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Even though there are plenty of intriguing options when it comes to online payments nowadays, only a few of them are as interesting and convenient as PugglePay, a service that will only ask you for your phone number when you make your first payment through it.

So what is it all about? And is it something that you could possibly use? Read on to find out!

About PugglePay

PugglePay is a service developed by a Swedish start-up company, which means that these guys don’t really have much of a tradition to build on. However, they do have a lot of enthusiasm and spirit when it comes to signing new deals with important merchants and online casinos. In the last couple of years, the company was focusing on making its services widely available while also improving the user experience, so what we have in front of us now is a truly complete product.

Those of you who are still slightly unconvinced about PugglePay’s reputation should know that these guys have already been nominated for a few high-profile awards, including the 2014 Nordic eCommerce’s Newcomer of the Year award.

How It Works

PugglePay is a mobile payment service that you can start using even without registering an account – all you need to have is a mobile phone, as your payments will be tied to your phone number. When you choose PugglePay as your preferred payment method, you’ll only enter that very number – then, you’re going to receive a text message with a special code that you’ll need to enter on the merchant’s site in order to confirm and process the payment.

Once it’s processed, you’re going to receive an invoice from PugglePay, so you’ll be paying them instead of the merchant – the only thing to worry about is paying those invoices on time. The process is very simple and you’ll never have to worry about entering your credit card or bank account details when using PugglePay – and, since all the transactions are processed instantaneously, you won’t have to care about any unnecessary delays either.

We should also mention that you’re probably going to receive a credit assessment report after your first payment, as PugglePay performs credit checks for most of its clients. This is logical given the nature of the business and we can assure you that you have nothing to be afraid of – the info about where you’ve been shopping is never shared and the credit check alone doesn’t affect your credit ratings in any way.

Additional Features

PugglePay isn’t an online wallet and it’s basically been created to just make payments easier, so it wouldn’t even be all that reasonable to expect a plethora of additional features. However, you can still use PugglePay’s website to access your account and get access to all your transaction details, so you’ll never have to keep track of what you’ve paid manually.

Privacy and Security

PugglePay can definitely do a lot for you on the privacy front – in fact, it advertises itself as one of the safest payment methods as far as sharing information is concerned. And, well, we can certainly confirm those claims, as the system is designed in such a way that there’s no sensitive data for you to share with the merchant or online casino of your choice. It’s PugglePay who makes the payment and you then pay the owed money to PugglePay. Since there’s no direct transaction between you and the merchant, you’ll never have to be worried about your privacy getting compromised.

This privacy feature naturally goes hand in hand with how secure the entire process is – since nothing is shared with the merchant, you don’t have to be afraid of waking up to the sight of your money being stolen by a third party. Everything is just between you and PugglePay and we do trust these guys a lot when it comes to them guarding your data. And there isn’t even that much to be stolen anyway – you don’t have to enter your banking details and passwords when paying with PugglePay, after all.

Known Issues/Problems

Of course, we also have to mention some of the issues we have with PugglePay if we are to be absolutely honest – and the biggest one comes in the form of its limited availability. At the time of writing, PugglePay was available only to users in Sweden and Finland, a fact that certainly narrows the usability of the service. We don’t really know how quickly this is going to change, but we certainly hope that it will, as it would be a shame to see PugglePay keeping itself to such a limited audience.

Another thing that we simply have to mention is that PugglePay can’t currently be used to receive money, which means that its usefulness is somewhat limited. On one hand, this makes things significantly easier for PugglePay, so we can understand its decision to not go down that route, but we’d obviously be much happier to see the service being even more universal.

Finally, those of you who typically pay late should be aware of the fact that there’s a significant interest rate tacked onto the unpaid bills if you miss the due date, so that’s something that you should always keep in mind when paying with PugglePay. You can apparently contact the customer service and move things a bit, but that’s naturally not the recommended way of doing things.


To sum things up – PugglePay is obviously not going to revolutionize the entire industry, but it’s nonetheless a very useful service that could certainly catch your attention if you’re located in one of the supported countries. What’s more, it seems to us that processing transactions for online casinos and sportsbooks is one of PugglePay’s priorities, so those of you who care about that first and foremost should indeed be very happy. In any case, we’ll be keeping an eye on the guys behind PugglePay, as they are clearly willing to come up with intriguing ideas and solutions.

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