as far as the basic themes of the games are concerned. We’re living in an age in which it’s incredibly easy to take a well-established franchise and build a slot around it without much input, but Thunderkick are above all that, as their designers seem to have their heads full of unorthodox themes and concepts.

Highlight Slots

Although Thunderkick haven’t released tens of slot games just yet, some of their releases can already be considered to be true gems, with three of them definitely standing out from the rest.

First of all, you simply have to check out The Rift, which was released in early 2016 and which showcases all the skills that Thunderkick have acquired since their very first release. If you’ve ever wanted to play an online slot game with an atmosphere that’s not going to let you go away, this is the one online slot that will satisfy all such wishes. As far as the theme is concerned, The Rift is a strange take that builds on various fantasy tropes with a bit of alchemy thrown into the mix, but what’s going to get you is the audiovisual side of things that features stunning animations coupled with fabulous side-effects. What’s more, the minimalistic gameplay interface will allow you to just sit back and enjoy everything without any hassles whatsoever. The Rift might be slightly different from all those popular mainstream slots, but it can match virtually all of them!

Secondly, there’s the Esqueleto Explosivo slot game that’s bound to get you going with its fabulous take on the typical Day of the Dead celebrations. A strange theme for a slot game, perhaps, but the designer that came up with it does deserve a medal, as Thunderkick managed to build an excellent game around it. This slot is not only fascinating from the gameplay point of view, but it’s also rather innovative musically – in fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a slot that sounds better than Esqueleto Explosivo! And where else are you going to find skeletons celebrating all your wins?

Finally, we also feel obliged to mention the 1429 Uncharted Seas video slot, a game that actually comes in the form of an old-fashioned map. No, we aren’t messing with you here – you’ll really feel like a captain trying to navigate a ship around all those deadly mythical monsters that lurk in depths that one just wouldn’t want to explore. The hand-drawn graphics make the game stand out from the visual department and the guys responsible for the soundtrack have also outdone themselves, so 1429 Uncharted Seas really is a treat that’s going to last you for more than just a handful of spins.

Also Worth Checking Out

We’re sure that you’re going to have a great time with the three aforementioned highlights, but, if they ever start to become a bit boring, we have also hand-picked two of the less prominently featured slot games that are worth checking out for their niche value.

The first of them is Arcader, which is a game that’s going to bring some truly nostalgic feelings to everyone who’s been around when the first computer games started to appear. We don’t know whether Thunderkick have any PC gaming veterans in their team, but chances are that they do, as they’ve managed to capture the atmosphere of all those legendary games with neon graphics. They’ve also thrown some great music into the mix, so Arcader well and truly delivers in the audiovisual department, although we guess that it isn’t a slot that will last you for long months – it’s just a bit too niche.

We could also say the very same thing about the excellent Flux slot, although we can see that one giving you much more game time thanks to how immersive it is. Oftentimes, games developers claim to have invented something truly immersive – and then you see the game in question having a clunky interface and disjointed visuals. Just give Flux a go if you want something that is indeed as immersive as slot games can possibly be, as this game has all the right ingredients – from futuristics graphics and sounds to ultra-fast gameplay – for drawing you in.

Where to Play Thunderkick Slots

Thunderkick aren’t a particularly established name just yet, so it isn’t incredibly easy to find an online casino that has their games on offer. This might seem to be a big minus, as it means that you might have to look around for a new casino just to give their games a go, but there’s also a different side to this in that Thunderkick are signing deals only with casinos they can trust without any issues.

One of such casinos is the SlotsMillion casino, which undoubtedly belongs to the arsenal of every single slots connoisseur out there, as it’s already offering more than a thousand of unique slots, with the complete Thunderkick package thrown into the mix as well. There are no classic table and card games on offer, but there are plenty of promotions to make up for that – and, well, who would care about games like blackjack with so many exciting slots to choose from?

If SlotsMillion isn’t your cup of tea for some reason, we can also recommend the excellent Unibet online casino, which is one of those all-in-one products that you’re going to enjoy if you also like to have the odd sports punt here and there. Although some will say that the casino section isn’t as good as the sports betting one, we wouldn’t really agree with such assessments, as we have plenty of great words to say about all the casino games and promotions Unibet are offering. Do check them out if you’re looking for something that’s both modern and well-rounded.

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