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Golden Offer Slot Review

For one reason or another, the online slot gaming scene received a huge number of Asian-themed games in 2015 and 2016. Some of those games were naturally outstanding and even made it to a few popularity charts, but many others haven’t really found their way to the masses.

Golden Offer, which was released by Red Tiger Gaming, arguably belongs to the latter category, but that’s a bit of a shame really, because it does bring some very interesting ideas to the table.

Theme and Graphics

The Golden Offer video slot takes place in Asia, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s full of interesting golden trinkets – from golden statues to small emblems, there’s a lot of luxury to be found on the reels here. The graphics are really modern and really smooth, but there is one big minus in that only a handful of the symbols are truly unique, with many of them being your traditional Kings and Queens fare. To be fair, even those symbols have some style, but they also feel a bit out of place, so that’s a detail that we can’t praise the designers for.

The audio design, on the other hand, is virtually flawless, with nice melodies playing throughout.


As you can see, there’s not much wrong with how Golden Offer looks and feels, but what about its gameplay? Is it similarly slick or is it just your typical fare of some free spins thrown into the mix here and there? Luckily, the former is correct, although the game doesn’t do a great job explaining its gameplay features.

Golden Offer Slot

First of all, there’s the Wild symbol, which looks like a big golden ball and which substitutes for all the other symbols when forming winning combinations on active paylines. It doesn’t do anything on top of that, but it can bring you some nice payouts on its own if you’re lucky to get a lot of Wilds together.

Secondly, there are the randomly-activated Lion’s Features, which can bring you one of five possible rewards. First, there’s the Golden Offer mini game that will keep on offering you different coin rewards – until you finally accept one or until the game runs out of offers (don’t worry, however, you’ll get the last offered reward in that case!). Second, there’s the Special Reels bonus, which removes the low-paying symbols from the reels, allowing you to reach some very juicy payouts. Third, there’s the Wild Reels bonus that introduces reels that are full of Wild symbols – and you’d have to be seriously unlucky in order to walk away empty-handed from that one. Third, there’s the Lion’s Nudge bonus, which automatically nudges the reels in such a way that you’re going to get a nice payout. Fourth, there’s the Swap Tiles bonus, which swaps tiles with high-paying symbols in order to increase your chances of winning big.

It’s a nice assortment of bonuses and we like the fact that each of them is completely unique, so the only small minus is that they get triggered on a completely random basis – it would probably be nicer to have them tied to something like a Scatter symbol.

Finally, we should add that Golden Offer also has an autoplay feature with quite a few advanced settings, so those of you who don’t like pushing the spin button over and over again can simply use that in order to have a more enjoyable experience.


Whereas the vast majority of online slots adhere to the traditional 5×3 formula, Golden Offer is using a very intriguing playing field with 21 symbols and forty paylines.

All paylines pay from left to right and their number is fixed, so players can use only a single menu in order to adjust their desired betting stakes. Luckily, Red Tiger Gaming do know their audiences, so just about everyone should be able to enjoy the slot to the full (the lowest stake that you can play for is just €0.20, while the absolute maximum stands at €500).

What’s more, we can also report that Golden Offer comes with an RTP (return to player) value of 96%, so there are no problems to be found in that bit either.


Although Golden Offer does leave something to be desired on the creativity front, it does every single thing very competently and the unorthodox playing field certainly makes it stand out, so we’re actually quite surprised to see that it isn’t particularly popular. As far as we’re concerned, it’s definitely one of the better Asian-themed slots on the market, so make sure that you give it a go at some point!

Where to Play

As we’ve already mentioned, the Golden Offer video slot was produced by Red Tiger Gaming. They’ve been around only since 2014 and they seem to be having some issues getting their products to the biggest of online casinos, but we have been able to find a great place at which you can enjoy Golden Offer – and it goes by the name of Betfair.

Chances are that you’ve already heard about Betfair in connection with sports betting, but don’t let that fool you – they also have a splendid casino section that has not only a great number of unique slot games, but also all kinds of classic casino games like blackjack and roulette.

The website interface might be slightly confusing, however, so let us tell you that you’ll have to head over to the Macau section of the Betfair casino in order to find Golden Offer. And, once you’re there, don’t forget to give some of the other Asian-themed slots a go as well – there are many hidden gems to be found!

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