The Epic Journey Slot

The Epic Journey Slot Review

Let’s face it – it’s really hard to find a complex video slot that doesn’t do everything by the book. Most releases are fairly simplistic and the main difference lies in the audiovisuals, while complicated game systems are truly hard to come by. Epic Journey was made to buck that trend – and that’s the main reason for us deciding to review it.

Theme and Graphics

The Epic Journey video slot is all about digging deep into the planet’s surface (as it’s loosely based on Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth), so it shouldn’t surprise you to see the game’s symbols featuring precious gems, numerous fossils and a group of heroes – and we have nothing but words of praise for how the game looks, with the visuals being both very modern and very stylish. What’s more, there are no A-K-J-Q-10 symbols to be found anywhere and that’s something that we really appreciate, as it means that it’s very easy to get sucked into the slot’s atmosphere.

Thankfully, the audio side of things is simply incredible as well, so Epic Journey does indeed stand out as far as the audiovisuals are concerned.


Now for the gameplay features – and we could spend an entire article discussing them in detail, starting with how there are three independent sets of reels. The Regular Wild symbol is just one of the interesting things – and it’s also one of the few features that work exactly as you would expect them to.

Apart from the Regular Wilds, there are also the Volcano Wilds that can trigger the Volcano Wild feature. Put simply, the Volcano Wilds start to erupt and spread additional wilds to all three sets of reels, increasing the chances of a very nice payout in the process.

The Epic Journey Slot

Next, there are the Bonus Scatter Symbols that come in the form of drilling machines and that can trigger the Bonus Pick minigame, which is all about picking a rune stone and getting one of the four distinct rewards.

The first of those rewards goes by the name of Safari Free Spins Bonus and it will allow you to sit back and enjoy a grand total of ten free spins. That’s not all, however, as those free spins will be accompanied with special wild symbols that can also combine into multiplier wilds, so you’ll only need a bit of luck to trigger a true bonanza.

The second reward – which is called Mushroom Forest – will allow you to choose from a number of different mushrooms, each of which is hiding a coin reward, extra picks or a multiplier.

The third reward – which is called Fossil Hunt – will give you three spins during which you’ll have to collect as many shovel symbols as possible. The eventual payout will then be calculated based on how many fossils you manage to reveal.

The fourth and final reward – which is called Coin Win – is the simplest of them all, as it’s going to give you a decent payout straight away. It’s slightly boring in comparison with the other rewards, but who would ever complain about a payout?


We’ve already mentioned the nice little twist that comes in the form of three independent sets of reels, but each of those sets comes with the typical five-reels-and-three rows setup, so it’s not incredibly unfamiliar.

That might actually be a good thing, as it’d be really hard to track all the different paylines otherwise – and there are one hundred of them.

Staking is as simple as it could possibly be, as there’s only one slider to care about. The minimal bet stands at just €0.80, but those who want to play for more can bet as much as €80 on a single spin, so Epic Journey is accessible to all kinds of players.

To round things off, we’ll also mention the game’s RTP (return to player), which has been set to 96.64%.


All in all, there’s nothing to criticize Epic Journey for – it’s a complex slot with perfect audiovisuals that should appeal to all players that are already tired of all the simple slots that play it completely by the book. Admittedly, it’s not a game that you’d like to play during the odd coffee break, as it’s just too complicated for that, but it’s perfect for long and intriguing sessions.

Some players will be scared of having to follow three sets of reels instead of just one, but we can assure you that it’s nothing to be afraid of. The first few spins will feel slightly chaotic, but it’s all going to settle down very quickly – and it will be pure fun after that.

Where to Play

Epic Journey was developed by the QuickSpin studios – and those guys have deals with so many great online casinos that players really have a lot to choose from.

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