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Castle Builder Slot Review

Chances are that you’ve already conquered a few castles in your online slot gaming career, but how many have you managed to build? If the answer is “none”, the Castle Builder slot from Rabcat should be right up your alley!

Theme and Graphics

As its title suggests, this slot is all about building castles of all sorts. The symbols that you’re going to see on the reels therefore feature not only kings, princes and princesses, but also various pots of gold, building materials and locked gates. Everything is quite nice and stylish, so we’re happy to give Rabcat top marks for the slot’s design, which also includes a fully-animated background that always has something going on (for example, you’ll see all the wonderful castles being built).

What’s more, there’s a nice soundtrack on top of all that, which is something that naturally makes the atmosphere even better. And the kicker? It’s one of the few slot soundtracks that don’t get repetitive and tiresome very quickly!


The audiovisuals are more than stellar, but can the same be said about the slot’s gameplay? It certainly can – and what’s on offer is actually very innovative!

We’ll kick things off with the one boring feature, however. Yes, we’re indeed talking about the Wild symbol here, as that one doesn’t bring anything new to the game – it just works as a substitute for all the other regular symbols.

The building symbols are what makes Castle Builder so interesting. They come in four different values (standard, bronze, silver and gold) and you’ll need to find a bunch of them on an active payline in order to build a castle. You can get up to five “building points” for a single payline, with materials of higher value making your castle more valuable in the end.

Once you complete a castle, the king’s heir will decide to move in – and you’ll then have to choose from three different admirers, each of which comes with a nice bonus sum. The three sums are actually displayed neared the building bar, so you’ll always know what’s in play – you’ll still need to pick the right admirer in order to get the biggest price, however (and that’s all about luck).

What’s going to happen then? Well, you’re going to start building a new castle in a different location, so you’re actually going to visit quite a few places on your journey to riches. We found the progress rather satisfying, as it gives the gameplay an actual meaning – and that’s something that you don’t see very often in slot gaming.


The playing field of Castle Builder is rather orthodox, with fifteen paylines spread over three rows and five reels. The interesting bit is that some of the symbols pay out even if you connect just two of them on a payline, which naturally makes for more frequent winnings.

If you’re interested in how the betting options look like, we can tell you that the number of paylines isn’t fixed, so you can easily adjust the stakes to a level that you’ll be comfortable with. The lowest amount that you can stake on a single spin is just €0.01, but those who like playing for more can go for the maxbet of €15. That upper limit might disappoint the biggest of high rollers, but we’re sure that the vast majority of players won’t even notice it.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) of Castle Builder is is 96.47%, which is a bit above the market average.


Castle Builder welcomes new players by claiming that it belongs to a “new breed” of slot machines – and we have to admit that this isn’t just a clever marketing ploy. It really is a revolutionary slot that brings something completely new to the table and which will find a very dedicated player base that will keep going back to it over and over again.

We do, however, hope that Rabcat aren’t going to rest on their laurels, as the concept Castle Builder introduces can surely be taken even further – and the slot that will do just that is bound to become a chart-topper!

Where to Play the Castle Builder Slot

As we’ve already mentioned a couple of times, the Castle Builder video slot comes from Rabcat, a games developer that usually uses the same distribution channels as Microgaming, one of the biggest companies on the market. In practice, this means that its games can be found at a large number of excellent online casinos – and the one that we like is Bet365 casino.

What makes these guys so good? Well, first of all, they’ve recently invested a lot of resources into expanding their games selection, so what’s on offer is a very solid repertoire that has hundreds of slots from a nice range of developers that includes not only Rabcat, but also Microgaming, Big Time Gaming and 2 By 2 Gaming.

Secondly, there are excellent promotions of all kinds on offer, which makes Bet365 a great place to play at for all players that want to be getting a lot of free stuff on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, players that like classic table and card games can simply sit down at one of the casino’s live tables and get a very realistic experience. And mobile gamers? Well, even those bases are sufficiently covered, as Bet365 have an excellent iOS app available for download.

Finally, we can’t fail to mention that there’s also a wonderful sports betting service available in addition to the casino products – and it’s actually perhaps the very best sports betting service on the market at the moment!

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