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RTG – or, if you so wish, Realtime Gaming – are one of the true staples of the online gaming industry and it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ve already run into one of their products. However, many players have never really heard a lot about them and might be interested in knowing what’s in the background.

Given that RTG have managed to stay in the business for more than fifteen years, they simply must be doing something well. However, we’ve also made sure to include both the positives and the negatives in this article, as we are aiming to give you the complete picture. After all, if one’s to criticize a single company, one should be fair and criticize them all.

About RTG

RTG have been around since 1998, so one could easily say that they’ve joined the party on day one, although it’s clear that they’ve managed to grow massively only after the big boom the industry has undergone in this century.

In any case, RTG have produced a few hundreds of unique online casino games, with that number including more than a hundred intriguing online slots that continue to captivate online players all around the world. Apart from that, the company is also very active in finding back end solutions for online casinos and offering numerous additional services.

Even though the company was originally located in Atlanta, it has now moved to Costa Rica after an acquisition by Hastings International. It probably isn’t just a coincidence that this move came soon after the infamous UIGEA was signed in the United States, as that piece of legislation made running anything related to online gaming in the US incredibly hard.

RTG’s Products

Even though online casinos usually care about back end systems more than about the games they’re going to offer, players are typically interested only in the games they’re going to enjoy. That’s fair enough – so what exactly are RTG famous for on this particular front?

Well, the road to success has been lined by online slot games of all shapes and sizes, some of which remain to be very popular to this day. New ones are being added on a regular basis, so you don’t have to worry about running out of games to play when staying at RTG-powered casinos.

Apart from that, RTG have become quite famous for their excellent video poker, which remains to be one of the best on the market, while we can also say a lot of positives about their classic table and card games.

Although RTG have produced a number of progressive jackpot games, none of them has ever become incredibly popular. We can’t really guess the exact reason for that, but it might be – at least partly – due to the fact that they’ve never been featured at any of the really big online casinos.

Finally, we shouldn’t forget to mention that RTG didn’t have any live casino software available at the time of writing, although that may change soon due to the growing popularity of online live games.

Special Features

These days, it isn’t easy to find a simple slot game even if you look hard – and that is in large part due to developers like RTG trying hard to make things interesting and attractive. With that in mind, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that most of the online slots that RTG have released include the typical combination of free spins and win multipliers with a few re-spins thrown in here and there.

As far as truly innovative features are concerned, however, we can’t really find any feature that RTG have picked up and made brilliant, which may be due to the fact that there are no such features to be found. To be absolutely honest with you – RTG have always been producing very solid games with good production values, but they’ve never been seen as incredibly innovative for some reason. Their approach does hold some appeal from the business point of view, but it certainly does disappoint many of RTG’s fans.

RTG also dabble in the progressive jackpots department, with Aztec’s Million being their flagship game. We can definitely recommend that online slot to you, just don’t expect to see any incredible jackpots that would surpass your expectations.

Top Online Slot Games

The sheer amount of games that RTG have released might make your head spin, so let us point you in the direction of the top of the crop so that you won’t have to browse them one by one if the highlights are the only thing that interests you.

If you want to see a bit of history in action, you’ll find that there is a massive backlog of games that you can check out, with Caesar’s Empire and Hairway to Heaven being our primary recommendations. Not only are they both very fun to play even years after their initial release dates, but they also show how much progress has been achieved in the realm of online slots in the space of just a few years. You probably won’t want to spend days replaying those slots, but you should nonetheless check them out, if only for their historic value.

If new releases are more your cup of tea, you should head to the likes of High Fashion, Pirate Isle, and Ghost Ship. All three have very good production values, include exciting features, and are bound to entertain you for long hours.

Finally, if you just cannot stay away from games that offer big progressive jackpots, you simply need to give Aztec’s Millions and Jackpot Piñatas a few spins, since that’s where the real action is at nowadays.

Supported Platforms

Despite their early rise to fame, RTG have never been known as the biggest innovators or early adopters. Nonetheless, as things currently stand, they seem to be pretty much on par with the rest of the market as far as supported platforms are concerned, so you should have no problems playing their games regardless of which device you prefer to play on.

Both download and instant play options are available and it needs to be said that they are both quite intuitive and hassle-free, while those of you who prefer gaming on the go will be happy to know that RTG’s games can also be enjoyed on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Pretty much everything that we could say about the back end solutions and all those other technological things would be based on guesswork and that’s an area into which we don’t really want to dive, so we’ll just say that, as far as we know, the entire system is robust and secure enough for you to feel safe when enjoying RTG’s games.

Known Problems/Issues

Since RTG have been in the business for more than 15 years now, it’s only understandable that they’ve had to deal with a number of issues and difficulties. At the same time, once you start to dig deeper, you’ll probably ask yourselves whether RTG have really done everything they could in order to avoid them. And the answer to that question probably has to be a resounding no.

Firstly, there were numerous allegations about online casinos running on RTG software not processing withdrawals or even scamming players out of their money altogether. Although we don’t really remember a case in which it was proven that RTG were the guilty party and although things like that happened to nearly every casino games provider out there, RTG aren’t doing much to avoid cooperating with casinos that are getting bad reputation on the various casino forums.

Secondly, it’s been often reported that RTG allow online casinos to adjust payout settings for their games in ways that many other providers would consider unacceptable. Although there might be nothing inherently wrong with this, one can easily see how problematic this can become. If you couple this option with the fact that many other developers don’t offer such options, it becomes evident why some online casinos might prefer their products and services over other.

Finally, it’s also quite shocking to see RTG having a disgustingly sparse online presentation that tells you absolutely nothing about the company, offering only a handful of sentences about the company’s licenses and a brief list of contact options. Naturally, this alone doesn’t automatically translate to the company being bad or unethical, but it nonetheless does say a bit about how things are being handled. After all, we’re living in an age in which your presentation is at least as important as your products and services – and the fact that RTG fail spectacularly in this particular department is strange to say the least, especially since it’s something that could be easily remedied.

Summing Up

All in all, RTG are a mixed bag. On one hand, they’ve produced a decent number of interesting games which can be found at a solid number of casinos. On the other hand, they’ve never had the best of reputations and it also needs to be stressed that they don’t exactly shy away from teaming up with oft-criticised online casinos. This is in sharp contrast with the industry’s best practices and it certainly means that one cannot give these guys top marks overall.

There’s always the chance that things will improve in the future, but, considering how long they’ve been around without any significant changes, we are afraid that this just isn’t going to happen. For that reason, you should probably be rather wary when it comes to RTG’s products and services – and especially so if you find them at online casinos that don’t have a proven track record.

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