Rival Slots

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Rival Slots

Chances are that you can’t really recall any Rival slots off the top of your head, but who could really blame you for that? After all, this company hasn’t been around for that long just yet and it has only just started to establish itself as a major player on the slots gaming front.

That said, the Rival studios have already produced some top-notch slots that no slots enthusiasts should miss, so it’s only fitting that we’ve got an article dedicated to those creations!

About Rival

The start of Rival Powered might have been slightly unusual, as the company debuted at the GiGse exhibition in 2006, but don’t let yourself get confused by that, as the entire event was actually planned well in advance with the intention of grabbing a few headlines straight away. The team was already put together at that point and it included many of the industry’s veterans, some of which are working in Rival to this day.

In the years that followed, Rival worked extremely hard to establish themselves on what’s a very competitive market – and it seems to us that they’re yet to put a foot wrong, with their services and products now being more popular than ever before.

Their slot games are also getting more interest after what was a fairly rocky start, as they are now starting to appear in more online casinos, although it must be stressed that they are still far away from being as prominently featured as the games coming from the bigger studios.

What Makes Rival Slots Special

Although Rival don’t really have the same resources as the biggest games developers, that isn’t stopping them from matching them in virtually every single department – from audiovisuals to gameplay features – when it comes to slot games. And it’s actually the overall performance that makes them stand out from all the other smaller studios. While nearly every single one of those has at least one big weakness that we could talk about, Rival don’t have anything like that, being able to produce top-notch games that can be enjoyed by both newcomers and slots veterans. We would perhaps like to see them taking more risks going forward, as that could elevate them to new heights, but we can understand the reasons behind them being a bit reluctant to do that.

Apart from being solid on all fronts, Rival have also managed to come up with an interesting concept of games that are not only about gameplay, but also about immersion and interactivity, providing an interesting story on top of intriguing gameplay. This is what their i-Slots line of games is based on, featuring short video clips, numerous mini-games and various unlockable features that allow players to get a more complex experience. It’s a splendid idea and we quite like nearly all the i-Slots that Rival have already put out, so we hope that they’ll be able to take it even further in the future.

Highlight Slots

Rival have already produced more than a hundred of flashy slot games and you might actually check them all out thanks to their excellent official website, but the sheer number of them will probably send your head spinning and you won’t even know where to start, as Rival even had to split their catalogue into several categories just to keep things reasonably organized.

If you have enough time, we’d actually urge you to check the entire arsenal, as Rival don’t really have too many bland games in it, but we realize that most players don’t have unlimited time reserved for their slot gaming, which is why we’re now going to give you a quick list of the three top highlights that you shouldn’t miss.

To get things started, we’ll send you in the direction of the popular Sherwood Forest Fortunes, a game that isn’t going to enchant you with how unique its theme is, but which is bound to glue you to the screen for long hours with its excellent gameplay features and unrivalled atmosphere. It’s not the newest game around, which you’ll be able to tell from the graphics, but they haven’t aged poorly at all and the game remains to be incredibly fun even with its age in mind, so you owe it to yourself to give it at least a spin or two.

Next, there’s the excellent Jolly Roger’s Jackpot that’s arguably the most popular game of Rival nowadays – and for good reasons. Not only does it have fantastic audiovisuals, but it also has some fairly innovative gameplay features that will feel like a breath of fresh air for a very long time. We’ve seen plenty of developers trying to do something great with the pirate theme, but this might actually be the best attempt of them all!

To round things off, we’re also going to give a shout-out to Major Moolah, which is arguably the best progressive slot Rival have ever created – and it’s a nostalgic one too, as it builds on all the all slot gaming traditions. There are no complicated gameplay features and no complex graphics – it’s just you and the big jackpot!

Also Worth Checking Out

Once you check the three highlight slots mentioned above, you’ll have a good idea about what Rival are offering. Since chances are that you’ll actually want to see more after that, we’ve decided to select a few slot that aren’t the true highlights of Rival’s arsenal, but which are definitely worth checking out.

The first of those slots is Diggin’ Deep, a game that’s going to send you into the depths of a gold mine and allow you to get some riches for yourself. You should be careful, however, as there are also some dangers lurking beneath all the gold! In any case, Diggin’ Deep is a bit gimmicky, but it’s the ideal game for those occasional coffee breaks and it’s gameplay is as smooth as it could possibly be, so we’re sure that it’s going to give you at least a few hours of solid fun.

If you like Sherwood Forest Fortunes, there’s a good chance that you’ll also like Panda Party, as it belongs to the same i-Slots line. It’s slightly more simplistic, but it’s every bit as enjoyable – and it has a theme that really is quite exotic, as it’s going to take you to the world of partying pandas. That’s not what you see every day – and who wouldn’t want to try something truly different from time to time?

Finally, we would also like to say a few words about Moonlight Mystery, a game that’s loosely based on Cluedo – basically, it’s about finding who the real culprit is while enjoying a rock-solid slot game among all that mess. Simple? Yes. A lot of fun? You bet! Moonlight Mystery isn’t one of those epic slots that are going to grab your attention for months, but we’ve found ourselves coming back to it occasionally and that’s a sign that it’s doing something well.

Where to Play Rival Slots

If you start to dig a bit deeper, you’ll soon discover that Rival are currently focusing on back-end and turnkey solutions quite a bit, which does have a direct effect on the availability of their games. Put simply, the biggest of online casinos wouldn’t get much from hiring their services, while Rival themselves are especially keen on providing their games to new online casinos that could use not only that part of their repertoire, but also some of their other products.

Finding the Rival slots at well-established online casinos is therefore quite tricky, although there’s also the interesting bit in the fact that they can be enjoyed at a decent number of US-friendly casinos, one of which is the modern Ignition Casino. If you’ve never given it a go, you should just head over to it and check it out straight away, as it’s arguably the most complete package out there at the moment as far as US-friendly casinos are concerned. It has everything that such a casino can have nowadays – and it does include the entire Rival slots suite as well.

If you’re looking for something slightly different, you can just pop over to SlotsMillion, a truly unique online casino if there has ever been one. The guys behind it might not care about games like blackjack or roulette at all, but they do love their slot games – and they have more than one thousand of them on offer already, including all the important ones from Rival. They are also interested in some gimmicks like virtual reality and they’ve already started to come up with features based on them, so that’s a nice little bonus for everyone who’s interested in such stuff.

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