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StakeLogic Slots

Although some won’t like the fact that the online slots industry is currently witnessing a constant stream of new games developers joining the fray, we’re sure that most players are appreciating all that, as what it means is that we’re living in some sort of a golden age of slot gaming.

Of course, some of these new games developers aren’t incredibly exciting and there’s a good chance that at least some of the studios are going to fall apart in the next few years, but that isn’t something that we would be worried about when it comes to StakeLogic.

About StakeLogic

StakeLogic are one of the newest studios out there, as the development team was assembled only at the start of 2015. The interesting bit is that StakeLogic aren’t completely new and unproven, as they are backed by a big group from which they basically split.

The stated mission of the company is to produce top-notch 3D HTML5 casino games that can be enjoyed on both desktops and mobile devices, which means that players that like playing on their iPhones and Android phones should be especially interested in what these guys are capable of.

While the headquarters of the company are located in Malta for business reasons, the actual action is taking place in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

What Makes StakeLogic Slots Special

That StakeLogic aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill company is quite obvious once you start to dig a bit deeper. After all – would a run-of-the-mill company be able to come up with something as interesting as StakeLogic’s very own 360° concept?

The 360° specialty is there to allow players to explore their surroundings instead of having just a single static screen to look at and we think that it’s actually a great idea that should catch on going forward, especially if StakeLogic put a lot of effort into implementing it properly. We could come up with plenty of ideas connected with it on our own, so we just hope that the studio won’t stop where it started with the Spartus slot.

Apart from that, we feel obliged to mention that StakeLogic always go the extra mile in order to optimize their games for all the different mobile devices, which means that the mobile experience is almost never worse than the regular one.

Finally, we’d want to highlight the superb production values that nearly all the StakeLogic slots come with. It’s not only about top-notch graphics here – the designers can also make slots that simply ooze style.

There is one thing that we can’t praise StakeLogic for, however, is the gameplay side of their slots. Don’t get us wrong here, as we do like how their slots play, but we would definitely appreciate seeing the studio getting more innovative here, as what’s there right now is pretty old-fashioned in all fairness.

Highlight Slots

StakeLogic are still very new, so even those of you who don’t have months of free time could simply go through all the games they’ve ever produced, but we do realize that many would see that as a pretty pointless exercise. For that reason, we’ve prepared our very own top three of StakeLogic.

First and foremost, we’d like to draw your attention to Spartus, which is a video slot that utilizes the aforementioned 360° concept to a great effect. It’s pretty clear that Spartus has been put out there to show that the concept has a future and that’s also its main selling point, so don’t expect a massive amount of gameplay features. Jump in, enjoy what’s there – and wait for what StakeLogic are going to come up with next.

Secondly, there’s the Football Gladiators video slot that was released in time for the Euro 2016 football tournament. StakeLogic weren’t able to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, but football fans are going to appreciate the game nonetheless, especially since there’s a lot to be liked from the audiovisual point of view.

To round things off, we’ll mention Monkeys of the Universe, a slot that caters to all fans of comics. The art style is the game’s unique selling point and it’s that very thing that will determine whether you’re going to love it or hate it, as the rest is pretty much your standard slot gaming fare.

Also Worth Checking Out

The three slots we’ve mentioned above should give you a very good idea about what are the games StakeLogic produce like. Chances are that you’re actually going to enjoy all that – and that’s why we’ve decided to highlight three additional games that you might want to check out as well.

The first of those games goes by the name of The Amsterdam Masterplan and it’s going to take you on a very interesting mission in which you’ll be asked to steal some cash from a casino vault and then escape with it. It’s just a shame that this slot doesn’t include any of those 360° tricks, as the theme is just begging for them.

Next, there’s the King Bambam slot that includes one interesting gameplay feature in that it allows players to increase their stakes in exchange for a chance of getting some Wild symbols thrown into the mix at the end of the given spin. It’s a big risk, of course, but the potential rewards are jackpot-like!

Finally, you should also consider heading towards the Dragons Mystery slot that’s filling the role of the necessary fantasy slot in StakeLogic’s arsenal. Thankfully, it’s not completely generic, so even those of you who’ve already seen plenty of fantasy slots will find something fresh to like here.

Where to Play StakeLogic Slots Games

So far, StakeLogic have been fairly reluctant to expand very quickly and to sign deals with unknown online casinos, which is pretty much a double-edged sword if you consider that attitude from all the different points of view. On one hand, players currently need to fish around a bit in order to find a place that has all the StakeLogic games on offer. On the other hand, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to run into any difficulties at casinos that have them, as virtually all of them are top-notch.

The one name that we would like to highlight here is Unibet, as those guys are doing so much currently that they’re quickly becoming one of the best in the business. Not only are they willing to include many of the new games developers in their games catalogue, but they also have a lot of interesting promotions going on at all times, which makes them the ideal place for both newcomers and seasoned veterans. You’re going to enjoy your time at Unibet even if slot gaming isn’t what you care about first and foremost, as these guys also have an excellent sports betting service and a very good number of live casino tables. Give them a go – you aren’t going to regret it!

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