Big Bad Wolf Slot

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Big Bad Wolf Slot Review

Although we’re sure that many players prefer slots with mature themes, it’s clear enough that there’s a big audience of those who like games that build around traditional myths and fairy tales – just look at all the Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood slots out there!

The Big Bad Wolf video slot, which was released by QuickSpin, is therefore aiming at a fairly large number of players. Does it stand up to closer scrutiny, however? Read on to find out!

Theme and Graphics

Although the Big Bad Wolf figure isn’t usually associated with anything cheerful, the reviewed slot is taking a fairly light-hearted approach to things, which means that everything is rather bright and colorful.

As one would expect, the symbols feature not only the bad wolf himself, but also three different piggies and the traditional set of card symbols. We would appreciate seeing a bit more creativity, but we do like how it all looks and feels, so it’d be unfair to criticize the designers too much. The slot does have a great atmosphere, after all – and that’s what matters the most!


Now – the slot might have cheerful graphics, but what about its gameplay features? Are they simple and straightforward or complex and complicated? Well, the answer to that might actually come as a surprise, as it’s indeed the latter!

First of all, there’s the Swooping Reels feature, which is essentially the heart of the slot’s gameplay. Whenever you get a winning combination, all the winning symbols will be swept away, with new ones filling their places, giving you another setup to profit from – and this goes on until there are no new winning combinations to be found anywhere.

Big Bad Wolf Slot

Next, there’s the regular Wild symbol that looks like a beehive and that works as a substitute for all the regular symbols when it comes to making winning combinations.

Thirdly, there’s the Pigs Turn Wild feature that builds on the aforementioned Swooping Reels. What it does is that it turns certain pig symbols into Wilds every second win, which naturally increases your chances of taking the chain of wins even further. You do need to get two payouts in one spin in order to activate it, so it doesn’t come into play all that often, but it can do a lot of damage once it does – and that’s what makes it so thrilling!

Finally, there’s also the Wolf Scatter symbol that can trigger the game’s Free Spins. Once you get three or more of these symbols anywhere on the playing field, you’ll be rewarded with a batch of ten free spins – and you can also get some additional ones by finding more sets of Scatters.

That alone would be quite nice, but there’s even more to the Free Spins feature in that it allows you to collect special Moon symbols that can appear only on the very last reel. If you manage to get just three of them, you’ll get two additional free spins. If you manage to get six, however, you’ll get not only two additional free spins, but also a nice x2 multiplier for the next payouts.


Big Bad Wolf takes place on a playing field that consists of three rows and five reels, while the number of paylines stands at twenty-five.

That number is actually fixed, so there’s only one slider that you can use in order to adjust your betting stakes. Thankfully, QuickSpin included a very adequate range of those, so there are no issues to be found on this particular front. While the minimum bet is just €0.25, it’s possible to play for as much as €100.

And the slot’s theoretical return to player (RTP)? Well, there are no minuses to be found here either, as it stands at 97.34%!


All in all, Big Bad Wolf is an incredibly compact slot that has everything one could possibly want and perhaps even a bit more than that, so we can wholeheartedly recommend it to all players that find the theme at least slightly interesting.

While we wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more creativity on the audiovisual front, that’s the only minus that we’ve come across, so we can’t but give QuickSpin a big thumbs up for this particular release. Do take it out for a few spins when you get the chance – you aren’t going to be disappointed!

Where to Play

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