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Gems Gone Wild Slot Review

If we’re to be absolutely honest, we have to tell you that we simply love reviewing slot games from the newest kids on the block. The likes of NetEnt and Microgaming might be coming up with excellent slots on a regular basis, but one pretty much knows what to expect from those companies. With that, it’s firms like Red Tiger Gaming that get us going, as there’s always at least some element of surprise.

This goes both ways, of course – some releases from these fairly unknown companies are fabulous, but some of them leave much to be desired. The game that we’re going to review in this article, Gems Gone Wild, unfortunately falls into the latter category and we can tell you that you won’t be missing out a great deal if you just skip it altogether. Do read on if you want to find out why we don’t like the game, however!

Theme and Graphics

The name of the slot is a dead giveaway as far as the theme is concerned. It’s all about gems here – and gems are also the only thing that you’ll be able to find on the game’s symbols. That the theme itself isn’t all that imaginative wouldn’t be a big problem, but we do have an issue with the fact that the designers didn’t even attempt to do something interesting or funny with it. The visuals don’t even have a distinct style and there’s also very little in terms of animations – bland is the word that describes the graphics most accurately.

Thankfully, the soundtrack that underlines the entire experience is somewhat better and we could even call it adequate – this small plus can hardly save the audiovisuals as a whole, however.


What about the slot’s gameplay, however? Perhaps that’s where Gems Gone Wild really comes alive, right? Well, no – but we’re going to give all the features a closer look nonetheless.

Gems Gone Wild Slot

To kick things off, there’s the Wild symbol that works exactly as you would expect it to, being able to substitute for all the regular gem symbols in order to make winning paylines. The only way to get it, however, seems to be the randomly-activated Go Wild feature that can turn any of the regular symbols into a Wild.

Apart from that, there’s also the Wild Respins feature, which allows you to get a single respin with Wild symbols fully locked in place whenever you’re lucky enough to have a Wild on the playing field at the end of a spin.


The playing field Gems Gone Wild comes with is completely standard, so you can expect to see a grand total of twenty fixed paylines spread across five reels and three rows. The important bit, however, is that all adjacent symbols pay (that’s not only when they’re found from right to left or left to right, but also when they’re located in the middle).

There’s only one slider that you can use in order to adjust your stakes, but the good news is that it goes far enough in both directions, so it doesn’t really matter how big your bankroll is – you’ll be given a chance to give Gems Gone Wild a go no matter what. The lowest amount that you can stake on a single spin is €0.20, but you can increase that to as much as €60 if you like playing for big money.

If the theoretical RTP (return to player) is what you’re interested in, we can tell you that Red Tiger Gaming decided to set it to 95.61%.


All in all, Gems Gone Wild is a completely gimmicky slot that doesn’t have much going for it apart from pacy gameplay that’s also truly simplistic and straightforward. It’s absolutely fine from the technical point of view and we can imagine that some players are going to enjoy it during the odd coffee break or two, but, when taken as a whole, the experience is as shallow as it can possibly be.

And it all really is fairly disappointing if you consider that Red Tiger Gaming are supposed to be one of the most ambitious developers on the scene at the moment. The release of Gems Gone Wild was certainly a low – and we can only hope that we aren’t going to see more of these throwaway releases from them in the future.

Where to Play

Although Red Tiger Gaming are capable of coming up with great slots (just check out Red Phoenix Rising, for example), they aren’t having a lot of luck when it comes to negotiating deals with online casinos – and this naturally directly translates to their games being somewhat hard to find, especially if you don’t want to venture outside the realm of fully trustworthy casinos. Don’t worry, however – we have been able to find one that’s not only fully trustworthy, but also rather impressive.

What we’re talking about here is the Betfair online casino. Chances are that you’ve got Betfair associated with sports betting and it’s fair to say that this area is still what they’re focusing on first and foremost, but they’ve invested a lot of resources into their casino section in recent years and what they have now is an excellent product that can match some of the very best in the industry.

A minimum deposit of just £5.00 is required at Betfair casino.

The most important thing here, however, is that Betfair house virtually all the games Red Tiger Gaming have ever released, so you can explore their full repertoire instead of sticking to just Gems Gone Wild – and you can then seamlessly move to games from other developers as well, since Betfair have a fairly solid arsenal of slots at their disposal.

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