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Arcade Bomb Slot Review

The online slot gaming industry has always been keenly aware of its roots, which means that there are tens of excellent retro-themed video slots out there. Some of them are really good, but many of them fail to deliver – and we’re always interested in examining new ones in order to discover which of these categories they belong to.

With that, let’s take a look at Arcade Bomb, a slot game by Red Tiger Gaming released in January 2017.

Theme and Graphics

Arcade Bomb is supposed to be a throwback to the good old days, so what you’re going to see on the reels is a bunch of fruit symbols. There are also some sevens, bells, and BAR symbols thrown into the mix on top of them, but it’s fair to say that players that like to see a lot of creativity will be disappointed by what’s on offer here. Those that like retro-themed slots won’t, however, and that’s exactly what the designers were going for.

The graphical style is very modern and the slot’s background is fully animated as well, so we’ve got to say that we quite like the overall feel of Arcade Bomb. The theme might not be spectacular, but the visuals are absolutely stellar.

The audio is somewhat futuristic and it’s certainly got a lot of beats, but we’re convinced that you’ll want to turn it off during longer sessions, as everything gets rather repetitive fairly quickly.


A retro-themed game doesn’t necessarily have to come with old-school gameplay features – and the designers of Arcade Bomb did indeed decide to approach the gameplay question in a thoroughly modern fashion. That said, they apparently didn’t want to overdo it either, which means that there’s basically just one gameplay feature to care about.

It goes by the name of Reel Bombs and what it does is that it places different bombs onto the playing field in a random fashion. Each of these bombs arrives with a timer that ticks downs with every single spin, so you know when the explosion will occur, but what exactly is going to happen once it does?

Arcade Bomb Slot

Well, different bombs come with different blast patterns – and what’s going to happen is that all cells in that blast pattern will be replaced with an identical mystery symbol. All undetonated bombs that are caught in the blast pattern will explode as well, so you’re always going to get a playing field full of identical symbols – and that can naturally translate into a very solid coin win!

Apart from Reel Bombs, the game also has an autoplay feature that allows you to just sit back and play without actually clicking on the Spin button. Unfortunately, it comes with exactly zero advanced settings, so there isn’t all that much joy to be found here.


Arcade Bomb is keeping things simple on the setup front, as it features just three rows and five reels. Meanwhile, the number of bet lines has been set to twenty. Interestingly, however, these bet lines pay out in all positions, so you just need three adjacent symbols on any of them in order to get a winning combination.

When it comes to betting options, Arcade Bomb caters to all kinds of players. The lowest possible stake is just €0.20, but those who’d like to play for big bucks can stake up to €60 on any given spin.

The theoretical RTP (return to player) stands at 95.47%, which is fully in line with our expectations as far as retro slots are concerned.


Retro-themed slots seem to be gaining a lot of traction these days, so it’s no surprise that Red Tiger Gaming decided to jump onto that train with their very own release. However, we’re a bit disappointed by what Arcade Bomb offers as a whole.

We do like how the slot looks and feels, but we think that there isn’t enough going on as far as the gameplay is concerned. The Reel Bombs concept is quite intriguing, but it isn’t complex enough to make the game appealing in the longer term – and we really don’t know why the designers didn’t put a bit more flesh onto the bones.

As things stand, Arcade Bomb is a fine slot if you’re looking for something that could give you some fun for a coffee break, but there are better retro-themed games out there if you’re looking for something that could last you for more than just a single session.

Where to Play

The Arcade Bomb slot game was developed and released by Red Tiger Gaming, so you’ll have to look for casinos using Red Tiger Gaming software if you want to check it out on your own.

Does that sound like a chore? Well, there’s no need to worry, as we’re going to help you out by sending you to SlotsMillion, a great little online casino that might easily become the your one stop shop for all your slot gaming needs.

And why is that? Well, because it has deals with so many developers that it has nearly every single video slot that exists. We aren’t even kidding here, as it is indeed virtually impossible to find a casino that could match this place in terms of slots arsenals.

Apart form that, SlotsMillion also have tremendous promotions that hand out large amounts of free spins and an excellent virtual reality environment that you can enjoy with a VR headset, so there’s something for just about everyone – just don’t expect to see any casino classics like blackjack and roulette!

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