Thunderkick Casinos

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Thunderkick Casinos

If you’re one of those players that get excited whenever a new games developer appears on the scene, then you’re in for a very nice surprise, as Thunderkick are one of the few new arrivals that are well and truly worth checking out.

They haven’t released a great deal of slot games just yet, but each of their releases feels like a breath of fresh air!

About Thunderkick

As we’ve already mentioned, Thunderkick are one of the newest kids on the block, having arrived only in 2014. However, it would be wrong to just write them off as newbie developers that don’t know anything about slot games, as even their very first releases had a lot of charm – and that’s something that you just don’t see very often.

At the time of writing, it seemed that Thunderkick were pretty keen on keeping a low profile until they really establish themselves, but we can tell you that they are located in Stockholm and that they hold a Maltese gaming licence.

Their stated philosophy – to which they adhere closely judging by what they’ve produced so far – is that quality is much more important than quantity and that it isn’t worth it to outsource any parts of the development process.

In 2014, Thunderkick signed a long-term deal with one of the most popular casinos around, Unibet, but they are now also working with the likes of LeoVegas and Vera&John.

Thunderkick’s Products

At the time of writing, Thunderkick were clearly focusing on just a single sector of the vast market of online casino gaming. Yes, that’s right – these guys are all about online slot games. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, if you’re an online casino operator, you might not be fully satisfied with such a small arsenal – after all, these guys don’t even have their own versions of the traditional table and card games.

However, if you’re a player, all this can actually be good news, as it means that they don’t have to divert their attention elsewhere – and why should you care about anything else than exciting slot games?

Special Features

With most online casino games developers, we’d just talk about all the features that their games tend to include here, but things are slightly different when it comes to Thunderkick’s slots. Put simply, every single one of them is so unique that it’s really hard to pinpoint anything that they would have in common. Stunning audiovisuals and art direction, perhaps? The bottom line is that every single one of Thunderkick’s slots has something special.

Top Online Slot Games

Thunderkick’s releases are few and far between, so we’d highly recommend checking out every single one of them, but we’ve nonetheless decided to select three games that you should give a go first and foremost.

To kick things off, you should definitely find your way to the fabulous Esqueleto Explosivo slot that is bound to impress you with its stunning visuals, animations and fitting music. Just sit back and allow Enrico Mortis and his mariachi band to welcome you into their surreal realm of exploding skulls and Mexican rhythms!

Meanwhile, retro-minded players will surely get their fix at Arcader, which is an excellent throwback to the good old times – even the music sounds exactly like it should in order for the atmosphere to be perfect! The gameplay might be rather simplistic, but it’s the pace that will keep you addicted. You can trust us on this one – we were hooked right after the very first spin and we simply can’t stop returning to Arcader over and over again.

Finally, there’s our favourite, the 1429 Uncharted Seas online slot. Truth to be told, it doesn’t even look like an online slot at first glance, as its art direction is so marvellous that you’ll really feel like a navigator trying to find his way around with only an old map at his disposal. Each spin feels like setting sail – and you’d be hard-pressed to find another online slot with such a great atmosphere.

Supported Platforms

During their first year in the business, Thunderkick were apparently developing their games with only the desktop platform in mind. However, that has since changed and the year of 2015 saw them making their very first announcements regarding mobile games.

And, well, we can say that they’ve already started to deliver on that front, as they are slowly making all their games available for the two most important mobile platforms, i.e. iOS and Android devices. We can only hope that they won’t be messing around for any longer, as we would simply love to see their upcoming slot games being mobile-friendly at the time of release.

Known Problems/Issues

Since Thunderkick are still very young, they’re yet to really establish themselves on the market and we’re still slightly unsure about their trustworthiness – after all, would you trust a young start-up more than a company that’s been operating successfully for ten years?

We know that we wouldn’t. At the same time, there have been some fairly positive signs coming from these guys and we certainly haven’t registered any irregularities as far as their operations are concerned, so we’ll be keeping a neutral position for now. If Thunderkick are in this for the long haul, things are going to become much clearer in just a couple of years.

Summing Up

As much as we would like to give you some sort of a verdict regarding Thunderkick, it is simply still way too soon for any such judgements. After all, these guys have been here for just a couple of years so far and they are yet to sign any great deals with big online casinos. The deal with Unibet does look very promising and so does the batch of games they have already managed to churn out, but we feel that we need to see more before putting them into any categories. We’re going to keep our eyes open, however!

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