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QuickSpin Casinos

When it comes to slot games developers, the vast majority of players can identify only a handful of the most important ones – Net Entertainment, Playtech and Microgaming come to mind first and foremost. However, we’re happy to see that there’s now a decent amount of younger companies that are capable of producing excellent games that can easily rival even the various chart-toppers.

QuickSpin are one of those companies – and, if you’re one of those players that like exploring new things and new games, you should definitely give the following lines a read.

About QuickSpin

QuickSpin haven’t been around for very long, with their first important deals being signed only in the year of 2012. However, they’re quickly establishing themselves as one of the more prominent companies out there and it wouldn’t surprise us to see them getting really far, as they seem to be brimming with energy.

The company itself comes from Sweden and it doesn’t seem to have any ambitions of having offices all around the world. Interestingly, it’s also one of the few slot developers that don’t seem to have too many ambitions in other fields, which is an approach that we quite appreciate, as we’re somewhat tired of seeing everyone trying to dabble in stuff like back-end solutions and turnkey casinos. We do understand that there’s a big market for those things, of course, but the time that’s spent on developing those things is unavailable for games development – and it’s the slots themselves that we’re interested in the most.

While QuickSpin are yet to gain any awards, that doesn’t mean that they don’t excel in what they do and that they aren’t getting any attention – after all, they’ve managed to get shortlisted in four categories in the prestigious EGR B2B Awards in 2015.

All this might be almost too good to be true, but there is one negative bit in that QuickSpin became part of the Playtech group in the first half of 2016. They are to remain very independent and the team itself didn’t change just because of this, but chances are that things won’t be as great as marketed and that QuickSpin will be reined in somewhat.

QuickSpin’s Products

As we’ve already mentioned, QuickSpin are one of the few studios that don’t seem to be too keen on having ambitions outside slot gaming, which means that slots are virtually the only thing they produce – and we have to say that we think that this is a very good thing.

The stated mission of QuickSpin is to develop video slots not only for the online gambling market, but also for the free to play market that’s found in the realm of social media, so chances are that online casinos aren’t the only place at which you’re going to find their games.

Special Features

While QuickSpin might not be as innovative as some of the other new games developers, they do have a lot going for them in terms of gameplay features and interesting systems. That’s not to say that every single game they’ve produced is intriguing, of course, but many of them are and we especially like the fact that they are trying to tie the gameplay features to the overall theme of the given game. One might think that this isn’t too uncommon, but we – unfortunately – have to say that it’s most definitely not automatic as far as the vast majority of games developers are concerned.

The other thing that we would like to highlight in connection with QuickSpin is how high the RTP numbers for their slots tend to be. What’s more, their games also usually come with low variance, which means that they’re ideal for players that just want to fill a bonus rollover quota or two.

Top Online Slot Games

Do QuickSpin sound intriguing enough now that you’ve learned something about them? If they do, it’s time for you to give some of their slots a go – and we’ve decided to prepare a shortlist of three games that you should try first and foremost.

The first of those games is Beowulf, a slot that’s based on the Old English poem of the same name. While it’s not as epic and convoluted as, say, Thunderstruck II, it’s a very polished gem that will keep you entertained for long hours with its slick gameplay and exciting bonus games, both of which actually feature the hero fighting against mythical monsters.

Serious themes might not be to everyone’s liking, however – and that’s where the Spinions – Beach Party slot comes in. It’s got light-hearted theme and quick gameplay that emphasizes fun and enjoyment over complexity, so it’s an excellent game for all those ten-minute coffee breaks.

Finally, we’d want to mention the Epic Journey video slot, since that one has something special in the form of a very complex system of rules that features not one, but three sets of reels. That’s not something that you see very often and we’re sure that many players are already bored of all the run-of-the-mill slot games that do everything by the book, so Epic Journey is a very welcome addition to the slot gaming scene.

Supported Platforms

As one would expect, QuickSpin are trying to follow all the best practices, which means that their games are all about HTML5, which allows easy portability and accessibility across all the different platforms. What this means in practice is that players should never have any issues enjoying all the different QuickSpin games on mobile devices regardless of the operating system they’re running on.

Known Problems/Issues

QuickSpin have never been all that keen on providing their games to every single online casino out there, which means that they’re yet to experience any reputation issues – and we certainly hope that things are going to stay that way.

In fact, there’s only one thing that we’d want to mention here – and it has something to do with the high RTP the QuickSpin slots tend to have. While that’s naturally a positive thing in itself, the fact that it’s often coupled with low variance does bring the issue of there not being too many upswings to be enjoyed. Is that good or bad? Well, the answer to that question is down to personal preferences, but we think that it’s fair to mention that the QuickSpin slots that utilize this particular cocktail might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Summing Up

All in all, it’s hard to say anything negative when it comes to QuickSpin – they’re fresh, full of interesting ideas and they most definitely aren’t willing to compromise when it comes to the audiovisuals. Those are all the right ingredients for a great games developer and we’re already looking forward to what they’re going to come up with next. We just hope that the partnership with Playtech is going to work to their advantage and not limit their plans and ambitions.

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