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Playtech Casinos

Although most fans of exciting casino games don’t really care about who’s behind the games they so love and enjoy, Playtech are one of those guys that you might have already heard about even if you haven’t been around for very long – after all, they also dabble in many other areas such as lotteries, sportsbooks, and binary options.

What’s so important about Playtech is their sheer size – and who wouldn’t want to know a bit more about guys that are among the very biggest players in the entire online casino gaming industry? Well, if you’re among those interested in such information, you’ve stumbled upon the right article, as we’re going to take a very close look at Playtech here!

About Playtech

Playtech are proudly proclaiming that they’re the largest online gaming software supplier traded on the London Stock Exchange and that fact alone should give you a very good idea not only about their scope, but also about their trustworthiness. After all, only companies with proven track records can appear on big stock markets. What’s more, this detail also comes with a lot of responsibilities, so Playtech can’t really afford to cooperate with online casinos that don’t have a great reputation.

In any case, a lot has happened since the company was founded in 1999. Two years after its launch, it welcomed its first casino licensee, expanding quickly until being successfully listed on the stock exchange in 2006. Incidentally, that was also the year when the UIGEA was signed over in the United States, which led to an almost instantaneous halving of the company’s value. That was the company’s lowest point – since then, it’s been a very good ride for the shareholders.

In 2010, Playtech acquired several smaller companies, including Ash Gaming (a major games developer) and Virtue Fusion (the biggest UK Bingo provider), solidifying its position on the market even further. The last major acquisition came in 2013, when the company started to build a foothold in the poker industry by buying one of the largest poker community websites,

Playtech have their headquarters on the Isle of Man, although their offices can be found in a grand total of 14 countries. Currently, the company has more than 5000 employees, with the research and development department getting the most resources.

We also shouldn’t fail to say that Playtech have already won a number of prestigious awards – and don’t even get us started on the awards their licensees can boast. For example, Gala Coral managed to win the 2015 eGaming Review Operator of the Year award after they adopted one of Playtech’s innovative systems.

Given their position on the market, Playtech need to care a lot about regulations and the legislative situations in the different countries, which is something that they’ve also converted into a business venture by offering help to online casinos that want to expand to new territories.

Playtech’s Products

Since Playtech are one of the biggest companies in the online gaming industry, it probably won’t come as a surprise that these lads are offering an incredibly wide array of products and services, most of which will never be seen by the gamers. That said, many of them are arguably even more important than the games themselves, as they are what puts the entire gaming experience together and what allows us all to access our favourite games with just a few mouse clicks.

However, let’s now take a closer look at what interests us the most – the games. At the time of writing, Playtech were offering more than 500 exciting games, with the plan of releasing at least fifty more each year. Exciting online slots are just one of the parts of their portfolio – there’s also a large selection of classic card and table games.

The growing popularity of live casino games is also partly due to Playtech’s efforts on that particular front – not only have they been among the very first to produce such games, but they’re also continuing to improve them, even coming up with special features like Double Screen Roulette or separate VIP areas.

Additionally, Playtech are the company behind the popular iPoker online poker network, which is currently one of the very few real alternatives to Pokerstars. What’s so good about it is that it allows many online casinos to tap into the very same player pool for a minimal investment instead of having to develop their very own platforms only to see them fail due to low numbers of players.

Finally, we should also mention that Playtech are becoming increasingly active in the sportsbook department. We’ve never been big fans of such solutions, as what they offer takes a big chunk from the standard bettor/sportsbook dynamic, but we’ll see what Playtech will come up with before making a definite verdict.

Alongside all those games, Playtech are offering numerous online gaming solutions to online casinos, including robust systems that can manage the entire business operation. What has definitely caught our attention is that Playtech’s system is incredibly flexible and even allows casinos to use it alongside third-party products. Additionally, it seems to allow a very easy monitoring of players and their activities, which – in turn – allows casinos to offer incredibly optimized bonuses. And that certainly looks like a good deal for both sides!

Special Features

Playtech are keen on bringing the best possible gaming experiences to their clients and that’s why they never forget to include interesting gameplay features in their casino games. Virtually every single online slot game from Playtech includes free spins, re-spins and win multipliers, with even more features thrown in here and there.

For example, Playtech have implemented a number of interesting free game features into their Marvel-themed online slot games, which are sometimes even played on special reels and which can lead to fabulous winnings that are much higher than those one can get during regular spins. If that sounds like something you’d like to give a go straight away, then we can definitely recommend the Thor – The Mighty Avenger slot game that’s actually become quite popular thanks to this small detail.

As far as progressive jackpots are concerned, the two games that you simply need to give a go are Beach Life and Gold Rally, while the newer release of Jackpot Giant is also something that’s bound to gain a lot of traction in the coming months. All three games should typically have millions to be won, so life-changing wins will always remain at your fingertips.

Finally, we’d also want to say a few words about Playtech’s live casino games, as that’s an area in which big innovations are still possible – and Playtech have already brought some good ideas to life. For example, all their broadcasting is now done in HD quality, there are VIP rooms available for high-rollers, and they also have many different dealers speaking various languages to accommodate as many players and casinos as possible. The so-called Live Prestige Roulette is one of the newest additions to the Playtech’s arsenal, allowing an even more realistic and luxurious roulette experience that’s going to keep you entertained for long days and nights. It should also be mentioned that all live casino games from these guys work smoothly on mobile devices.

Top Online Slot Games

Since Playtech are currently offering a giant library of online slot games, it might be quite hard for a newcomer to quickly spot what’s worth playing straight away and what can be safely left alone for later. We wouldn’t dare to say that Playtech have produced a lot of bad games, but it’s only natural that some of their games are better than others.

Those of you who are looking for some real classics can definitely check out the entire set of Marvel-branded online slots that will impress everyone who loves all those Marvel superheroes, while we’ve also always been thoroughly impressed by slots like Monty Python’s Spamalot and Foxy Fortunes.

If new releases are more up your alley, we should definitely mention the Top Gun online slot that was made possible only thanks to Playtech’s exclusive licensing deals. Released in the final months of 2015, it came just in time for the classic film’s 30th anniversary celebrated in 2016.

We’ve already mentioned Jackpot Giant, Beach Life and Gold Rally as the best progressive jackpot games Playtech have in terms of possible wins, but you can also give Gladiator a spin if those three ever start to bore you. And there’s even more to be found in the depths of many Playtech-powered online casinos in the form of Marvel-themed online slots, many of which also feature giant jackpots.

Supported Platforms

Playtech have always wanted to have the biggest possible reach and that’s why they’re always on top of things when it comes to improving their products and services in ways that will make them compatible with the latest gadgets.

Players that enjoy gaming on their desktops can choose between a web-based application and a stand-alone downloadable app, both of which provide the same experience. In the end, it really is down to your own personal preferences. The downloadable app is naturally fully integrated with the casino you’re playing at, so you can also use it for all sorts of banking operations without having to access your casino’s website and going from there.

Mobile gaming is also a breeze at Playtech-powered casinos thanks to Playtech’s Mobile Hub that guarantees a seamless experience on the go. Since it’s built on the modern HTML5 technology, it is compatible across all modern devices and web browsers, while it can also be easily expanded in case new features are to be added. All in all, it doesn’t really matter what device you like gaming on the most – Playtech’s games are available for the vast majority of today’s mobile devices, including iOS and Android systems.

Playtech also offer their games to land-based casinos and have even developed their very own game terminal that allows casinos to update their games very quickly and that even includes some very unique features. Perhaps you’re going to see it in action the next time you’ll make a trip to a real casino!

Known Problems/Issues

Playtech have been with us for more than 15 years now, so it’s only logical that they’ve had their own share of problems and issues to deal with. However, the greatest share of them happened in the business sphere that’s detached from the world in which players live. Therefore, they haven’t really affected them in any meaningful way.

We’ve already mentioned the big dip in value back in 2006 that was caused by the UIGEA coming into force in the United States, which affected US players in that many of Playtech-powered casinos had to withdraw from the market. Similar other legislative issues led to smaller dips – for example, numerous casinos withdrew from the German market in 2015 – but nothing was as serious as that 2006 incident. Over the years, Playtech have also been involved in a number of licensing and acquisition disputes, but we were unable to find anything that would be incredibly important from our point of view.

Apart from all that, there were also some problems with a few online casinos going rogue and not being perfectly fair with their withdrawals. This also included disputes regarding bonus conditions and accusations of bonus abuses, but, as far as we know, most of those cases were closed in ways that haven’t tarnished Playtech’s reputation in any way.

Interestingly, Playtech sometimes do get involved in disputes between casinos and players, which seems to be a good idea as far as we are concerned, especially whenever the case involves one of Playtech’s games. After all, such interventions can only bring more objectivity.

Fortunately, we’re yet to witness any massive issues affecting a great deal of players coming from Playtech’s side. Moreover, it also seems to us that these lads have learned from their mistakes and that they are now not willing to close deals that could seriously damage their reputation, so that’s yet another thing that we give them a thumbs up for.

Summing Up

All in all, there’s no doubt that Playtech are one of the industry’s giants and that there’s a very solid foundation behind all those successes. In fact, one could perhaps even say that Playtech are currently the industry leaders and that they are practically setting the tone for what players will be able to enjoy. Many others are just following them in the trends they set, although that certainly doesn’t mean that one should forget about the rest. After all, we do like to have at least some variety in the games and it’s definitely a good thing that there’s some competition.

The bottom line for players is that they can feel very safe whenever they see the Playtech logo. Although we wouldn’t recommend letting your guard down completely, Playtech can be seen as a guarantee of quality, which is well-represented by their excellent casino games that you can enjoy at some of the very best online casinos out there. There really is very little to add – Playtech well and truly are the top of the crop.

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