Roulette Strategy – Mad Money

This Roulette strategy – known as the Mad Money Roulette Strategy – comes with no guarantee of winning.

Lets be clear, the more you play the more likely it is that the casino will take all your chips.

This strategy then is a way to play that may win you some money, but more likely will cause you to lose all your chips.

Still reading? Ok, let’s get to it.

Mad Money Roulette Strategy

You will need: a bankroll, an online casino that offers European Roulette with the proper payouts, a computer or other internet connected device.

You have a set bankroll. For ease of the maths lets say it’s £500.

Following good bankroll management, you are going to calculate a stake amount known as a betting unit; in this case it is £1.00.

You are going to pick 4 numbers. They can be anything – your favorite numbers, your birthday year, whatever. You are going to pick those 4 numbers and bet them individually (wheel bet) and stick to them.

You first bet is going to be one betting unit on each number. In this case that is £1.00 on each number for a total wager on each spin of £4.00.

You are going to make this same bet or series of bets on each spin for 15 spins.

If, at the end of the 15 spins you have less money than when you started, you are going to double your stake and continue for 5 more spins.

That doesn’t mean double on each of those 5 spins – you double it once after the 15th spin, and then you continue with the new amount, which in this case is now a total of £8.00.

On the other hand, if, by the result of the 15th spin you have more money than when you started, you quit.

You can start over, or go away with your winnings.

What does this do for you?

Well, it does not alter the odds one bit – they are still set against you.

It does rely on the ‘likelihood’ of your numbers coming up within a range of expectation.

I know that all the experts will tell you that expecting a number to come up because it’s ‘due’ is crazy and unrealistic and all that.

I do know this, but I’m playing roulette. I’m gambling. The expectation is that I will lose. I know this going in. I don’t expect to get rich. I expect to have fun.

On to the numbers.

If I don’t hit in the first fifteen bets, I will be out £4.00 x 15 = £60.00.

The odds of hitting on any one spin are ( 36 / 1 ) * 4 or 9 / 1.

In 15 spins I should, on average, hit once or twice. If I hit only once, I will lose £56 over the other 14 bets and win once for £35 plus my £1 back, for a net loss over the first series of £20.

If I hit twice in the first 15 bets, I will lose £52 over the losing 13 bets, plus get paid £35 twice, and get my two £1 winning bets back for a profit of £20.

In the case where I don’t win at all ( -£60 ) or win only once ( -£20 ) I will contine with a doubled stake of £8 and spin five more times.

Should I hit once in those 5 spins I will lose 4 x £8 for – £32 plus get paid £70 and my bet back on the one winning number, for a profit of £40. Depending on whether I went into the second 5 bet sequence with no wins or 1 win, I will be either up £20 or down £20.

Other factors include where in the sequence I win, if I do win. If I should hit a number within the first few spins I might just stop and walk away. Again if I go to the second sequence of 5 bets and hit on the first spin, again I might walk.

If I go through the whole series of a total of 20 bets and don’t hit one number I will have lost a total of £100.

Depending on my bankroll and my state of mind I might decide that my luck is not in and go away, or I might decide that my numbers are ‘due’ and continue playing.

I will probably decide on the last one, as I am a gambler and this is gambling.

If I do not hit any number in a total of 5 bet sequences I will have lost a full £500 – and a laptop that I sent through the window.

Alternative versions

Another way to play this system is to bet the starting stake of £1.00 and count each spin. If you do not hit a number by your 15th spin, you double the stake. (Just once, the same as above). But if you do hit before the 15th spin you start counting again at 1 on the next spion.

I prefer the original version as I like the bit where the stakes are doubled. Just like in Blackjack, I always enjoy the double downs and the splits. It doesn’t matter to me what stakes I am playing, it’s the increased bet that interests me.