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Playson Slots

It’s never easy to take a closer look at games developers that don’t belong to the elite echelons, as you simply don’t know what to expect from them going forward. We aren’t willing to give up, however, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see us compiling an article about Playson.

About Playson

Playson don’t have a particularly long history, as they’ve been around only since 2012. That said, they do have some very experienced employees running the show, so you don’t have to be worried about their skills. In fact, you don’t have to be worried about their reputation either – their meteoric rise didn’t come with any strings attached.

Although the company’s offices can be found all across Europe and North America, its headquarters have always been located in Malta.

There are a reasonable number of Playson Slots sites where you can make a deposit from just $5.00.

What Makes Playson Slots Special

Although Playson aren’t among the most creative of companies as far as the gameplay side of things is concerned, there is something that makes their slots well and truly stand out – the stylishness virtually all their games come with.

Now – many companies are making their games stylish in a very direct way that’s going to hit you right in the face, but Playson are much more subtle in their approach and that’s what we’d like to especially highlight.

For example, the interfaces of the slot games the company has released in the most recent years are all made in a manner that complements the slot’s theme, which naturally makes for a more intriguing – and also slightly more immersive – experience.

On top of this, we’d also like to mention how compact the and consistent the Playson arsenal is. While there’s no doubt that there are many games developers that can make top-notch slots, only a handful of them are able to keep the quality consistent across the board in the same way as Playson. Seriously – you aren’t going to find a bad slot here unless you go really deep into the firm’s history.

Of course, a lot of consistency can sometimes be bad in the sense that the slots can all be way too similar, but we don’t believe that you could apply this criticism to Playson.

Highlight Slots

With the theory out of the way, let’s now take a look at some of the actual slots Playson have produced so far, starting with Sky Way.

This nice little slot is all about taking to the skies and enjoying a ride through the clouds. There are some surprises waiting for you, of course, and the slot’s free spins feature will always increase your adrenaline levels, but it’s a lovely break from all those run-of-the-mill fantasy slots that many players are already bored of.

Next, there’s the Dracula’s Family slot game that’s full of interesting ideas and exciting animations. The visuals are arguably its main selling point and they really are a treat, but there’s a lot to be liked on the gameplay front as well, with exciting Wilds and four different bonus games.

To round things off, we’re going to mention Gold Rush, which is basically the direct opposite of Sky Way as far as the theme is concerned. You won’t be flying with the birds here – instead, you’ll be digging for gold in a mine full of treacherous moles and dangerous dynamite shenanigans. If that sounds even remotely interesting, make sure that you give this one a go – you aren’t going to be disappointed!

Also Worth Checking Out

The three games we’ve mentioned above might be the company’s main highlights so far, but there’s nothing that should stop you from going a bit deeper if you like the style of Playson’s products.

For example, we quite enjoyed our time at Eastern Delights, a slot game that combines an unorthodox theme with rock-solid gameplay. It’s not a game that will keep you occupied for long days and nights, but we’re sure that it’s going to give you at least a couple of thoroughly enjoyable hours.

Apart from that, there’s the cheerful Aquatica slot that features a funny take on what’s going on in the seas and oceans. There aren’t any complex game systems or complicated bonus games here, just a laid-back atmosphere that will draw you in even if you are in a very gloomy mood.

Finally, we also feel obliged to give a shout-out to Bumper Crop, which is going to put you in the role of a farmer that has a few superpowers at his disposal. It’s a gimmicky game, but it is good for what it is and it might just tickle your fancy.

Where to Play

We’ve said a lot of good things about Playson in this article, but there’s also one issue that we simply have to mention in connection with the company – and it’s their lack of big deals in the online casino sector. For one reason or another, they haven’t been able to sell their games to a huge number of big online casinos just yet, so players that want to take their slots out for a spin have to look well beyond the mainstream.

Thankfully, there’s at least one incredibly good option available in the form of the SlotsMillion online casino, which is basically a dream come true for every single player that loves slot gaming. Why? Well, these guys are investing a lot of resources and energy into making their games repertoire as big as possible, which means that they’re happy to sign deals with all kinds of games developers, Playson included. There might not be any classic table and card games to be found here, but that’s only a small price to pay for what is available in our opinion.

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