Beowulf Slot Review

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Beowulf Slot Review

While we do realize that there are groups of players that simply won’t play slot games that don’t come from the biggest games developers out there, our position is such that we always like reviewing games from the newer and fresher studios, as there’s some intrigue involved in exploring the approaches they are taking.

Of course, some of those studios still lack a bit of quality, but that complaint doesn’t apply when it comes to QuickSpin, who are undoubtedly one of the most promising new faces out there – and the Beowulf slot game is ideal for learning about them.

Theme and Graphics

Beowulf builds on the Old English poem of the same name, which means that what you’re going to see on the game’s symbols is your typical fantasy fare with a slight twist. While the regular symbols all feature the story’s heroes, the special ones depict their enemies and ancient artifacts.

While there’s the slight downside of the traditional A-K-Q-J-10-9 suite of symbols also making an appearance, we have to give the slot a big thumbs up for how it looks, as the visuals are very modern and slick. There are also some nifty little animations thrown into the mix, so you don’t have to be afraid of the game ever becoming too static and stale.

Where Beowulf really excels, however, is the audio side of things. Put simply, you’d be hard-pressed to find a slot game that sounds better than this one, with a heroic soundtrack working in tandem with nice sound effects – and it’s a combination that you won’t want to get away from by turning the volume off.


What about the gameplay, however? Well, we think that you’re actually going to be slightly surprised here, as it’s more complex that what you’re getting at your average slot game. There’s the regular Wild Symbol that substitutes for all the regular ones, of course, but that’s where the simplicity ends.

First of all, there’s the randomly-activated Grendel Attack feature that will give you not only a couple of respins, but also a number of locked wilds that will remain in position until the feature ends.

Secondly, there’s the Scatter Symbol that features a mythical dragon and that can trigger the Free Spin Dragon Fight feature. When it begins, you’re going to witness a fight between Beowulf and the mythical dragon that’s featured on the Scatter Symbols.

The fight itself takes place during a randomly-determined number of free spins – and the nice bonus is that special wild symbols will appear during those, giving you a chance to get a really nice payout. Both Beowulf and the dragon have their own health bars that are depleted according to which of the special wilds appear, with the special feature ending once one of the duelists runs out of health. If Beowulf wins, however, you’re going to get three additional free spins to celebrate his victory.


Beowulf uses the orthodox setup of twenty-five paylines spread across five reels and three rows, so all the traditionalists out there are going to feel at home straight away.

The paylines are all fixed, which means that there’s only one slider that you can use to adjust your stakes – and the interesting bit here is that Beowulf isn’t really catering to high rollers, as the biggest stake that you can play for is €15.00.

Chances are that this isn’t going to bother you, however – and the good news is that those who don’t want to play for a lot of money can enjoy all the game has to offer for as little as €0.30.

The theoretical RTP (return to player) of Beowulf stands at 97.21%, which is a really high value for a slot like this. Since the game also comes with a fairly low variance, Beowulf is one of the few slots that are ideal for fulfilling all the various bonus rollovers, as you’re almost guaranteed to retain a large chunk of your bankroll after a session.


Although we guess that one could argue that QuickSpin have already managed to produce better games than Beowulf, this classic slot continues to be fairly popular thanks to its theme, slickness and fairly complex gameplay. The latter is arguably the game’s main selling point and we have to say that we really like how the game is more than the sum of its parts in that there are no rough edges to be found everywhere. Beowulf might not be as epic as the Old English poem it’s based on, but we’d nonetheless recommend it to everyone who’s already a bit tired of games like Thunderstruck II.

Where to Play

Although QuickSpin aren’t the biggest studio out there, they’re now able to use numerous distribution channels thanks to their cooperation with Playtech. What this means is that you can find their games at a very solid range of online casinos, some of which we wouldn’t hesitate to call premium.

The one casino that we would really like to recommend here goes by the name of BetVictor – and we have no issues saying that those guys are among the very best in the business. There just aren’t any areas in which they could be found lacking – from a big games catalogue that features hundreds of unique slot games to an excellent loyalty programme with great rewards, BetVictor have everything that a fan of online gaming could ever need.

What’s more, everything they offer can be enjoyed whenever you are and whenever you want, as there are excellent apps available for iOS and Android mobile devices – and we probably shouldn’t fail to mention that there’s also a fabulous sports betting service to sweeten the deal even more.