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Rival Casinos

Rival might currently not be the most well-known online casino games developer out there, but it would be very foolish to rate them just according to that criteria. In fact, you’ll only need a couple of minutes in order to see that these guys are much better than how they seem to be seen in many circles.

In any case, there is a lot to be examined and talked about if we are to reach any sort of a verdict. Chances are that you already know something about Rival, but we’re confident that you’ll be able to learn a lot of interesting details, so do read on if you want to find out more about the company that’s behind a number of very popular online slots!

About Rival

Rival – or, in full, Rival Powered – first officially saw the light at the GiGse exhibition in 2006, but it certainly wasn’t a complete shot in the dark, as the team was put together way ahead and the launch was carefully prepared in order to grab a lot of headlines. Since then, Rival have worked their way up the imaginary industry ladder and they’re now widely labelled as one of the better developers out there.

Over the years, Rival have provided their services to tens of operators world-wide and their games have been enjoyed by millions of players. Instead of enjoying that success, they are still continuing to innovate on all fronts – and, judging by the growing popularity of online casinos that are using their services, there’s definitely a lot of substance behind their bold proclamations and advertising.

Rival are also very active in providing turnkey solutions to new casinos that don’t have the resources to invest into a lot of infrastructure. In fact, Rival claim that they can help new casinos to get going in less than a month, offering not only their big repertoire of games, but also other services, including ads, affiliate programs, and customer support.

Rival’s Products

Rival are nowadays offering a large number of products and services, some of which players are never going to see in motion. And why should they? The only thing that really matters is that we all remain in safe hands while they are running in the background.

Most of Rival’s recognizable work obviously comes in the form of online casino games, which are typically accessed either through a web-based casino lobby or through a downloadable application. Both are superb and incredibly easy to use, so the choice is basically down to your personal preferences. In any case, more than 200 unique games are waiting for you, the vast majority of which are exciting slot games with different themes and features that will keep you occupied for long hours even if you’re out just to give all of them a single spin. New games are being added on a monthly basis, so, all in all, you’ll never run out of things to play when gaming at online casinos that get their slots games from Rival.

Naturally, Rival also have a large variety of classic table and card games in their repertoire, so, if blackjack or roulette are what you enjoy the most, you’re going to feel right at home at online casinos powered by Rival. Keno, Bingo games and scratch-cards are also on offer – in fact, these guys have even developed a Sudoku-style game!

Unfortunately, Rival were yet to develop their own versions of live casino games at the time of writing, although we presume that it’s only a matter of time before that happens. And, if the quality of their live casino turns out to be as good as the quality of their other games, we’ll surely be among the very first to recommend them!

Special Features

Bland slots are a thing of the past thanks to the combined efforts of casino games developers and Rival are definitely working hard enough on this particular front, so you’ll never find a shortage of interesting features in their games. Typically, it’s going to be the standard combination of free spins, re-spins and win multipliers, but there’s often even more to be found.

The biggest innovation that Rival have brought to the fore are the so-called i-Slots. In short, i-Slots are online slots that are made with interactivity and immersion in mind, allowing players to enjoy a story alongside the actual gameplay. Not only do i-Slots feature short video clips, but there are typically also some unlockable features and mini-games that take the entire gaming experience to new heights. Although nearly every single developer offers something similar nowadays, Rival can claim to be the first to come up with this concept in its modern form.

Rival have also produced a few games featuring progressive jackpots, although none of them seems to have reached a great deal of popularity. That said, there’s certainly nothing wrong with them and you should definitely give them a go if jackpot games are something that you’re interested in. Notably, Rival’s progressive jackpot games are quite low-key – the jackpots are much lower than the biggest you can find out there, but you don’t need to bring wads of cash to the table in order to have a shot at winning them.

Top Online Slot Games

To this date, Rival have produced more than two hundred games and that number is growing with every single month, as these guys do realize how important it is to keep things fresh in such a highly competitive market. But which of their online slots are worth checking out if you don’t want to run through them one by one?

Although there really is a lot to choose from as far as the standard online slots are concerned, we can definitely give high marks to Jolly Roger’s Jackpot, Moonlight Mystery, and Diggin’ Deep. Most of Rival-powered online casinos offer this nice little trio that showcases what Rival are capable of.

If you want to give Rival’s popular i-Slots a try, we can definitely recommend the highly interesting Panda Party slot game, although it seems that there’s an even bigger crowd favourite. We’re talking about the oft-advertised Sherwood Forest Fortunes slot, which is bound to entertain you for long hours with its exciting features.

Finally, those of you who like jackpots should definitely give Major Moolah a go – it’s basically the trademark progressive jackpot game of Rival and one that’s perhaps unfairly underrated.

Supported Platforms

Since Rival are constantly trying to reach the highest spots in the industry, it’s hardly surprising that they’re trying to make their products and services available to as many players as possible. That’s why they’ve developed suitable clients for all the major platforms and devices out there. Put simply, you should have no issues getting their games running regardless of the device you’re using.

Right now, the so-called V4 Casino Lobby is the flagship that delivers the Rival gaming experience to most players. It’s an easy-to-use user interface with minimal hassles and downloads (you can naturally opt to play within your web browser in order to make things even simpler) that you are simply going to love from the get-go. And we should also mention that the V4 Casino Lobby includes an in-game chat support, a feature that could be definitely utilized in numerous interesting ways going forward.

As far as mobile devices are concerned, Rival’s mobile gaming suite was launched in 2014 and it has only improved since then. Nowadays, it’s compatible with all the popular mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android, and the heavy focus on HTML5 means that your mobile gaming experience will be absolutely top-notch from the technological point of view. What’s more, Rival’s mobile games feature excellent graphics, intuitive controls, and easy customizability.

At the moment, most of Rival’s products run on AS3, Flash, JavaScript, HTML5 and PHP, which really is the standard combination that you’d expect to see. Importantly, Rival are continuing to update all their products and services in order to stay on top of all the technological advancements, so you never have to worry about security when enjoying their games.

Rival are also investing significant resources into developing a fleshed-out back end platform that players will never get to spot, but which is incredibly important for the entire experience to be completely seamless. Although it’s pretty hard to compare it with the alternatives, it seems to us that it’s currently one of the most robust systems on the market, even allowing easy access through mobile interfaces.

Known Problems/Issues

So far, we’ve said a lot of positive words about Rival and their products, but there are two sides to everything and we feel that it would be only fair to mention some of the negatives as well.

In fact, nearly everything that needs to be mentioned here can be found in Rival’s history, which is basically a story of how the company went from rags to riches before falling apart and having to rebuild almost from scratch. It’s actually a very long story and there’s probably no point in telling it in its entirety, so we’ll stick to a brief summary.

Basically, everything was going well after the launch – not only was there the promise of a brand new developer with a bunch of experienced professionals, but there was also the somewhat innovative idea of offering much more to the casinos than just the games. Apart from that, Rival also wanted to offer money processing and player support services. Unfortunately, the launch of the firm also coincided with the signing of the infamous UIGEA, which complicated virtually everything in the United States.

Nonetheless, major problems didn’t surface until 2008, when a certain lawsuit was brought against Rival. Although it had no direct impact on its own, it led to Rival having to exclude all Canadian players from using their services – a big blow considering that Canada is and always has been Rival’s home base. Just a year later, Rival started to encounter massive issues with their money processing system due to the UIGEA and how the banks started to deal with gaming companies.

Unfortunately, the bad stuff didn’t end there for Rival, as they had to deal with a number of shady online casinos that started to manipulate things in their favour, which – in turn – led to bad publicity and bad reputation. Finally, the Black Friday that crippled the online poker industry in 2011 forced Rival to practically withdraw from the US market altogether. Although one could argue that the Black Friday affected everyone in the industry, the fact that Rival were heavily focused on the US market at the time means that it was an especially painful experience for them.

Despite all those problems, all seems to be well nowadays and Rival have actually already managed to repair their reputation to the point at which they are considered to be among the more reputable casino games developers on the market. Although issues still continue to surface here and there, their frequency is fully within what one would expect and they are all usually dealt with very quickly.

We have yet to find a Rival powered casino that has $5.00 deposit limits though. Even a casino with a $10.00 deposit limit would be good, but we have none of those so far either. As ever, we will keep looking.

Summing Up

Although it’s currently impossible to rank Rival as one of the very best casino games developers out there, they seem to be getting closer and closer to the upper echelons of the industry with every single day and it’s possible that they will reach those heights sooner rather than later. In any case, they’re a very solid outfit with a very solid reputation that has already produced a decent number of enjoyable games and which is providing its services to some of the best online casinos out there.

If there’s one thing that we could criticize them for, it’s the fact that they currently don’t have any flagship games that would make them instantly recognizable. The gaps between them and the very best aren’t that big otherwise as far as we are concerned and we’re already looking forward to welcoming them on the main stage. Hopefully, they won’t stray away from the path they’re currently on. The fact that the situation in the US is steadily improving should certainly give them a nice boost for the coming months and years.

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