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RTG Slots

When it comes to the slot gaming scene, you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that’s as well-known as RTG. These guys have been around for so long that they’re basically firmly etched into the industry’s history. Chances are that you’re still fairly new to the whole thing, however, so we’ve decided to write an article focusing on the slot games RTG have released over the years.

About RTG

RTG – or, in full, Realtime Gaming – were founded way back in 1998, which means that they have been on the market pretty much since it first appeared. Naturally, there wasn’t much business going on on-line back then, but the foundations that were laid down allowed RTG to grow very quickly once the entire market picked up a bit of speed later on.

To this date, RTG have managed to produce several hundreds of interesting online games, with a big chunk of that being online slots that are enjoyed by players all across the world.

Although the RTG studios were originally located in the United States, the company has now moved to Costa Rica, a decision that probably had quite a bit to do with the signing of the controversial UIGEA that completely changed the face of the American online gaming market.

What Makes RTG Slots Special

It might sound slightly strange considering that we’ve just said that RTG are firmly etched into the industry’s history, but it’s almost impossible to find something that would unify all the games these guys have managed to put out. And perhaps that’s what makes the RTG slots special in their own right – you never know what you’re going to get with the next release.

If we’d have to dig a bit deeper, we’d say that RTG are keen on keeping things as simple as possible, seemingly ignoring all the latest innovations and trends. Instead of innovating and keeping up with all the new things out there, these guys are apparently completely okay with sticking to the traditional formula and basically reproducing it over and over again with little to no improvements.

We have to admit that we don’t exactly get why this attitude has remained in place for so many years, but, at the same time, it’s clear that it’s getting RTG what they want and that they appear to have no plans to change it in the short term. Well, we guess that they’re free to do what they consider to be the best for them, but we need to say that we’re a bit disappointed by them being stuck in what’s clearly an outdated mentality (considering how progressive the rest of the industry is).

There are still some fans that are anxiously looking forward to every single new release from RTG, but their numbers are decreasing fast, so let’s see what the studio is going to do about that – some fresh ideas would certainly be welcome. Until then, we’re likely to see plenty of solid games – but none that will keep us on the edge of our seats.

Highlight Slots

Over the years, RTG have released tens of interesting slots (and numerous less-interesting ones), so we simply don’t have enough room for going through all of them. Instead, we’re going to give you a shortlist of three highlight slots followed by another shortlist of slots that are also worth checking out.

The one slot that aspires to be true highlight of RTG’s catalogue is Hairway to Heaven, which is undoubtedly a step up from all the previous releases in terms of audiovisuals and gameplay features. If you’ve tried some of RTG’s releases in the past and have a somewhat bad memories of them, you should give this little slot a go – chances are that it will force you to reconsider a thing or two.

Apart from that, you’ll also do well to check out Pirate Isle, which is a very traditional – but also rock-solid – take on the classic pirate theme. The graphics are fairly good and there’s nothing wrong with the gameplay features either, so chances are that you’re going to enjoy this slot if you’re one of the more conservative players.

If progressive jackpots are what you’re looking for, you simply have to give Aztec’s Millions a few spins, as that’s the RTG slot that has already given out tens of millions to a handful of lucky players. The slot itself hasn’t aged all that well, but it’s big wins that we are after here and this game has them!

Also Worth Checking Out

With the highlights out of the way, let’s look at some of the other interesting slots that RTG have in their arsenal.

Those of you who enjoyed Pirate Isle might also like the Ghost Ship video slot, which presents a different take on the pirate theme. It’s also quite grim and dark, which is something that you might enjoy considering that the market currently seems to be full of slots with cheerful and cheesy themes.

Next, there’s the interesting High Fashion slot that comes with two mini-jackpots on top of its completely traditional gameplay. The theme is also rather unorthodox and that’s why this slot deserves your attention, although it arguably isn’t a game that will keep you glued to the screen for long hours.

Finally, we also feel obliged to mention the Jackpot Piñatas video slot, which is currently the other popular progressive jackpot game that RTG have. It’s a bit different from the aforementioned Aztec’s Millions, so do give it a few spins if that one didn’t catch your eye – chances are that this one will.

Where to Play RTG Slots

RTG are one of the few companies that we wouldn’t be afraid to call legendary, which means that you can find their games scattered across a big number of online casinos, many of which – unfortunately – aren’t as trustworthy as we would like them to be.

Put simply, RTG are constantly adhering to the somewhat controversial policy of not caring too much where exactly their games end up being offered. It’s something that many experts have been constantly criticizing the company for and it’s naturally something that we don’t really appreciate either, but, at the same time, we understand that there will always be such companies out there and that there’s virtually nothing to be done about it. Thankfully, most of the newer games developers aren’t following suit, which allows players that care about the ethical side of things to simply look elsewhere for entertainment.

Despite all this, there are some great online casinos at which you can enjoy all the RTG slots without having to worry about your money being safe. One of those casinos is the US-friendly Sloto Cash, who have been around for quite a while now and who are yet to face any difficulties. Their games catalogue is pretty much all about RTG, making this online casino the ideal entry point for everyone who wants to give such games a go.

Meanwhile, those of you who don’t like Sloto Cash for some reason can certainly consider heading over to the similarly US-friendly Uptown Aces online casino for the gaming fix, as that particular casino is not only offering the complete RTG suite (including all the important slots with progressive jackpots), but also some nice promotional offers and bonuses. What’s more, Uptown Aces have also recently started to accept Bitcoin payments, so they are an excellent choice for all fans of that cryptocurrency.

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