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Red Tiger Gaming Casinos

It might not be particularly easy for one to keep track of all the companies that are currently involved in online slot gaming, but it’s nonetheless always a pleasure to come across a firm that’s both fairly new and fairly ambitious. Those two words certainly apply when it comes to Red Tiger Gaming, so we’ve decided to compile an article about these guys.

About Red Tiger Gaming

The journey of Red Tiger Gaming began in the year of 2014, which is when the company was founded by a group of industry veterans that have experience from both Europe and Asia. Interestingly, the company openly claims that it has not only software developers and audio engineers, but also psychologists and mathematicians. Of course, we don’t really know how exactly those guys are involved in the game-making process, but it most certainly suggests that Red Tiger Gaming are keen on being as professional and innovative as possible.

The company’s headquarters can be found in Isle of Man and its products are provided under licenses that were issued by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and the UK Gambling Commission.

Red Tiger Gaming’s Products

Although there are plenty of new companies that are trying to make it big in back-end casino solutions, Red Tiger Gaming are keeping things simple and straightforward by focusing on games alone – and that’s an approach that we simply can’t criticize.

After all, the large number of huge companies that dabble in back-end solutions are making the market extremely competitive and we’re not sure what sort of an edge could a smaller company have against them on this particular front, as these products require huge teams and constant maintenance. It’s much easier to compete with the titans on the gaming front, as you don’t need massive investments to make interesting slot games – and that’s exactly what Red Tiger Gaming are doing.

Apart from those, it seems that the company also wants to have its own line of classic table and card games, which is only logical considering that virtually every single online casino wants to have those in its games repertoire.

Special Features

Although Red Tiger Gaming are yet to come up with trademark features that would allow them to well and truly stand out from the crowd, the good news is that most of their slots come with a plethora of gameplay systems. These naturally include all the traditional things like free spins, win multipliers and Wild symbols – and these combine to ensure an enjoyable experience.

The one interesting detail that we would like to mention here is that Red Tiger Gaming seem to be keen on adding a bit of randomness into their slots. For example, some of their games have randomly-determined win multipliers and randomly-determined numbers of free spins. Everything that goes on in slot games is random, of course, but – unlike Red Tiger Gaming – most games developers prefer to have gameplay rewards set in stone. Whether you’re going to like this added randomness or not depends on your personal preferences, but we most certainly don’t mind seeing a company not playing it all by the book.

On a negative note, we also feel obliged to mention that we think that Red Tiger Gaming aren’t doing a great job explaining the gameplay features inside the slots themselves – a more extensive help selection would do wonders for remedying this particular issue.

Top Online Slot Games

We’ve already said a lot of general things about the company and its products, but we’re yet to mention any of the actual slots Red Tiger Gaming have produced. It’s time to change that – and we’ve decided to do that by giving you our list of highlights.

First of all, there’s Puss ‘N Boots, a game that was actually the company’s flagship offer at the time of writing. Coupling top-notch visuals with a plethora of bonus features, this one really is too good to miss, especially if you don’t mind the somewhat gimmicky theme.

Next, there’s Epic Journey, a slot that’s an absolute must-play if you’re a player that values gameplay over excellent audiovisuals. The game does lack a great atmosphere, but it’s packed with a big number of intriguing gameplay features that make it a thrilling ride, so you shouldn’t miss it if that sounds at least a bit interesting.

Finally, we’d also like to send you in the direction of Red Phoenix Rising, a game that’s been designed to cater to all players that like themes with Eastern motifs. Unlike Epic Journey, this slot has an excellent atmosphere – and we shouldn’t fail to mention that the multipliers that you can get go as high as x88!

Supported Platforms

The fact that Red Tiger Gaming don’t have much of a history has an interesting advantage in that they don’t have any leftovers from the era in which Flash was the dominant technology. Their repertoire is all about HTML5 – and that means that they are able to deliver it to virtually all the different platforms out there, including desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Known Problems/Issues

If there’s one thing that’s bothering us a bit about Red Tiger Gaming, it’s that they seem to be having a tough time getting their games to a large number of online casinos – and this detail is absolutely crucial when it comes to these newer companies, as a lack of deals could lead to a quick demise despite everything else working well.

We’re not quite sure what’s behind this, as the company definitely has what it takes to make some sort of a breakthrough, but the bottom line is that it does need to do more on this front if it doesn’t want to face serious problems in the near future.

Summing Up

When you put everything together, it shouldn’t be hard to come to the conclusion that Red Tiger Gaming are worth keeping an eye on. Their slots repertoire is yet to well and truly take off, but they have already shown a lot of promise and we believe that it’s bound to be smooth sailing for them from now on. All the important puzzle pieces seem to be in place, so it’s only a matter of converting them into tangible products.

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