Playtech Slots

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Playtech Slots

When it comes to the online gaming scene, there aren’t many companies that are as well-known as Playtech. These guys have been around for ages – and, although slot games haven’t always been their main focus, they’ve produced so many of them that you could spend long months just going through them.

But what makes the Playtech slots so special? And which of them shouldn’t escape your attention? Those are some of the question that we’re going to answer in this article, so you should definitely give it a read before you dive into the action on your own!

About Playtech

The Playtech studios were founded back in 1999, which makes them one of the older companies around, although it needs to be said that they certainly weren’t among the industry’s very first firms. In any case, it took Playtech two years before they were able to get their very first casino licensee – once the floodgates were open, however, it became a very pleasant ride for everyone involved.

Of course, the ride wasn’t without its bumps, as one would come to expect given that we’re talking about a very volatile industry that’s always on the edge due to various shifts in legislative situations. Just to give you an example – in 2006, Playtech became successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange, not long before the controversial UIGEA was signed in the United States. The signing instantly halved the company’s value and many even started to question its future – Playtech never looked back, however.

Over the last couple of years, the company has been very active on the acquisition front, buying not only the biggest UK Bingo provider, Virtue Fusion, in 2010, but also one of the bigger games developers around, Ash Gaming. In 2013, Playtech also entered the poker industry by buying one of the biggest poker community websites,

As many of its biggest rivals, Playtech boast numerous awards, with the highlights including the 2015 EGR B2B Slot Provider of the Year Award and the 2015 EGR B2B Poker Network of the Year award.

Nowadays, the company is headquartered on the Isle of Man and employs more than 5000 employees across fourteen countries.

What Makes Playtech Slots Special

We would be here for long hours if we were to come up with all the great things that can be said about the slots Playtech have produced to this date, but we’ll try to keep things reasonably simple by highlighting only the biggest positives, the first of which is how compact all the games are.

Seriously – over the years, we’ve seen plenty of games that had something that looked to be completely out of place. Some of them had graphics that didn’t correspond with the overall theme, while other had overly complicated gameplay features that weren’t even implemented well. Thankfully, this is not what you’re going to get when it comes to Playtech, who are always trying to ensure that all the little details work well together.

Next, we also have nothing but praise for how smooth the gameplay tends to be when it comes to the Playtech slots. Not only are the games well-designed, but they are also optimized so well that they can be enjoyed equally well on both old and new computers, which is naturally something that we can’t possibly appreciate enough.

Last but not least, we’d like to give Playtech a thumbs up for being able to create splendid franchise-based slots. These guys don’t just steal the graphics and put them place them on a simple template only to get a release out in no time – they actually take their time and come up with fitting gameplay features that fit the theme as well as they possibly can. To be fair, they probably aren’t the best in the business on this front (NetEnt are), but they are well above the industry’s standard.

Highlight Slots

Although Playtech have already created tens of excellent slots, it’s clear that not all of them have been made equal – and that’s why we’ve come up with a selection of three slots that you should give a go first and foremost.

To kick things off, we’ll be giving a shout-out to Top Gun, which showcases what Playtech can do when it comes to franchise-based slot games. It’s a recent release, which is quite evident from the game’s graphics, but the real strength of the slot lies in its excellent gameplay features, which are very thematic, as they’ll make you fly through danger zones and get into exciting dogfights. The game is also using the popular (and still somewhat underrated) 243 Ways to Win specialty instead of classic paylines, so there’s a bit of fresh air on that front as well.

If traditional games are more your cup of tea, we’re going to send you in the direction of Foxy Fortunes, which comes with all the classic gameplay features and which isn’t going to confuse you with anything overly complex or modern. The action is quick and the slot will suit both casual players and high rollers, so it’s a package that you can’t afford to miss if you’re a fan of slots that aren’t trying to do anything incredibly special.

Finally, if you’re looking for games that feature big progressive jackpots, you’ll do well to give the fabulous Jackpot Giant a go. It’s a fairly new release as progressive jackpot games are concerned, so it’s graphics are much better than those that you can find at other similar slots – and the gameplay is also somewhat smoother. We can guarantee that you’re going to have a lot of fun even if you don’t manage to hit the biggest jackpot – and that alone is something that makes Jackpot Giant stand out on the field of slots with progressives.

Also Worth Checking Out

The three aforementioned highlights should give you a good taste of what Playtech are all about – and you might become hungry for more after giving them all a few spins. Well, that’s where our second list of games come in. These three selections might not be as glamorous as pretty, but they’re a great deal of fun nonetheless!

First of all, we’re going to give you a good alternative to the Jackpot Giant slot – and it goes under the name of Beach Life. This game is slightly older, so don’t go in expecting the same level of graphics, but it does pack a punch – and it’s jackpot isn’t anything to frown about either.

We’ve already mentioned Top Gun as an excellent franchise-based games, but there’s also a case to be made for the funny Monty Python’s Spamalot slot, which presents a good take on the comedy genre. Its graphics are a bit outdated, but they do have a certain charm even after all those years, so that shouldn’t be an issue – and chances are that you’re even going to laugh out loud while playing it!

Players that are looking for something simple and fun can head towards Mr. Cashback, a game that’s ideal for all those coffee breaks during which you simply don’t want to get into one of those epic slots. It’s premise is simple and it isn’t going to surprise you with any incredibly innovative gameplay features either, but it’s certainly one of the better gimmicky slots out there, so make sure that you are going to give it a go once you find a few spare minutes at some point.

Where to Play Playtech Slots

Playtech are one of those firms that have so many licensees that you’d be hard-pressed to count them all, which naturally translates to their products being available at a massive number of online casinos, many of which are so good that we would actually dare to have them in our top 10 lists.

To be absolutely fair, Playtech did have some issues with their licensees going rogue in the past and some of the issue were rather serious, but the good news is that Playtech have learned their lesson and they are now providing their services only to casinos they fully trust. In fact, the Playtech logo can be currently considered to be a good indicator of trustworthiness and quality.

In any case – those of you who are itching to have a shot at winning one of the big jackpots Playtech are offering can head over to the excellent Bet365 online casino, which is running almost exclusively on the Playtech platform and which has all the important Playtech slots in its games repertoire. These guys might be better-known for their sports betting products and you should certainly check those out as well, but their casino services are somewhat under-rated, so we urge you to give them a go if you’re looking for a great gaming experience.

If you’re looking for an online casino that doesn’t really dabble in things like sports betting or poker, we can wholeheartedly recommend the Genting online casino, which is backed by one of the biggest chains of brick-and-mortar casinos. It’s bound to impress you not only with its very decent games selection, but also with its modern looks and excellent customer service that won’t leave you hanging out there. Throw in the nice range of bonuses and promotional offers Genting have and you’ll get a package that you simply wouldn’t want to miss!

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