7 Roulette Strategy Tips

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Roulette has always attracted strategy players from its beginnings over 200 years ago, and today with the ease of access that online roulette has given us, it is no different, except perhaps in the sheer numbers of players looking to get an edge in this game.

There are only two reasons to choose this game for strategy betting. One, the low house edge, though Blackjack and Baccarat have lower edges. And two, the ease of playing, though again Baccarat is in fact easier to play, while Blackjack needs to be played properly in order to keep that house edge low.

Perhaps a third reason would be the availability of high payout bets, which neither of those other two games has.

Some of these tips are specific to this game while others are good advice for any gambling game.

Always play with the best odds.

French Roulette, with its ‘half-back’ rule on zero, has the best payouts. Next up is European Roulette with one zero. American Roulette with two zeros has poor odds and should be avoided.

A casino may advertise that they have European Roulette, but don’t assume that their payouts are correct – check them before playing. They should be posted on the table or in the tables help section.

Check the terms.

This only applies if you are playing with a bonus. If you are, make sure to check the terms of the bonus to be sure that it allows you to play Roulette. Many casino bonuses prohibit this game, and others, while you have a bonus in play. These casinos allow roulette when playing bonuses but do note that the percentage contribution for your wagers will be reduced when playing this game.

Curb your expectations.

You may sit down at the table and win a fortune, but you are more likely not going to do that. You are more likely to lose, or win a small amount.

A win of $100 on a deposit of $100 is actually quite a good result.

Ok, so it’s not life-changing money, but if that’s what you are after, then maybe play some slots games that have massive progressive jackpots. Roulette won’t make you rich.

Limit your sessions

The longer you play, the more time there is for the house edge to catch up with you. While the game is random, the edge is not. All the best are paying out less than the true odds, and that edge eats away at your bankroll. Short sessions give you a better chance of walking away with a profit.

Stick to your bankroll management.

Don’t start playing without having a clear idea of bankroll management. If you don’t know hat that is, learn it.

Gambling should be fun. Gambling with money that you can not afford to lose is not fun.

Have a strategy and stick to it

If you have a plan, say you are going to play the Martingale system, then know the rules of the plan and stick to them. Don’t tilt when things go wrong; play through the losing spins with the strategy. It might be difficult to do, and you may feel bad when losing, but you probably already know that you will feel a whole lot worse if you go on tilt and blow your whole stake on one bet.

If you are going to random;y bet on numbers as they come to you and switch your number and your stake on each spin, then do that. It should be fun whatever you decide to do. If it stops being fun, then stop playing.

Don’t look for patterns

Every losing roulette player looks for patterns in the numbers. There aren’t any. If the game could be beaten, the casinos wouldn’t offer it. Common sense tells you that these casinos are making money.

If a number hasn’t come up in a long time, that doesn’t mean it will. And if a number came up twice in a row that doesn’t mean it won’t come up on the very next spin.

Roulette systems and strategies

Personally I love playing with systems, and trying to come up with new ones.

But I would never, EVER, buy one.

From anybody, no matter what the promise or guarantee that came with it said.

There is no sure fire winning system in any gambling game, no way to guarantee a profit. If you play systmes, which I do, play them to spice up the game, to increase the fun, not ot make a profit.