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Play’n GO Casinos

Have you ever heard about Microgaming and Playtech? We bet that you have – after all, those companies have been around for ages. What about Play’n GO, however?

That name might not ring any bells, but the truth is that this firm has been around for nearly as long as the aforementioned powerhouses. The fact that Play’n GO are flying under the radar doesn’t mean that you should ignore them, however, as they’re behind many great products and slot games.

About Play’n GO

Play’n GO opened their doors way back in 1997, which makes them one of the oldest companies in the entire industry. What was a small team operating from Sweden has now grown into a firm with hundreds of employees that are scattered all across the world, with the list of places including Malta, Hungary and the Philippines.

As one would expect, Play’n GO boast numerous awards and nominations. For example, they were able to win the Mobile Product of the Year award at the prestigious International Gaming Awards in both 2015 and 2016.

Notably, Play’n GO are constantly looking for new regions to expand to, which is well-evidenced by the fact that they were among the very first developers to obtain a licence from the Romanian National Gambling Office. That, by the way, was a very shrewd business step, as it seems that many other companies have decided to simply ignore the Romanian market instead – and we’re sure that Play’n GO will be more than happy to fill the void.

Play’n GO’s Products

Although most players care only about the games the given developer is producing, we feel obliged to mention that Play’n GO also dabble in back-end solutions – and it seems to us that this area is actually rather crucial to them in terms of business.

Their main back-end product goes by the name of GAT, which stands for Game Account Toolkit. From what we’re able to decipher, it’s one of those tools that allow online casino managers to run their business in the most efficient manner – and the interesting thing is that Play’n GO’s philosophy is such that their products should allow online casinos to work with whichever business partners they choose.

GAT is not only about helping online casinos to expand their games catalogues, but also about helping them to manage their bonuses and promotions while keeping all the different business risks under strict control. It seems to be a dream come true for your typical online casino manager – and we’re sure that many of them love using it.

Special Features

If there’s one thing that we’d want to particularly highlight in connection with Play’n GO, it’s the number of small risks they like to take with their slots releases. Whereas many other games developers are content with releasing the same old formulas over and over again, boring games are few and far between when it comes to Play’n GO, as virtually every single game they’ve ever produced has something intriguing in it.

Just to give you an example – these guys are regularly coming back to the basic three-reels-and-three-rows formula with the hopes of mixing it with something fresh and modern. Many would’ve failed in that task, but they are actually succeeding, so we’re always on the lookout for new games from Play’n GO – they simply deliver much more often than not.

Top Online Slot Games

Chances are that you’re already itching to give some of the Play’n GO slots a go right now, so we’ve decided to make our very own top three list that should get you on the right track as far as the company’s slots are concerned.

First of all, we simply need to mention the game that was supposed to be the company’s flagship slot at the time of writing, Cloud Quest. Those who love traditional slots will be sorely disappointed, but everyone who likes giving new things a go will love what’s on offer here, from the unorthodox setup to the intriguing level-up system.

The second slot that we’d like to recommend here goes by the name of Grim Muerto and it’s going to be appreciated by everyone who likes games with slightly bizarre themes. After all, this slot builds on the famous Mexican Day of the Dead festival and all the things that are associated with it, giving players something new and interesting to play with. It’s not just the theme that you should look forward to, however – there are also plenty of enjoyable gameplay features thrown into the mix.

Finally, there’s also the nifty little Fire Joker game that’s trying to resurrect the old formula of three reels and three rows while also throwing in something modern and intriguing. It’s not an epic slot game by any stretch of imagination, but it does have some novelty value and we’re sure that there’s an audience for it somewhere out there.

Supported Platforms

Desktop computers remain to be the biggest market for all slots developers, so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Play’n GO are focused on the PC platform first and foremost. That said, they’ve already made the switch to HTML5, so players that love gaming on the go should never have to endure long delays while waiting for new Play’n GO releases.

Intriguingly, it seems that the company is also happy to deliver games content to traditional slot terminals, which are apparently still fairly lucrative.

Known Problems/Issues

Despite being in the industry from day one, Play’n GO are yet to get involved in any scandals or controversies, with the company always being reluctant to sign deals that could potentially harm it in any way.

In fact, we’re willing to say that the Play’n GO brand can be seen as a certain mark of quality – you simply have nothing to be afraid of whenever you see these guys around.

Summing Up

As hard as we tried, it’s really difficult to come up with a good explanation for why Play’n GO aren’t nearly as popular as companies like Microgaming and Playtech. They might not be producing as many games as those firms, but they’ve been around for almost two decades now and their reputation is virtually untarnished, so the entire deal really is quite puzzling. In any case, you should give their games a go at some point – you aren’t going to be disappointed!

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