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Hugo Slot Review

While it’s always nice to see a franchise-based slot getting released, these things can really be quite double-edged – and the end results are often surprisingly poor. Does the Hugo slot that was released by Play’n Go in 2016 fall into that very category or is it actually a competent game that’s worth checking out? Read on to find out!

Theme and Graphics

We’re going to start by saying that this slot game is based on the fairly famous Hugo the TV troll franchise, so it shouldn’t be that hard for you to guess what the audiovisuals are all about. Only two characters – Hugo and Scylla – make an appearance on the game’s symbols, however, which is a bit disappointing given how rich the franchise has become.

The most common symbols depict bags of gold, dynamites and pick-axes, while the traditional suite of A-K-Q-J-10 is also present throughout the entire game. It’s a shame that the designers weren’t able to come up with something more creative – there is enough source material, after all. We do, however, appreciate how Hugo himself welcomes you every time you load the slot.

The audio side of things is sufficiently adventurous and it does fit the overall theme of the slot, although we do have to say that it does get repetitive rather quickly.


Like many other franchise-based slot games, Hugo has a decidedly basic gameplay that caters primarily to casual players that don’t want to spend time reading through the exact rules and things like that.

Firstly, there’s the Wild symbol that features Hugo himself and that works as a substitute for all the other regular symbols in order to create winning lines. What’s more, it also doubles all wins in which it stars, so you’ll always be pleased to see it.

Hugo Slot

Next, there’s the Scatter symbol that features Scylla and that triggers the slot’s free spin feature – you just need to get three or more Scatters during a single spin for that to happen. Interestingly, you will always be able to choose how many free spins you want, with three different combinations on offer – five free spins with a x3 payout whenever a Scatter appears, ten free spins with a x2 payout whenever a Scatter appears and fifteen free spins with a x1 payout whenever a Scatter appears.

Finally, there’s also the special Treasure symbol that can appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 – and you’re going to reach the slot’s bonus game if you manage to get three of them during a single spin. It comes in the form of a simple pick’em minigame and you can win up to x500 of your initial bet, so it’s bound to get some adrenaline flowing!

The gameplay can also be sped up by using the autoplay feature, which is especially useful if you want to fulfil some rollover quotas at Hugo – and it’s certainly nice to see that there are plenty of options available. You can choose not only how many spins you want to go through, but also whether the autoplay should stop once specific conditions are fulfilled or whether it should simply see things through to the end.


Hugo is using a completely orthodox setup of five reels and three rows, but the interesting bit is that there are just ten paylines to play with. That’s something that you don’t see very often nowadays, with the vast majority of games coming with tens or even hundreds of paylines.

What’s more, the number of paylines isn’t fixed, so you can mix and match in order to see what suits you the best in terms of betting levels. The lowest amount that you can play for is €0.01, but high-rollers can play for as much as €100 and there’s a massive amount of levels in between these extremes, so there really is nothing to complain about on the stakes front.

To round things off, we’re also going to mention that the RTP (return to player) of the slot has been set to somewhere around 96.4%, which is fully in line with what you’d expect from this type of slot.


The Hugo video slot is exactly what you’d expect from a franchise-based slot – it’s a mixture of decent audiovisuals and decent gameplay that’s going to provide excellent fun for everyone who likes Hugo and all the things that are associated with the popular troll.

It doesn’t have all that much on offer for players that have never heard about the franchise, however, so whether you’re going to like it or not well and truly depends on what you think about Hugo.

Where to Play

Hugo comes from the Play’n Go company that’s providing its slots to a good number of top-notch casinos, but the one that we’d like to recommend to you goes by the name of Mr Green. We know that there are players that don’t like the attitude this particular online casino is working with, but those guys are undoubtedly in the minority.

It’s not even hard to say why – put simply, Mr Green have everything casino players can wish for and a bit more on top of that. For starters, there’s a huge games catalogue that includes games from more than just a handful of games developers, so you’ll need months just to explore them all. Secondly, there’s a great range of bonuses and promotions that sweeten the entire deal even further. Finally, the Mr Green casino is offering excellent (and award-winning!) mobile apps for players that like to enjoy their gaming fixes on the go.

To be fair, the sports betting service Mr Green have recently come up with isn’t the best around, but that isn’t going to bother you one bit if casino games are what you’re looking for first and foremost.

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