Roulette – Live Online

Roulette – Live Roulette Online

Getting your healthy dose of roulette is incredibly easy nowadays thanks to all those various online casinos that allow you to play the game against a computer. However, without any social interaction whatsoever, that can soon become rather bland. After all, this isn’t a card game and there isn’t a lot of decision-making, so chances are that you will indeed become bored rather quickly.

Thankfully, there’s something much better on the market nowadays in the form of live roulette. We were hooked as soon as we started playing – and we are sure that you’re going to enjoy it as well!

What Is Live Online Roulette?

Live roulette is all about getting the pure roulette experience to the comfort of your home by allowing you to play against a real croupier and a real roulette wheel. All the action is brought to you through HD-quality video streams, so you’ll always feel like in a real casino.

There’s also a social aspect thrown into the entire deal, as you can freely communicate with the croupier and other players, which means that you should never get bored – after all, it will never be only about you placing your bets and hoping for the best!

The Pros

The experience of playing against a real croupier and a real roulette wheel might be enough to convince many, but are there actually any other pros to the entire deal or is that basically the only noteworthy thing? The answer to that question is simple – there’s much more than meets the eye.

Firstly, we should say that live roulette isn’t much slower than roulette games that are administered automatically. This has a lot to do with the fact that the croupier doesn’t need to think very deeply in order to keep things as smooth as possible – and we can tell you that you won’t be able to tell the difference between a live game and a computer one as far as the pace of play is concerned.

Secondly, the controls are so simple that placing bets will never take you more than a couple of seconds. In fact, the software will always remember your favorite ones – including the stakes – so players that only have a handful of bets they trust will find it incredibly easy to play.

What’s more, some of the live roulette tables are packed with additional features. For example, Evolution Gaming’s Immersive Roulette adds to the excitement by allowing you to follow every single movement of the ball. You’ll even be able to relive your winning moments in slow motion!

Meanwhile, those of you who are worried about games not being available all the time can sleep soundly, as this is virtually never an issue these days. Unless there are some unexpected technical problems, you’ll be able to grab a seat 24/7.

And it should also be noted that many online casinos offer unique bonuses and promotions to customers that play at their live casinos – and that alone should push you into giving live roulette a go. After all, exciting bonuses are something that we are all constantly looking for.

To round things off, we would also like to mention that it’s possible to enjoy live roulette on the go thanks to the dedicated apps that most online casinos are offering. Playing live roulette on a big screen is a sight to behold, but it never hurts to have the option to play on your mobile device whenever you want and wherever you are. Just download the right app for your iOS or Android device and go from there – getting to the right table won’t take you more than a minute or two!

The Cons

As one would expect, there are also some downsides that simply need to be mentioned. For example, although the gameplay is typically smooth and although you’ll be rarely hindered by your fellow players taking a lot of time when deciding on which bets to go for, it is possible to run into a table that isn’t moving quickly at all. Of course, you can always go to another table or even just play at two or more tables at once, but it is something that could ruin your fun a bit.

Although roulette isn’t a particularly complicated game, the croupier might do a silly mistake from time to time, which will lead to a cancellation of the current bets. Thankfully, this isn’t like Blackjack and things like that cannot really rob you of your winnings, but the action might stall for a while thanks to these issues and that’s never a pleasant experience.

To sum up – typically, live roulette is going to work like a charm and you’re really going to enjoy your time spent at the live tables. Here and there, however, the entire ride might be somewhat bumpy and not incredibly enjoyable. The good news is that the providers of live casino games are working extremely hard to improve the entire situation and that issues really are few and far between, so there’s actually a fairly decent chance that you’ll never face any problems, especially if you aren’t going to be playing all day long.

Where to Play

Nearly every single online casino out there has live casino games available and virtually all of them are serviceable, but which three software providers are the best?

First of all, there are the aforementioned live roulette games from Evolution Gaming, which you can enjoy at online casinos like BetVictor. Multiple languages are supported and you’ll always be able to get a game thanks to the massive studios Evolution Gaming are running, while we also simply have to mention their tremendous VIP tables that will allow you to enjoy a touch of class. True roulette enthusiasts will surely appreciate not only the award-winning Immersive Roulette game, but also the French Roulette tables that follow the half-back rule for even-money bets. As far as we are concerned, Evolution Gaming are simply the top of the crop nowadays – and the most important thing is that they are improving the experience all the time, so you’re always going to get the best possible services.

Microgaming are another great provider of live roulette games, which can be found at some of the very best online casinos out there, including 32Red. Not only are the controls incredibly intuitive, but it’s also very easy to play at multiple tables at once, which is ideal for those players who simply don’t want to stand around waiting for the action to get started. And the one big specialty Microgaming are offering? Apart from the traditional tables, you can also enjoy a number of Playboy-styled ones to spice things up a bit.

Finally, we also have to mention Playtech, who currently power the famous Bet365 online casino. Playtech’s VIP Ruby Room is a sight to behold if you’re a high-roller, but even those who like to bet small are going to enjoy all the native-speaking dealers and intriguing chat features. You can also customize your Playtech experience by adjusting the audiovisuals and choosing between European and Asian studios. And we simply can’t fail to mention the amazing Double Screen Roulette that these guys have recently introduced!