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Lucky Easter Slot Review

Although there are still many unexplored themes when it comes to online slot gaming, it’s not surprising that many games developers are happy to utilize the most popular ones over and over again. For one, we certainly have enough Egyptian-themed slots – and there’s no shortage of retro-themed ones either.

What about seasonal slots, however? Those are a big draw when it comes to specific parts of the year, of course, but the issue is that they are often one-trick ponies that lose their appeal almost as soon as they appear. Is Lucky Easter, the slot game released by Red Tiger Gaming in 2017, any different in this particular regard or is it just your typical seasonal slot that will get forgotten very quickly? Read on to find out!

Theme and Graphics

Since the slot’s name is Lucky Easter, it shouldn’t be too hard for you to guess what it’s all about in the theme department. Yes, that’s right, it’s all about Easter here – and the slot’s reels have not only plenty of eggs and carrots, but also a couple of cakes and bunny-shaped muffins. Of course, the designers couldn’t stay away from the traditional card symbols either, so you’re also going to see five of those, but, to be fair, they don’t seem to be incredibly distracting in this particular case.

Lucky Easter Slot

The overall graphical style is very clean and very modern, so there are no complaints from our side there. What’s more, it also has a certain charm despite all that cleanliness, with a slightly animated background guiding you through the entire experience.

The slot’s soundtrack is as cheerful as you’d expect it to be, but the nice thing is that it stays quiet when there’s nothing going on – and that means that it doesn’t get repetitive very quickly. When the reels aren’t spinning, the only thing you’re going to hear is some birds signing. All in all, Lucky Easter is just a very fair package when it comes to the audiovisuals.


Now – if there’s one thing Red Tiger Gaming are getting wrong on a regular basis, it’s how they explain the gameplay features of their slots. It’s quite strange, really, but the bottom line is that one has to dig deep in order to understand what they seem to be all about. In any case, here’s what we were able to find.

Firstly, the game features the Easter Egg Bonus symbol that works like an entry ticket to the so-called Easter Egg Hunt Feature. Once you get three or more of these symbols on the playing field, you’ll be taken to a small minigame in which you’ll be picking Easter bunnies that all come with various coin rewards.

Secondly, there’s the Free Spins symbol that can get you to the Free Spins Feature. Once again, you’ll need to get three of those symbols – and you’ll then be rewarded with a random number of free spins.

Thirdly, there’s the Wild symbol that works exactly as you’d expect it to, substituting for all regular symbols in winning combinations.

Finally, there’s the Easter Bunny Feature that is triggered on a random basis and that can give you one of four different bonuses. First, there’s the Basket Multiplier Bonus that can multiply any given win by as much as x20. Second, there’s the Mega Wild Chick Bonus that places a 3×3 Wild onto the playing field. Third, there’s the Wild Chicks Bonus, which places a random number of additional Wilds onto the playing field. Fourth, there’s the Easter Reels Bonus, which activates reels that are full of high-paying symbols.


Lucky Easter is a very traditional game as far as its setup is concerned, with there being just five reels and three rows to care about. Meanwhile, the number of bet lines stands at twenty – and it’s impossible to change that number at any point.

That small detail doesn’t really affect the amount of betting options, however, as players can play for as little as €0.20 or as much as €60.

To round things off, we should also add the slot’s theoretical return to player (RTP). It’s been set to 95.50% – and that’s arguably neither good or bad.


If we are to be absolutely honest here, we have to tell you that we weren’t expecting much when we first heard about Lucky Easter. The final product therefore came as a pleasant surprise – and we’re actually happy to recommend the slot not only to players that want to play something Easter-themed, but also to players that just want to enjoy something light-hearted.

Where to Play

Now that you know what Lucky Easter is all about, it’s time for us to also give you a Red Tiger casino recommendation. You see, Red Tiger Gaming aren’t the biggest company on the market, so their games are somewhat uncommon. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean that they cannot be found at good casinos. They can – and the casino that we’d like to recommend here is the SlotsMillion online casino.

Now – SlotsMillion aren’t really your typical online casino, as they aren’t offering any of the popular casino classics. They are, however, offering a vast number of video slots from all kinds of developers. At the time of writing, the total stood at more than 1600 – and we’re sure that it’s already grown since then.

On top of that, SlotsMillion also have another unique selling point in their exclusive VR environment that’s available for all players that have already bought a virtual reality headset. It’s a fairly novel thing and we don’t know if it’s going to go anywhere in the future, but it is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of VR.

The lowest deposit allowed at SlotsMillion is $20.00, and that may be a bit high, but there are a couple of good casinos using Red Tiger Gaming software that have lower deposit limits, such as Betfair Casino where you can deposit using Paypal from £5.00 for example. There are other payment methods available with similar low limits too.

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